The Art: "More Than a Game" Trailer

It was bound to happen. The King of basketball, Lebron James, makes his debut on the silver screen, continuing his utter domination of mass media. No Looney Tunes here, though. Just the coming-of-age story of five young kids who loved to play ball. Just so happened that one of them was a basketball god in the making. I know it will be a Lebron lovefest in the end, but still, I am thoroughly intrigued.

The Rundown: The Ondoy Aftermath

The storm's over and the floods are finally starting to disappear, but the real work is just about to begin. With so many displaced without anything to cling on, the blogging community shows its heart and does what it can to mobilize the masses. I for one am proud to be united with these people in spreading the word.
  • Help Directory: A comprehensive list of how you can do your part. {The Fash Pack}
  • Help Directory, Part Deux: A helpful link to the Inquirer's own compiled list. {The CityLifeStylist}
  • Store's Open: Paul Smith and Ben Sherman are also accepting donations which they'll send to various relief operations. {Alphabetical}
  • Close to Home: A great place to start helping is with the people around you. {Chuvaness}
  • Be Prepared: Some tips on how to prepare for floods that hopefully won't be needed anytime soon. {Manila Fashion Observer}

The Item: Scott Jarvie Atlas Chair

In today's stuff-that-are-totally-useless-but-pretty news, I bring you the Atlas Chair by Scott Jarvie. One look, you just have to stand there in awe at the concept and construction. Next look, you'll realize that it may just be the most uncomfortable chair you'll never own. Still great stuff, though, which I wouldn't mind seeing in my living room in the very near future. Not to sit on, of course, but gawk at.

Looks like a seat on an alien warship doesn't it?

Actually, it's looks like a chopped up ribcage from this angle

The Item: Doc Marten SS 10 Collection

I'm not really a fan of Doc Martens, so it came as a surprise to me that I found these kicks from the brand's Spring Summer 2010 collection to be quite the objects of desire. It still had that same chunky Doc silhouette, but came in various colors and a white sole that hasn't been done before in these 'ere parts. Another lesson on how color can rejuvenate the classics, I suppose.

A fresh take on these bulky classics

The colors they come in are just awesome

Anyhow, what I love about them is that they have that canvas-y feel to them without being exactly made of canvas. It's treated leather, so you can have that same toughness with a more laid back look. My friends, for the first time ever, I actually want to try these on just to see what they'll look like. They may still not be me, but cooler Docs sans the rocker edginess of shiny black leather? Definitely worth a shot.

Sure looks like canvas from afar. Either way, no problem here!

Photos courtesy of This is Naive

The Happening: Gaga + West Concert Hype

Yo, dear readers, I'm really happy for you guys and all and imma let y'all finish reading, but Lady Gaga and Kanye West are two of the most creative forces of all time..of all time! (Sorry, I just had to.) Kidding aside, though, this should be a concert for the ages when the man many call an asshole and the woman who may just have male genitalia do what they do best: Perform. No matter what you think of them, you gotta know that the ticket's going to be worth the price of admission, right?

Update: The tour's off, folks. I knew it was just too good to be true. Sigh.

The Item: Uniqlo Colored Cords

What'd I tell ya about corduroy, huh? Well, it seems as though it's becoming another darling fabric of fall with everyone and their momma making their own versions of the old man favorites. Next up on that growing list, one of my favorite brands-which-I-hope-we-had-here, Uniqlo.

Veering away from conventional colors, Uniqlo has done it again with yet another healthy dosage of bright hues to give you all the attention you want. Definitely not for the shy or the timid, but with their relatively low price, I say give 'em a chance. I know I'd rock the green, red, and royal blue versions with a plain shirt and some boats. It just takes some gahones, bruh, and I'm sure you have those.

I'd take everything except the purple. I do have my limits too, after all.

Photos courtesy of Selectism

The Happening: Lend a Helping Hand. Now.

By now, you all know what happened. It's all over the news. Some of your relatives and friends may be in the middle of it. So many families have been evacuated. All they've worked for - their homes, their cars - gone. For the lucky few of us who haven't been hit that hard, the question is: What the hell you gon' do 'bout it?

I say help out in whatever way you can: Donate clothes, give blankets, allot groceries, or make your way down to the relief areas near you and volunteer if possible. In the end, it really doesn't matter. As long as you're doing something, someone would be better off, and helping a brotha out is always a style I love.

Make like this fella and lend a helping hand, will ya?

Update: Just got home from helping out in the relief operations in Ateneo and I must say, it was very inspiring to see a lot of people (young ones at that) doing their part to help those affected by Ondoy. There is still a lot to be done though, and I will be there again later tonight. Relief operations are all over the place. Take your pick. It's all the same love being shown for those who deserve it.

