The Happening: Powersnet Reps on 2BU!

About a month ago, as you may recall, I told you about a shoot we had with Roy Macam where I, for some reason, was a subject. Well, last Saturday, the fruits of that day hit the broadsheets. Thanks to Carlos Concepcion, all the Powersnet ambassadors were featured in Inquirer's 2BU where our profiles were posted along with Roy's awesome shots. Yup, my first time on the newspaper, so I had to get all jazzed up. I went for a dressed up look with the blazer and pocket square, but kept it tropical with my plain + simple khaki shorts. I must admit, I felt a bit awkward being in front of the camera, but after seeing the results, man, I sure could get used to this!

Navy Blazer (Muji), Oxford Shirt (Uniqlo), Pocket Square (Bandana)
Belt (Hickok), Tailored Shorts (plain + simple), Loafers (Opening Ceremony)

The Power of Five: Powersnet Ambassadors bringing it!

Photos courtesy of Carlos Concepcion


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