The Item: Anti-Swine Skull Face Mask

My mom and dad are going to Japan today for their anniversary, and with all the crazeeness that this swine flu epidemic has caused, I believe that one just can't be too safe. I mean, people from the mother school (Ateneo) have already been infected! True enough, my parents assured me that they will be sporting face masks in the airport, which got me wondering.

Given all the hullaballoo, some dude must have already thought of making designer face masks to capitalize on the panic. And yes, unsurprisingly, there was.
Illustrator Yoriko Yoshida beat everyone to the punch and thought up some sweet face mask designs to keep you looking on point while fending off that damn viral outbreak. Those entrepreneurs, they think of everything!

Nothing like a skull to remind you of your chances of survival, eh?

Now for your viewing pleasure, a swine flu Public Service Announcement from the 70s. Gotta love those retro PSAs!


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