Photo courtesy of Xin Hua Net

The Item: Denis Guidone x Nava Design Watches

While I already voiced out my love for simple watches, I realize that there comes a time in a man's life when he just has to switch things up a little. Classics are fine and dandy, but when you see that right alternative that will make an interesting yet subtle statement, why the hell not try it right?

That's exactly what I thought when I was looking at these beautes by Dennis Guidone for Nava Design. What I love about his watches is that they look familiar, but have distinct subtle quirks that make each piece stand out. It may be the twitches in the shape of the watch face, the various presentations of clock "hands", or a combination of both. In the end, though, all I see really is an snazzy timepiece that'll make telling the time a much more enjoyable experience.

I'm a bit partial toward the dotted clock hands, but they're really all pretty!

Photos courtesy of Selectism

The Guide: The Perfect Pimp Shoes

I already wrote a guide about buying the right leather shoes, but just to be sure, I'd like to reiterate something. I saw these at a window display in Glorietta last week and these, my friends, are what I'm NOT talking about when it comes to selecting the right pair.

Solid square toes and lookie here, suspect stitching patterns too. A perfect combination if you're looking for fine pimp shoes, but the exact opposite when you're searching for respect. Supply and demand, people. Stop buying and they'll stop making 'em!

Why so many buy these shoes simply puzzle me

The Happening: To Sole or Not to Sole

One look at the sole of my Weejuns and you'd think that it's been with me for years. Truth is, I've only used it twice and yet they look like they've been sandpapered mercilessly by an out of control 5-year old. That's the thing with leather soles I suppose. They look and even smell nice (yeah, I sniffed it) but one step and they're tarnished even more.

Still looks new from the top...

But more like a seasoned vet from the bottom

The dilemma I'm having now is whether to buy thin rubber sole attachments to stop the scratching or just let it have that aged look it was destined to have. I'm kind of leaning towards the latter but the OC in me is irritated every time I see another batch of scratches on what were once spotless soles. I guess a visit to Mr. Quickie will finish the debate once and for all. Then, I can recommend based on first-hand experience what to do best with those mystical leather soles. Stay tuned.

The Happening: Would You Line Up for It?

I hate Thursdays. It's that one day of the week when I am required by law to wake up early and get to the office before 7 AM, you know, to lessen the god-forsaken traffic here in Manila (yeah, like that'll solve it). Anyhow, when I arrived so early yet again today, I was surprised to see the usually empty sidewalks occupied by droves of eager young men. Inside I thought, "Are they lining up for Krispy Kreme again?"

The cause of all the early morning commotion

Turns out, it was the line to reserve the apparently much awaited Manny Pacquiao Limited Edition Nikes. (I still can't believe it; a Filipino with his own line of kicks!) I really wasn't into trainers anymore, but the mounting interest outside resurrected the retired sneakerhead in me and wanted me to catch a glimpse. And saw them I did, inside a glass case that unfortunately, was more impressive than its contents.

Kind of bleh, don't you think?

I would've preferred the more colorful version, but that's just me

I mean, they're not butt ugly. I just think it's not worth all the attention. Maybe it's the Limited Edition status that made people line up. Maybe it's their devotion to our dear Pacman. Maybe it's all a scheme by Nike and the people who lined up were paid (my boss' elaborate conspiracy theory). I, on the other hand, saw nothing special. The black colorway does nothing for me. Now if they were to release this version, all the fanfare would've been much deserved. Which begs the question: Why don't we ever get the good stuff?

The Rundown

  • National Treasure: Collezione C2 continues to make sweet patriotic shirts that give horridly dressed politicians a chance to look half-decent in casual garb. {The CityLifeStylist}
  • The Magic Fabric: With yet another endorsement, it seems as though chambray is finally getting the respect it damn sure well deserves. {Alphabetical}
  • My First Freebie?: A free serving of Chocnut Ice Cream is in store for those who blog about the already famous dessert from Canteen. Considering my appetite, you may wanna take that offer back. {Cholo Dela Vega}
  • Forbidden Fruit: Apple has finally unleashed the new iPods into the wild. Somewhere, Steve Jobs is grinning in his tacky black turtleneck, enjoying your well-earned money. {Kikay Exchange}
Photo courtesy of Collezione C2

The Women: Wildin' Out with Olivia

Olivia Wilde is on the cover of this month's GQ and dare I say the boys at the Quarterly have done it again. As with Megan Fox's shoot, they managed to make Olivia Wilde look even hotter, especially in one particular picture. Don't worry, when you see said picture, you'll definitely know that it's it. With that, I leave you to enjoy, gentlemen. Take it easy, now.

