The Guide: Try Trousers

When I go out every weekend, it seems that all I see men wear are jeans. It doesn't matter if it's a mall, a restaurant, or a coffee shop, denim is most always the fabric of choice for us guys. While there's nothing wrong with this per se (denim is the most practical to use for its comfort and its versatility after all), don't you want to switch things up a lil' bit?

I've noticed lately that I haven't been going with jeans on a regular basis anymore. And a big part of this change is the revelation I had when I tried out trousers one fateful weekend. While jeans were once associated with the rebellious teen who stood up to uniformity, that trait ironically has shifted towards the supposedly boring trousers.

Stand out with some sweet trousers, fold it if you dare

Afraid of looking too mature? Worry not as trouser cuts have become as diversified as jeans, ranging from the always reliable straight cut to the always chic slim fit (not skin-tight please!). The colors and patterns to choose from too have become very vast. The possibilities are endless, really. And it's a welcome change that separates you from the pack of indigo that has become more stale than edgy.

J.Crew offers many cuts to suit your trouser taste!

You'll have an easier time getting away with colored trousers than jeans

A final word: If ever you do decide to get your trouser game on, know that you don't have to pair it with long sleeved shirts. Wear it like you would jeans, but keep the shirt plain and the shoes classic. I mean, look at the guy below. How effortlessly cool does he look? Super, I'd say.

C'mon now, do you need really need more trouser convincing?

Photos courtesy of Por Homme

The Item: Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Full Line-up

Having been one of the first to rave about the Kanye West and LV collab way back in January, I now present to you the full lineup in a sweet video put together by High Snobiety. The perfect package for such a groundbreaking collab, if you ask me. Click play and see the magic for yo' self!

Update: A fitting addendum from Hypebeast where you can see the shoes worn on the streets by the likes of Yeezy disciples The Don, The Jasper, and The Mr Hudson.

Damn, more and more, I am actually thinking of saving up for what may be my very first LV purchase. Probably won't happen, but I hope the LV boutique in GB5 carries these so I can at least try 'em on. Make it happen, SSI!

Peep more pictures here.

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast

The Happening: Farfetch Sit Downs with Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon recently interviewed the talented Humberto Leon, one-half of the duo responsible for one of my favorite American brands, Opening Ceremony. Needless to say, the interview was very enlightening, especially for a man like me who wants to be in the biz someday.

Mr. Leon discusses how he went from becoming a store owner who carries other brands to a designer whose work has been adorned by the who's who of the fashion world. He calls the occurence "
serendipitous;" I call it "inspiring." Kudos, Mr. Leon. Keep at it!

Partners in Crime: Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony

Some highlights below.

Can you tell me about the birth of Opening Ceremony – when and where did you launch your label, and what was the inspiration?
We launched our label about a year after launching our store in 2002. We started out making a few basic items that we wanted in the store but couldn’t find, and in a way they weren’t the kind of ‘fun’ items that we wanted to buy. We realised there was a need for these classic men’s and women’s pieces, which we called “basics plus”, because they are key items that are a little more than basics.

What is the concept behind your men’s and womenswear beyond creating ‘basics plus’?
Our line began pretty organically and developed into a complete story as we went along. I’d say day to night wear is really what we are all about. We want to make clothing that you can wear in all different ways, to all different places and that doesn’t look like daywear or nightwear, but just ‘wear’. There is a story behind every collection for both men and women, it’s usually following a theme of a couple in love, or a brother and a sister on an adventure, or best friends travelling together – we always envision a guy and a girl, that’s always the starting point.

Do you have an idea in mind of the people you are creating clothing for when you design?
All different types of people wear our clothing – from eight year olds to 80 year olds, we have such a varied clientele. The people who shop at our store and buy our designs have their own individual style, and they buy from us because they are after something special, unique and quirky.

Would you say you are following in the tradition of great American sportswear – or do you look elsewhere for inspiration?
We aren’t necessarily following directly in those footsteps, but we’re looking at that tradition of sportswear from our own point of view, and reinterpreting classic sportswear pieces. We’ve never wanted to pigeon-hole our label and aesthetic, so for us the sky is the limit.

What’s been the best thing about running and designing for Opening Ceremony?
The best thing has been seeing people leaving the store excited and happy after buying exciting goods – both Carol and I are in the store every day. Seeing people liking what you do is always an amazing feeling – and working each day with one of my best friends is a bonus.

For the full transcript, click here.

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The Item: The Loveliest Birthday Gift

My girlfriend and I went out last night for my belated birthday celebration because she was sick on the exact day. And in another example of why she is the greatest in the world, she got me one of the things I really wanted! She didn't have to (I mean that), but she did, and I loved it!

