The Item: Fred Perry Tote-Messenger Bag

For the longest time, my girlfriend's been telling me to stop buying shoes. As much as I hate to admit it, she's right. I do have a lot, so much that I can't even wear some anymore. If I'll be truthful, what I need to start buying are bags. I currently don't have a decent everyday bag to speak of and I really need a fine one for the daily commutes I'll be doing as part of my new job (more on that soon). Of course, I happened to find said bag at Fred Perry. I love their take on the tote and messenger bag combo with the quality canvas body and sturdy leather handles. Yours for a shade under P7,000, but hurry, methinks I'll be getting one of the two pieces on sale!

The ever-versatile navy blue color's an emerging favorite around these parts!

The Guide: Perfect Summer Combinations

School's out, traffic's lightening, temperature's rising - yeah, you feel it. Summer's here, boys, and no better way to welcome it than by putting on some summer-friendly pairings that are as part of the season as a trip to the beach. For a leisurely day out, I put on some crumpled khakis, folded 'em and wore them with the most summery shoes of all - espadrilles (or at least something espadrille-y) from Toms. As destiny would have it, a man supported this post's sentiments by wearing slim khakis with another summer favorite - all white sneakers. Ah, this season may just be the most irritating cause of that damn heat, but at least your style can sizzle right along with it.

Sockless is the way to go, especially during the humid days of April and May

I love the slim cut of the guy's pants here. Again, khakis are summer essentials!

The Item: Clarks "Mead Wing" Brogues

Clarks done did it again, y'all. With every release, the English brand is proving that they're a lot more than dope desert boots. I already told you about the suede bucks I bought, but these fine brogues are too awesome to not have their own post. What I love most about these are the contrast white soles and traditional welted construction. It's a dressier-shoe-made-sporty, without losing a hint of class. Well played, Clarks, well played! (Blogged first on Powersnet!)

Ah, if only they carried these babies locally. Get to it, local distributors!

Happening: plain + simple at Crazy Sundae!

We're back, baby, and business is about to pick up! plain + simple, the menswear brand my girlfriend and I started late last year, is now available at Crazy Sundae at The Collective in 7274 Malugay St., Makati! Get the fine-fitting basics every man needs - from oxford shirts to tailored shorts to slimmer trousers - all while you shop for the store's trademark repp ties and bow ties! A perfect preppy combination in a one-stop shop? I myself wouldn't have had it any other way, sir. So head on to the store today and see how menswear was always supposed to be!

The full lineup of plain + simple shirts, shorts, and trousers are all there!

Just so you're clear where to go, here's the map to The Collective!

Style I Love: Denim Shorts are Back, Baby!

If you're like me, your latest experience of jeans shorts was probably seeing them on John Cena. Not a good benchmark by any means, but as you know, denim shorts have been out of the game for years. Today, though, methinks we should reassess. It's all because of this young buck I saw today sporting these awesome folded jean shorts. The kid simply nailed it with the fit and length as well as the leisurely pairing with the black loafers. The look's perfect for the coming summer season too, for those who are looking for other options aside from their go-to chino shorts!

Well played, sir. I think I'll be looking for my own tailored denim pair soon!

The Happening: Powersnet Reps on 2BU!

About a month ago, as you may recall, I told you about a shoot we had with Roy Macam where I, for some reason, was a subject. Well, last Saturday, the fruits of that day hit the broadsheets. Thanks to Carlos Concepcion, all the Powersnet ambassadors were featured in Inquirer's 2BU where our profiles were posted along with Roy's awesome shots. Yup, my first time on the newspaper, so I had to get all jazzed up. I went for a dressed up look with the blazer and pocket square, but kept it tropical with my plain + simple khaki shorts. I must admit, I felt a bit awkward being in front of the camera, but after seeing the results, man, I sure could get used to this!

Navy Blazer (Muji), Oxford Shirt (Uniqlo), Pocket Square (Bandana)
Belt (Hickok), Tailored Shorts (plain + simple), Loafers (Opening Ceremony)

The Power of Five: Powersnet Ambassadors bringing it!

Photos courtesy of Carlos Concepcion

The Item: Repp Ties at Crazy Sundae

One of the cornerstones of the preppy look is a repp tie. These striped, colored, sometimes logoed ties made their debut in the late 1800s in England, where the aristocracy wanted to give a shout out the schools and clubs they were part of (yes, very Hogwarts, I know). In this day and age, though, you don't need to be part of high society to rock these bad boys. Crazy Sundae at the Collective has them in a multitude of colors, and you need not have the bank account of a blue-blood to afford one too. For just P500, you can take one and pair it with some fine oxford shirts, chinos, and penny loafers - yes, just as the preppy gods themselves intended!

The slimmer profile makes these ties look dapper, not daddy

The Item: Ray-Ban Tortoiseshell Clubmasters

Summer's right around the corner, folks. Perfect time to get new shades to sport during the sizzling season. This year, though, why don't you forego those black plastic frames you always choose and add something different to your eyewear roster. If I may make a suggestion, you can't go wrong with tortoiseshell sunnies. It's as classic as classics get, with that tasty mix of browns and reds that will jive well with the hot hues of April and May. If you're still on the fence about wearing 'em, go for a half-frame number like this Ray-Ban Clubmaster to start. Worked well for your dad in the 80s, will surely work wonders for you too! (Seen first on Powersnet!)

Changed the lenses to prescription ones so I can maximize these babies

Oh, and I just love the case! Anything that's in caramel leather, count me in.

The Item: Clarks "Mead West" Suede Bucks

For years now, chunky suede bucks have been nothing but a dream to me. Always wanted a pair, but as limited as the menswear situation is here, I really couldn't find that perfect pair. Don't get me wrong, there have been contenders, but there's this one thing that they've all been missing, the one thing that I've always envisioned a classic buck should have: red brick soles. These Clarks bucks I came across had it and that's all it took, really. One look and wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. About P7,000 poorer, but damn sure happier. Just too bad it's not available here (got it abroad), but why don't you do us all a favor here, Clarks Philippines: Get out of the Cinderella department store, have your own damn shop, and step your damn game up! Peace.

Mmmm. The navy blue-red brick combo looks delicious!

The view from up-top: Love that just-right rounded toe!

The box featured this traditional Clarks seal. Just awesome.

The Beat: Kanye West's "All of the Lights"

Ever since I first heard "All of the Lights" and shared it with y'all here, I started counting the days until the official music video came out. Kanye being Kanye, I expected nothing but mind-blowing visuals to equal the already explosive track. Well, methinks Yeezy did not disappoint. From the violin rendition of the song's melody to the sudden shift to a literally dangerous light show (you gotta know it was coming) to Rihanna's headlights (sorry, but they're right there!), to Kid Cudi's brief stint, it was quite the feast. Only thing missing was Sir Elton owning it, but I'm good. Just have to rest my eyes to let that weird 3D-glasses-shoved-into-my-pupils feeling go away.