Video courtesy of GQ

The Happening: Weejun Confusion

My girlfriend and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last Saturday and in true best-girlfriend-in-the-world fashion, she gave me a gift that I've wanted for quite some time now. She may have read this or may have noticed the countless times I've tried on the shoes at all Bass outlets imaginable, but thanks to her, I now have them Layton Weejuns!

When we got to the Bass store in Glorietta to exchange the pair she got though (the saleslady gave her 2 left shoes!), she told me to pick out the pair I wanted most. That's when the dilemma began. I tried on the Laytons alongside the Larson penny loafers to see what would look better and you know what, it was a real close decision.

The Layton vs. The Larson

In the end, we decided that the Laytons were really the way to go. It was those sweet fringes and tassels which ultimately led to the selection. The charming details just gave the pair that added edge and memorability, which was perfect for the celebration of a true milestone in this young couple's history.

The best anniversary gift, Bass Layton Weejuns!

Happy Anniversary, AC! Even without the awesome gift, it would've still been a true celebration to remember. That said, I sure didn't mind getting the shoes, though!

The Happening: When Fakes are Quite Aight

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and I made our way from Glorietta to Greenbelt via Landmark when I saw something that just needed to be documented. In Landmark's shoe section was a stand that read "Fred Perry." And in it were some sweet boat shoes that, truth be told, were actually pretty good! I was attracted most to this red, white, and blue boat shoe which was going for, get this, a mere 1,200 bucks!

"Fred Perry" boat shoes are, surprisingly, the shiznit

A Closer Look: I'm loving the color combination!

I for one have not been supportive of fakes, but when fakes are this sweet and quite distant from the orginal line (Fred doesn't have boat shoes to the best of my knowledge), is it time to take the plunge?

The Item: Goodies by Gap x Pharrell

Lately I've been noticing my increasing affinity for Gap. First, it was just the two button-down oxfords I bought, then a pair of khakis, and now I'm thinking of getting one of their vintage gray tees. Funny how just last year, I didn't even go into one Gap store when I was in the States. Not one. Now, I can't go a day without wanting to go in!

Probably says a lot about the direction the brand's going in. After being the butt of jokes in movies for years (see Clueless, Cruel Intentions), the brand has reinvented itself by focusing on what they do best and making them even better. I'm talking American classics, people, which they've upgraded once again with their 40th anniversary collaboration with celebrated hip hop icon Pharrell Williams.

Coined the "Bionic" collection, Skateboard P designed shirts, a pair of khakis, a duffel bag, a hoodie, and my favorite, 2 pairs of shoes all in washout white and all using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Wow, this eco-style thing is really kicking into high gear, huh? Eco-friendly or not, I definitely want a piece of the line. Too bad it's only located in London's Carnaby St. Wait, Gap's from the US right?

The entire Bionic collection keeps things simple and sweet

The slip-on's definitely an object of desire

The pop-up store of the American brand but only in London. Still weird to me!

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast

The Item: The Band of Outsiders SS 10 Collection

After reading the title, I already know what you're going to say: "Here he goes again talking about that Band of Outsiders ish..." Yeah, I can't remember how many times I've written about the brand either, but it really doesn't matter. When greatness repeats itself, you gotta give credit where it is due. Thus, this post.

For Band's Spring Summer 2010 collection (wow, it's 2010!), Mr. Sternberg maintained the schoolboy-prep-renegade look that made the brand famous. The only difference is that he threw some items in there that remind us of the warmer months ahead (at least for their side of the world). A subtle adjustment, yes, but why overhaul an already great thing, right?

Well, congratulations again Mr. Sternberg. You continue to be an idol, and as long as you keep on bringing the good stuff, there will always be a space on le blog for you.

Best shorts in the business, bar none.

Don't know about the tie, but everything else, I love

My favorite of the lot

Chambray Shirt + White Suit + Suede Sperry Loafers = HELL YEAH!

Now this is how you do double-breasted, John Lloyd!

The jersey pants make a triumphant return

Photos courtesy of Men.Style

The Guide: The Charm of Chambray

One thing you absolutely must know before reading on is that chambray is not the same as denim. They may look alike, some would even say they smell alike, but when it comes right down to it, their difference is in their make. Denim is a twilled cloth and chambray is woven with crossed threads. In English, that means chambray is generally thinner and will keep you cooler when worn.