My first Fred Perry clasic polo shirt and in the color combo I love most! My girl has fine taste and really knows me quite well. Love you, hun! The best birthday gift yet! Thanks a bunch, but really, you didn't have to!

As Good as It Gets: The colors of the union jack in a classic Fred shirt

A Closer Look: Can't wait to wear it!

The Happening: I Got 'Em!

After a two-day dilemma, I finally decided to give in and give myself a birthday present. And thus, these Swear Perforated Leather Oxfords. It was the last piece and exactly my size. I believe is what you would call, hmmm, wait for iiiit...destiny!

I loved the lil' perforations all over!

As well as the cut and non-perforation of the cap!

A happy birthday indeed for 6,000 bucks off the original price! Thanks Theodore's!

The Brand: Generic Surplus

I'm a lover of clean lines and classic looks. That's why my excitement shot through the roof when I heard that Generic Surplus was going to be available here via the awesome Trilogy Canteen/Store in Makati.

A mainstay in Urban Outfitters outlets all across the US (lucky bastards), these babies were made with the mindset of being simple yet with a focus on quality, fit, and refinement. Mission accomplished, I say. As you can see, these ain't your ordinary garden variety trainers. Four models are currently available, and frankly, they're' all you'll ever need.

Want: Gray Canvas Boat Shoes (even better than Vans' Del Barcos!)

These white wing-tip sneakers perfectly evoke casual refinement

Everybody needs plimsolls, and these navy ones will work with everything, every time

I've no idea why they call these "Military" Hi-Tops but I for one will salute it!

Available now at:
Trilogy Boutique
110 Alvion, Rada Street
Legapi Village, Makati

Photos courtesy of Generic Surplus' Facebook

The Rundown: Inaugural Edition

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The Guide: My Birthday Wish List

It's that time of the year again. The day when I grow older, but not necessarily more mature. The day when my friends show they care, only to ask "San tayo mamaya?" shortly after. The day when I remember getting gifts in my childhood from ninangs, but sadly, not anymore. Yes folks, it's my birthday, and despite the sad passing of our dear pooch, there is still much reason to celebrate.

Though already short on cash, as is customary, I've compiled a birthday wishlist to indulge myself and my imagination. I probably won't be able to get any these beautiful things this year, but my thinking about what could be gets me all giddy, as mababaw as that sounds. Who knows? There might just be this generous reader out there who wants to make this my best birthday ever. I'm not holding my breath now, but I am crossing my fingers.

Without further ado, here's my wish list for 22.

1. NIkon 35mm f/1.8 lens: An upgrade for sweeter street style shots

2. Swear Brown Leather Oxfords: A perfect present at P3,000 in Theodore's :)

3. The Fred Perry Centenary Shirt: Celebrating one milestone with another...

4. Ralph Lauren Braided Belt: Perfect with the Swear shoes, yes?

5. Retro Super Future Flat-Top Sunglasses: New shades for a new chapter

The Happening: Remembering Our Dear Yoga

My apologies for not posting anything these past few days. Our dear dog passed away due to a tragic accident this past Sunday and I just couldn't bring myself to write. Instead of grieving some more, though, I'd like to dedicate this post to the dog who kept scamming me for treats and the dear friend who helped me get over my irrational fear of mutts. Love you, Yoga. You will forever be missed. Hope you're having fun nibbling God's slippers in heaven.

Keep smilin', keep shinin'

The Item: Black Label Homme Colored Leather Belts

Filed under "What took you so damn long?", Rustan's Black Label Homme finally heeded my call for someone, anyone to offer simple colored leather belts. No giant buckles, no gimmicks with the holes, just a plain unadulterated belt that brings some zing to the dullest of looks. Thanks Black Label! Now please, someone make H&M available here. AY-SAP!

I'm liking the green and yellow versions most (P795 at Rustan's)

The Item: Ray-Ban Colorized Clubmasters

I've been seeing those "Colorize" Ray-Ban ads in Edsa for some months now, but it was only today that I got to see the dazzling colored Clubmasters up close and personal. Coming in silver, gold, red, and blue versions with a pearlish sheen, you'll definitely need some courage to pull these off. A fat wallet too, let's not forget, but if you have both, god bless you and have fun!

The blue one's the safest to get, just in case you will (P7,995)

The Guide: A Father's Day Gift with Style

Every Father's Day the question seems to be the same: What do you get a man who can just buy everything he wants? Yes, if you're like me, shopping for your dad for this yearly celebration always results in a gift that is well, bleh. This year, though, I've figured out that while you can't get your old man everything he wants, you can always surprise him with a little thing called taste.

