The Beat: Usher x Diplo - Climax

Usher says: "Strip club classic". Diplo says: "Next level electrosoul". I say: "Dope as fuck".

The Store: Rockstar at Cineleisure

There are some stores that just get you, the kind that you always find yourself coming back to and loving everything inside. Well, ever since fellow menswear enthusiat Ant introduced me to it, that store for me has been Rockstar. I swear, the way it was curated, I would've thought that I wrote the stock list. From the simplistic shoe lineup (Chucks, Superga, Pointer), to its expansive portfolio of canvas bags (Baggu, William J. Mills), and even the books and magazines on hand, everything just spoke to me. Hell, I bought a bag there already, discovered Sifr, and I still keep going back again and again. Highly recommend you pay a visit, chaps. Might even see you there!

The new Pointer x Porter 3-way's looking mighty fine.

Look at the gum sole on them Pointer saddle shoes. Great touch.

You know the phrase "walking on clouds"? This. (Also from Pointer)

Timberlands all prepped out via the Abington heritage collection

Rockstar by Soon Lee
#3-08 Orchard Cineleisure
8 Grange Road, Singapore
T: +65 6836 8201

The Item: Uniqlo Orange Oxford Shirt

You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Uniqlo than me. About 92% of the clothes I bought here were from the trusty Japanese brand known for their quality basics. Of all the pieces I own, though, their oxford shirts are definitely the ones I'm most obsessed with. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, in a multitude of colors, I have boatloads already, but still, when I saw this particular variation below, I had to get it. The pale orange color is just so deliciously unconventional and the idea of standing out among the sea of whites and blues proved to be too intriguing to pass up. Oh, Manila, you're in for a doozy when this awesome brand finally opens. Addicting, I tell you!

Best paired with khakis and some sweet caramel brown loafers!

The Happening: Christmas Canvas Sneaks

Canvas shoes are awesome. They're versatile, comfortable, and as many favorites will prove, practically indestructible. That's why I was thrilled when my sisters and my girlfriend both got me new canvas pairs as gifts last Christmas. My siblings gave me these yellow Vans Authentics and my girlfriend (once again surprising me) gifted me these off-white Comme Des Garcons Play Chuck Taylors. Two different pairs that fulfill different needs (the yellow sneaks for pop and the off-white kicks for understated cool), but joined by the fact that both have been on my feet nonstop since I got 'em. And in case you're wondering, yes, I have a lot of navy blue socks.

Apparently, bright yellow shoes will get you a lot of attention. The good kind.

The most versatile shoes of all time made even better with staring hearts

The Item: Jetsam Wallets

More often than not, recycled fashion can look like, well, trash. Not this new brand I discovered, though. It's called Jetsam and they had this simple yet bright idea of getting discarded materials like end-run materials, cast-off clothing and vintage textiles and turning them into sweet patterned billfold wallets. Inspired by iconic menswear pieces, Jetsam's first collection features designs using vintage repp ties, plaids, and even some dashing herringbone tweed for good measure. In other words, a prepster's wallet dreams coming true. For the relatively inexpensive price, it's a great buy and just about right for materials that was probably being thrown out anyways.

A sampling of Jetsam's first foray. The repp tie wallets are tops.

How the inside looks. Minimalist, just how I like it.

The Guide: Casio Watches at Mustafa

For those who've been e-mailing me for months, asking where I got my gold Casio watch, this post is for you. Yes, all of you. You see, I only have one go-to place if I want to get my cheap-watch game on in Singapore and that's in the forever open Mustafa Mall right smack dab in the middle of Little India. Whether you prefer flashy gold-plated goodies or sleek black plastic pieces, you'll quickly see that all the Casio classics are all here for the picking! I just wouldn't advise going on a Sunday though. It's the only time when even these great finds really aren't worth it.

Cheap thrills at its finest! Thinking of getting more in the coming weeks!

The Item: New Balance BB680 Hiking Boot

Our office here in Singapore is in the middle of nowhere. It's not near the Central Business District, not near Orchard Road, nowhere. Needless to say, it's a hard commute, but the one thing i love about the location is the New Balance Outlet Store just a few steps away. New B's have been making the rounds on the feet of many fashion week attendees in New York this year and I for one would welcome rocking this pair to the big dance. A sporty hiking boot that boasts of a Timberland-esque mustard yellow upper? Man, at only S$40 (P1,350) a friggin' deal that would have been a fine companion to all those daily trips to our where-in-the-hell workplace.