Oh, and did I mention they look great as shirts too? No wonder designers and labels have been churning them out lately. Well, seeing as they just keep on coming, I think it would be safe to herald it as the fabric of the season. A fine choice, I believe, as it presents this rather interesting irony of man who wears the most casual looking fabric in a piece that is supposed to be a bit more dressed up.

Deep thoughts aside, they look pretty fresh by me and should give those white button-down oxfords of yours some much needed washing time. Just make sure you don't go all uniform-y on me by wearing 'em with jeans of the same shade. You're not a cowboy leading a square dance are you? Yup, didn't think so.

The nice chambray shirt almost makes us forget the guy's pornstache

Ahh, Mr. Lauren, you always nail them shirts

Same goes for you, J.Crew! I love how soft this shirt looks.

Photos courtesy of Selectism, Ralph Lauren, and J.Crew

The Happening: Vintage Awesomeness

I guess it's true what they say about always finding something unfamiliar in the familiar. I mean, I've been to Greenhills a ton of times, and yet it was only today that I discovered the store that housed the motherload of sweet vintage stuff.

Hard to believe that amidst all the fake Crocs, "Class A" LV bags, and whispers of "DVD, sir" were items that actually made my girlfriend and I stop to smell the baul-y stench of all things old. The selection was wonderful. They had snaps of the Manila in the 20s, magazines from the 70s, old household items, pins, bills; you name it, they probably got it.

My only regret in finding the place was that I didn't have my trusty dSLR to document all the awesomeness. Next time you drop by Greenhills, you just gotta see it for yourself. The shop's a history lesson told not by events but the everyday items that in truth, define the way we live. Yeah, sentimental me, I know.

Old yet wonderful gold pins for only P20-P30!

An actual P5 bill from the Japanese occupation for P50! How greedy!

Way before Rogue and Garage, there was Ginoo Magazine!

For the vintage voyeur, an unfortunately broken videocam

The only surviving ancestor of my dSLR!

The Happening: An (Un)likely Pairing

Argyle socks have a reputation for being the favorite of 30s styled golfers and preppy die hards everywhere. While there's nothing wrong with that set-up, wouldn't you want to see 'em go beyond these associations? Yeah, me too. That's why I was thrilled to see this picture of the patterned socks matched with slim folded jeans. It's a simple look really, but it just inspired me enough to write something about it and don the look soon. Till then, toodaloo.

Look at how ready-for-action he is. He knows what he's doing!

Photo courtesy of Selectism

The Guide: How a Suit Should Really Fit

Well, would you look at that? My friend Carlos and I were just talking about the right fit for suits last night and here goes Esquire providing us with a wonderful visual aid. Praise the Lord! Needless to say, I found it very difficult to discuss the key elements to him without a picture, so you can imagine how relieved I am to finally have the perfect one. Fine timing, Esquire, fine timing.

A simplified albeit very helpful guide to suiting up the right way

P.S. I was tempted to articulate what's already in the picture, but come on now. You're big boys, figure it out!

Photo courtesy of Esquire

The Item: The Underground Fusion Sneaker

It's been a while since I last saw some "unknown" shoes that really caught my eye. I mean, I appreciate the work that some young small entrepreneurs/designers do, but none of them stand out as all-world pieces that can readily compete with the heavy-hitters of the shoe game. And then, I saw this.

Just Wonderful: The details of the shoe are interesting yet not overbearing

A canvas sneaker with a desert boot silhouette adorned by boat shoe and moccasin details? Now that's how you make a splash, dear readers! It's from a brand called Underground, which I found, nay, found me at Crossing's. Judging from the current out of stock situation, it seems as though I've been a bit late in bringing you news about 'em. So sorry about that, but with such smashing success, the brand better come out with some equally sick new releases. They just have to!

The Item: Opening Ceremony x Keds Part Deux

I know I already showered these Opening Ceremony x Keds kicks with some well deserved lovin', but seeing these babies in action just made me want to mention them again.

With Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon on the stick discussing the brand's inspiration in designing the shoes, we get a glimpse of the full lineup worn by both men and women. Let me tell you this, they look every bit as good in motion as they do in snaps. Another job well done, Humberto!

The Art: Damn.

Solenn Heusaff makes a return appearance on Rogue's September "Style and Design" issue. Good god almighty, I tried conjuring something up, but there are just no words. Uhh, congrats?

Photo courtesy of Rogue Magazine

The Item: Kolor Cardigan-Jacket

I'm not at all crazy about fusion clothing items. It's probably because all the pieces I've seen so far seem so forced, looking more like Frankenstein monsters than actual wearable pieces. While there has been a lack of reasons to change my mind thus far, this cardigan-jacket by Kolor sure is a step in the right direction.

