The Store: The Specs Stall at Queensway

Queensway Shopping Center is the go-to place for cheap sporting goods here in Singapore. And with my Nike Frees recently giving up on me, I decided there was no better time to give the place a quick look. Little did I know though that the store that would make the most impact on me would actually be an eyewear shop. Yes, amidst all the sneakers, boards, and rackets was this little spectacle stall that had the most wonderful collection. Impressive pieces from Japan, Korea, and even classic Moscot frames from the States? Man, they know what they're doing. Honestly, it's not the bargain bin prices I was looking for (frames range from S$150 to S$250 with lenses), but what the hell, this whole getting fit thing can wait another year! (Yup, I said that last year too.)

Just like my shoes now, I like my specs chunky. Upper right, you'll be mine!

Tortoise shell glasses on bottom left: they're as classic as classic gets!

The Happening: Read All You Can Mags

Every time I want to read the latest issue of GQ back in Manila, I'd go to Bruno's Barbers for a haircut. Yes, some pretty weird logic there, but for a man who's not really willing to pay P500++ for monthlies, the haircut, massage, and lengthy read is a pretty sweet deal. When I moved here, though, I didn't know where to go for my free mag needs. Turns out, I didn't have to look that far. No more twisted logic here, folks; I can now read to my heart's desire at the bigger bookstores here! With other awesome titles like Monocle and The Rake lining the shelves unsealed, methinks the local barbershops just lost a regular. (Well, except for the very practical QB House!)

The kicker? I could actually afford to buy these as they're much cheaper here!

The Happening: Bored at the Bus Stop

I take the bus everyday to work and I love it. Yup, I didn't know I'd be able to say that in my lifetime, but here I am, a happy commuter five days a week. I don't even miss driving at all, as I'm able to get a lengthy nap in during my daily trips. If there's a letdown to taking the bus, though, it's that you have to wait for it to show up, sometimes for more than 10 minutes. Well, to ward off boredom, I took my trusty camera and took some outfit shots for work (well, the bottom half). I get some strange looks from older people at the stop, but hey, I could do worse things to kill time.

My new Uniqlo army green chinos + trusty Converse Chuck Taylors

My well-maintained Band of Outsiders Sperrys + much abused Zara jeans

The Item: DM Bucks + Brogues

Yes, Vans may be back in my heart again, but dang it, it's Doc Martens that's been banging on its doors even since I moved here to Singapore. My goodness, you saw my other posts right? As utterly sweet those were, I'm still not done, not by a long shot! I have some more for you guys by way of colored canvas bucks and suede bad-ass brogues - all chunky, all the time, just as Doc does it. The canvas bucks come in some pretty wearable colors and those brogues look like they've just been pulled out from England and bashed with some 'tude. I'm tired of saying it, really, but Docs has done did it again. Only problem is deciding which one to get come next payday!

These colored bucks can replace my sneaks any day. Maybe yours?

These resemble some Church's models which are at least thrice the price!

The Item: Vans Suede Saddle Shoe Sneaker

Okay, if you were reading the blog from very early on, you know how much I adored Vans. It was one of the first things I wrote about and at that point, it really was my favorite shoe brand of all time. As time passed, though, the love admittedly waned, mostly because every punk poser and their momma started wearing it and partly because all the new offerings I saw became somewhat stale. Turns out, all I needed is to see is one awesome pair to bring all that lost love back. Check it: Saddle-shoe elements fused with the sneaker spirit of Vans, made even more special with that lovely red-brick sole! I almost shed a tear. Damn, Vans is back on the blog in a big way, baby!

This is the Vans I know: for straight prepster or serious sneakerhead!

The Guide: Stripes, Definitely Fit to a T!

I've said it once, I'll say it again: If you want to make a statement, do it by not trying too hard. A lot of people have been asking me for style tips and the one thing I always say is to keep things simple. In no clothing article is this more applicable than t-shirts. Sadly, the whole scene in Manila is dominated either by tacky statement Ts or overly designed eyesores. My humble suggestion: striped shirts, sirs. They don't make that much of a fuss, but hey, look who instantly oozes nautical coolness? I got two here in Uniqlo for S$10 each (P350) and I couldn't be happier. In this blazing hot weather, they've become my go-to for days when button-downs just can't do!

The navy blue's the no-brainer and the green's a fresh alternative!

The other colors at Uniqlo. Fret not, though, I'm sure there are loads in Landmark!

The Item: The Eastpak Two-tone Tote Bag

I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally digging Eastpak bags nowadays. I just love how they changed their game up by sticking to basic color combos and using better materials for their bags in recent years. Thankfully, they left all the kid stuff for Jansport and moved on to more grown things. You know, like this sweet two-tone tote bag I spotted at Tang's department store. No rocket science 'ere, folks; just a sturdy minimalistic bag which would give my other oft abused canvas number a break from my daily commutes. Seems like a fair deal for S$99 (P3,465). Check it: messenger strap option, roomy interior, and a secure zipped enclosure too? I'm sold!

I can see myself still using this years from now. A mark of a great buy, I'd say!

Style I Love: Slim Khakis + Penny Loafers

First of all, total transparency, sirs. From hereon out, some of the pictures you'll see on the blog will be coming from my camera phone. The dSLR's becoming heavy during the daily commute and the iPhone's camera ain't that bad to be completely honest. With the slight drop in picture quality, though, comes more sneaky street shots just like this one. On my way home, I saw this fresh chap on the MRT who nailed what has to be one of my favorite pairings of all time: folded khakis and penny loafers. He drew first blood with the slim-fit khakis and he finished it off with those classic cordovan pennies, which - if you'll look closely - has real pennies in the slots. A very charming old-school touch and wait, no socks too? It's like the dude knows me well!

Well-played sir, now what to do with your flip-flopped companion?

The Item: The White Apple iPhone 4!

Stuck with a low-end Nokia for most of my life, I never knew what it was like to have a mobile with truly mobile features. My cellphone was always solely for calling and texting for me, so just imagine my transition when I finally got an iPhone 4 last weekend (they have the best-valued plans here!). I now tweet, go on Facebook, play games, manage my expenses, look for the best food spots, and even take sweet lomo-fied pictures with it. Mr. Jobs, I simply couldn't be happier. In many ways, I can't help but feel like a frozen caveman who was just thawed in the future. Oh, and I got it in this sweet white color too! Man, why did I take this long to get one again?

Bus rides are now shorter, connectivity much easier, and ninja shots stolen better!