Upgrade his style by looking at the stuff he owns and then updating them. In my case, I narrowed down a list of things of my papa's that beg enhancing and used it to make a list of what to get him this year. Feel free to get some ideas here, but please make sure that whatever you get will suit your dad's style. Lord knows that the last thing he needs is another gift that he won't end up using. With that, here are my top picks.

Dads love to tuck in their shirts. For some reason, even if it'll make their tummies more prominent, they still stick with the trademark look. So be it, I say. Just give him an alternative to the black leather belt he always uses. The safest bet for me is a brown braided leather belt. Classic yet interesting, it'll take attention of that voluptuous belly of his.

Classy brown braided leather belt from Gap

Slip-ons seem to be the shoes dads prefer most during weekends. Tell him to give his tasseled loafers a rest and give him a shot of youth with this refined but sporty Superga Sardegna. Made of a leather upper and sneaker soles, this is as close as he gets at his age to athletic shoes on his casual days off.

I already showed these shoes some love, but why not mention them again for dad?

If there's one thing I've noticed about dad wallets, it's that they're way too thick, as in Big Mac thick. Now instead of giving him a thinner wallet to remedy this problem (which he'll probably stuff to capacity anyway), give him a reliable card holder instead. Not only will his backside be more balanced when sitting down, he'll also know immediately where to get his card when you borrow it.

I love the minimal trademark Paul Smith verticals on the pocket

Your dad's eyes might have begun to fail him, but don't let that be the reason for him to stick to his ill chosen gold-rimmed pair. Get him classic pieces from his childhood instead, the same time when Michael Caine was showing them how to do it. Horn-rimmed glasses are a good place to start. One wearing and he'll remember just how cool everybody looked in it back then.

N. Hoolywood specs will make your dad look retro, but cool

All dads have a ton of shirts which they have accumulated over the years. Only a select few though have one with french cuffs. The ultimate in sophistication in my view, your dad deserves one for all the raising he did for you. Heck, for all the trouble you've put him through, you oughta throw some nice cuffs links in just to show how much you really care.

The pinnacle of refinement: The french cuff (from Ralph Lauren)

Add these cufflinks for some extra brownie points (also from Ralph Lauren)

Photos courtesy of Gap, Superga, Selectism, Hypebeast, and Ralph Lauren

The Happening: CFDA Award Winners

The Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards recognized the best designers and icons of the fashion world last night, giving honors to those who pushed boundaries and blew minds the past year.

Among the most notable winners were my idol Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders and Italo Zucchelli of Calvin Klein who were tied(!) for the Menswear Designer of the Year distinction. (Michael Bastian was the third nominee, must suck for him!)

Marc Jacobs deservedly walked away with the International Award and Jim Moore of GQ was given the Eleanor Lambert Award for his years of creative work for the men's magazine. Congratulations to all the winners and go defend the crown, idol!

Menswear Designer of the Year: Scott Sternberg (in Topsiders!)

Swarovski Womenswear Awardee: Alexander Wang (love the shorts!)

Swarovski Menswear Awardee: Tim Hamilton

Marc Jacobs and his Internation Award (no, not the tall guy)

GQ's Jim Moore with his Eleanor Lambert Award (and a sweet tie bar)

Popular Award winner Ralph Lauren (hate the denim + tuxedo though)

On a side note...

Unfortunate loser (but snazzy dresser) Michael Bastian

JT cozying up to Anna Wintour (she's smiling!)

That wolf-boy from Twilight enjoying his 15 minutes (I kid)

So that's what Kenneth Cole looks like...(sheesh)

Photos courtesy of Men.Style

The Art: Art Basel Switzerland 2009

Considered as the world's premier art show, Art Basel celebrated their 40th Anniversary this year in Switzerland with 300 galleries and works from over 2,500 20th and 21st century artists.

As you will realize from some teaser snaps below, you really don't have to be of the artsy fartsy mold to admire these modern masterpieces. The vision and execution alone will just blow you away! It kinda makes me wonder if I should've taken my art lessons more seriously in grade school. Ugh, regret.

Takashi Murakami at his absolute best

A message sculpture? Sweet!

Wouldn't you like a hallway just like this?

Taking "faces in a crowd" to new levels

I always something like this in our house!

Beautiful chaos in silver

As Perez Hilton would say, "Amazeballs!"

Strangely, this reminds me of The Matrix

A Giant Pipe Dream

Hahaha! I love it! This'll scare off the robbers!

Photos courtesy of Yatzer