Two of my favorite colors! How'd they know?

What I like most about 'em is that you can still clearly see elements of both the cardigan and the jacket, but they're blended so seamlessly that you just see the whole thing as awesome outerwear. Coming in two beautiful colors and made from what looks to be tweed, Kolor made the perfect model to show up all the mad scientists out there who still insist on jamming things together and calling them clothes.
The stand-up collar is a fine touch

Nautical details are always welcome by me

Photos courtesy of Selectism

The Guide: Getting the Perfect Frames

I've been wearing glasses practically my whole life. My mom said it was because I always stayed too close to the TV as a child and was glued for hours on end (Damn you, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!). Well, looking at all the models I've had these years, I can say it's been quite a ride.

You name it, I've had 'em all: Thick gold-rimmed D.O.M. models, thin black-rimmed librarian types, ill-advised rimless numbers, and an athletic piece from Nike. I've spent years looking for that one frame that will be "the one" I will grow old with, and coincidentally, it was my girlfriend who gave me the perfect pair I believe I'll be wearing till I probably can't see no more.

The Pair I Love: Rayban Browline Glasses (my girlfriend's perfect gift!)

Sentimentality aside, I for one feel very fortunate to wear specs on a regular basis. It gives me that much needed air of intellectualism, even when I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Another major plus is the added style statement they make. I mean, can you imagine Woody Allen, David Hockney, and Andy Warhol without their signature frames? If done right, your glasses can be your trademark, and yeah, you don't even have to be as talented as the people above to pull it off!

Now where would Woody Allen be without his glasses?

The first thing you have to look at when choosing glasses is the shape of your face. A general guideline is to get glasses that are the opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, go for square frames that'll give you the edges you need. If you have a square face, try oval or circular frames to soften your corners.

Whatever shape your face is, though, I'd advise you to go for thick, bold frames. You're gonna spend on 'em anyway, so might as well go for it all and get that statement piece you didn't think you could pull off. Confidence, bruh, confidence!

Super Indeed: These tortoise shell glasses from Super are what I'm talking about!

Now just in case I haven't given you enough to work with (shame on me),
watch as the folks from GQ give their take on how to get that perfect pair. Some of my favorite eyeglass models make cameo appearances, so keep your eyes open, however blurry that vision of yours may be!

Photo courtesy of; video courtesy of GQ

The Happening: Terry Richardson to Tie The Knot

One of my favorite photographers, Terry Richardson, the man behind provocative pictures like this, this, and this, is getting married. For years, he's been taking snaps of beautiful women (usually loaded with sexual innuendo) and as luck would have it, he'll soon be spending the rest of his life with a stunner 20 years his junior named Jen Brill. How the man does it is the stuff of legend. Well, congrats, you lucky bastard! You're proof that some guys do have all the fun!

Can't wait for the honeymoon pictures, you two!

Photos courtesy of Trend Land

The Happening: Disasters at the Star Magic Ball

I've always been frustrated by the fact that local celebrities get all this money/free stuff and yet still fail to bring their style game to another level. It's one thing to look blah during the weekly ASAPs or the SOPs, but when you're going to a ball, you better make damn sure to look your finest.

Well, I guess most of the ABS-CBN male talents didn't get the memo. I mean, they tried to suit up at the annual Star Magic Ball, but all they did was bastardize the recommended approach to black tie events (Stick to the friggin' classics!). It wasn't the Preview Best Dressed Ball, that's for sure. What it was was an unfortunate mix of guys trying too hard, not trying at all, and some just thinking "what the hell, this might work."

It didn't though. And once again, I am left scratching my head quite vigorously, thinking why men try to complicate things too much when it comes to fashion. One more time to those who just don't want to listen, stick to the classics and looking good will be as easy as acting craptastically in a teleserye! Yes, it's that easy!

I'm all for innovation, but this, for suits? Come on!

Table for two, please. Oh, can I get some house water too?

A little overboard with the pattern there, Mr. Cuenca?

If he's here, then who's guarding the door?

Really, three lapels in one suit? Mr. Milby sure packed it in!

I had no idea Captain Jack Sparrow was a Kapamilya!

It wasn't all bad, though. I actually liked the outfits of John Lloyd Cruz (who just recovered from a style hiccup) and Piolo Pascual who both rocked bow ties (go figure). I have to say that I'm not a fan of Piolo's style, but on this night, he killed it. I gotta give credit where it is sure damn well due. Congrats, you handsome dog.

This was flawless. Kudos, Mr. Pascual!

The air socks were a fine touch. Welcome back, JLC!

Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN