The Store: The Asylum on Ann Siang Hill

The most common question I get asked is where to go when in Singapore. Well, in the nine months that I've been here, the one place I always recommend is Ann Siang Hill. Far from the chaos on Orchard Road, the area has a very laid back vibe to it, with quaint boutique hotels, cafes, and alternative shops surrounding the area. One particular store you shouldn't miss is Asylum. Once a full-fledged design store, it has turned its discerning eye to fashion, carrying pieces ranging from Mark McNairy loafers to Rick Owens sneaks to Surface to Air shirts. Yeah, not the place to go on a budget, but for oglers like me, it's a visual treat during every single visit!

I love storefronts like this. So minimal like they're hiding a secret!

The first thing that caught my eye - those sweet Mark McNairy tasseled shoes!

A classic, more sophisticated tote from Commune de Paris

The Asylum
22 Ann Siang Road, Singapore
T: +65 6325 3019

The Happening: And I'm Back!

Don't worry, chaps, I ain't dead! The blog was for quite some months, though, and for that, my sincerest apologies. For still checking it out when it was devoid of life, my warm thanks. I must admit my work took its toll on me for a minute there, but with this new year comes a new beginning filled with promises to do what I truly enjoy (writing this blog). In 2012, I'm gonna go H.A.M. with every post. If it's the end as we know it, then by god, let's go out in style!