Quite the discovery. I just wish I could've seen these babies sooner before sizes ran out!

The Happening: Showing Old Shoes Love

It's that time of the year again. The time when you take those dear to you and let them know just how much you adore them. The time when you go the extra mile to ensure that you'll be together forever. Now, before you click the back button, hold up. I'm talking about your favorite shoes, you lovebird. You see, I just got my two-year old Bass Laytons the re-haul they so badly deserved. Re-soled and shined up expertly, I am happy to report that it's good as new and that I've never been more attracted. Turns out, shoes are a lot like relationships, a little effort goes a long way.

Honestly speaking, I think I'll grow old with these. It's like falling in love again.

The Beat: The Throne - Ni**as in Paris

After months of anticipation, the official video for Kanye West and Jay-Z's smash hit "Ni**as in Paris" has finally dropped. Directed by Mr. West himself, the video recreates some manic scenes from the duo's smash North American tour, enhanced with sprinkles of epilepsy-inducing lights, growls, and mirror shots of quite possibly the most female-skewed concert crowd I've ever seen. Much like seeing Jay and Ye live (as I'd imagine), the video proves to be quite the experience - an audio visual assault that'll leave you saying, "Yeah, that shit cray" over and over again.

The Item: Thom Browne Eyewear

I don't own any Thom Browne pieces, but the man's influence on my current style state has been unparalleled to say the very least. After all, my pants haven't touched my ankles in years. That's why I was thrilled when I was able to catch some of his eyewear pieces on display at Surrender. Venturing out from the suits and shoes that are his signatures, Mr. Browne has created a lineup that defies description. They're classic but with a touch of utilitarianism, luxurious yet unfinished. Quite honestly and simply, he just defined where glasses end and spectacles begin.

Man, I should've taken more shots of the other models. Best glasses I've ever tried on.

The Beat: M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls"

Fresh off flippin' the bird on live television during her Superbowl performance with Madonna, M.I.A.'s back in a big way with this new video for her not-so-new single "Bad Girls." Catchy middle east-inspired melody, outta this world driving, and what can only be described as desert hipsters. I gotta admit, chick's crazy, but when she has her act together, crazy good as well.

The Item: Herschel Supply Co. Camo Duffel

I've bought quite a few bags since arriving here in Singapore (far too many to be honest), but the one thing that has always alluded me is a rough-and-tumble camouflage sack that would make any Japanese street style subject blush. Well, after ten long months, the search is over, chaps! This limited edition camo duffel bag from Herschel Supply Co. hits the spot perfectly. Nothing fancy, just a modest, fairly priced carry-all that lets the classic army adornment do the talking. Rugged outdoors or concrete jungle, with this baby, phenomenal swag is a certainty.

Available at BratPack Orchard Cineleisure. Only 1 of 1; talk about limited!

The Brand: Good Guys Vegan Shoes

I am a shameless carnivore; always have been, always will be. There was this one day though that I thought about going vegan. Not for food, though, but for shoes! I discovered this French shoe brand Good Guys at Tangs on Orchard Road a few weeks back and I was initially drawn in by the classic suede and red-brick combo that their shoes showcased quite well. Picked a pair up to inspect closer and turns out, theirs wasn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill buck. The tasty suede is synthetic (gasp!) and yet having known this, I remained intrigued. Interesting marketing strategy on emphasizing the positives by saying they don't murder animals. Great looking shoes, admirable cause. All lovely, lovely stuff. Now someone please get me a damn burger!

Navy and tan suedish bucks + monkstraps. Great color choice!

Another look of the lineup. The chunky soles give the shoes some presence.

And a handsome red-brick sole never hurt nobody too!

"Good Guys Don't Wear Leather." This makes me a good guy, sometimes.

Style I Love: What Lies Beneath

I used to be the kind of guy who would judge shoes entirely by the design of primary body or upper. In recent months, though, my footwear fascination has been driven less by what's above the surface and more by what lies at its very sole. Brands have started paying more attention to bottom-beaters lately and I couldn't be happier. Whether it be through booming neon tones like McNairy, some grind-out swagger like Pointer, or even recycling some war-walkers with luxe pieces like Church's, having emphatic soles can breathe life into any ho-hum, run-of-the-mill pair.

This mid-rise boot from Pointer's got some bite, great for getting some traction.

War-worn Vibram desert combat boot soles. Who says money can't buy you toughness?