The Item: Commes Des Garcons Gradient Shirt

I've been a fan of basic Ts for quite a while now. I stand by them, recommend them, and I even bothered writing about them in a post here. However, as much as I love the classics, I'm always open to experimenting with style. That's where items like the Commes Des Garcons gradient shirt come in.

Featuring a soft pink gradient and a yellow pocket for pop, the shirt provides an interesting aesthetic that will definitely garner some, if not a lot of, attention on the mean streets of Manila. Clearly a not-for-everyone shirt, I was previously on the fence with this one, as it reminded me for some reason of the tie dye debacle of the 70s.

After some deep reflection, though, and thinking of some things to wear it with (Topman Blue Tailored Shorts, for one), all was clear. This particular gradient shirt is exactly what I need to divert every so often from the basic shirts that I've come to depend on more often than not.
After a while, the shirt's distinct charm just grows on you

So that's why it looks so familiar. That John Lloyd...

Photo courtesy of Selectism

The Item: Fred Perry for Fox Umbrellas “Umbrella”

The weather's getting all crazy up in this mutha, with recurring rains in the summer season and all. That is why I saw it fit to give you this post on the perfect umbrella I discovered via Selectism.

A collaboration between two classic British brands, Fred Perry and Fox, this is definitely not your garden variety umbrella. With a handle made from maple, a cover sewn using high quality nylon, and some interesting details like the tartan accents on the inside and the button lock, this is sure to keep you stylish in all those ungodly battles with mother nature ahead.

A bit indulgent, perhaps? Maybe, but the umbrella's makers have been around for about 250 years combined. With that kind of rep, maybe your last umbrella will last quite a bit too.

Love the emblazoned Fred Perry Laurel by the handle!

Handsome, ain't she?

The tartan's a nice touch

There's more inside!

Whoa, Fox was already around around when Rizal was born!

Photos courtesy of Selectism

The Item: Terrem Forests Deck Shoes

I love the idea of hybrid shoes. The only problem is most of the time, the actual idea just looks good on paper, and then the execution comes, leaving me to think that it was really just too good to be true.

But where many have failed, the Japanese brand Terrem succeeds. They have a provided a product that meshes the elements of 3 shoes together seamlessly into one awesome piece of art. Here I present their so-christened Deck Shoes - part boat shoe, part loafer, part sneaker and 100% amazing.

Combining the distinct lacing of the boat shoe, some beautiful loafer detailing, and the sole of a sneaker, these shoes transcend outfit barriers and can be worn with mostly anything. It's sophisticated and sporty at the same time, which is something I feel a lot of designers try to do, but have not impressed, at least in the models I've seen.

So bravo, Terrem. The tassel details on the laces was the cherry on top of the sundae. The next step? Make these available here. Pronto.

The black color way is impressive already...

But I just love, love, love the brown ones so much better

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast

The Item: Nikon D60

My sister came back from Singapore yesterday and with her was my only bilin: the Nikon D60 DSLR, the first "serious" camera I have ever bought in my entire life.

While not a professional camera by any means, this is a momentous event for the blog, as my initial goal in starting this little project of mine was to post pictures of people whose "styles I love," thus, the title. I wanted to showcase personal style at its finest and the little perfectionist in me promised that I wouldn't do so until I find an instrument that would capture those moments of brilliance and do them justice.

Well, the instrument has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. And the pictures will be coming soon. So Scott Schuman, thank you for the inspiration. This one's for you!

The Nikon D60: Let the picture-taking begin!

The Guide: The White Button Down Oxford

One of the cornerstones of a man's wardrobe should be a good, nay, great button down oxford cloth shirt. It's uses are endless and can match up with most every item in your closet be it shorts or pants, chinos or denim, office or casual. The shirt is so damn versatile you owe it to yourself to buy a high quality version with a great fit. It's an investment you'll never regret, I swear!

As for the color, with most style authorities the choice seems unanimous: Get a white one and wear the hell out of it. And I mean over-and-over-and-over-again-wear-the-hell-out-of-it. Because for some ungodly reason, oxford shirts in a state of deterioration actually look lightyears better than freshly purchased pieces. One of those strange style stories, I suppose.

Either way, go get yours now and start destroying it! Who knows? You may be just a few months away from achieving its full style potential!

One of my style idols, Paul Newman, sporting the white oxford button down

One of my favorites from J-Crew (please come here!)

A fitted version locally available from Gap

A match made in heaven with a rep tie (from Brooks Brothers)

Touche, Band of Outsiders, touche.

The Sartorialist demonstrates how to accessorize a classic (awesomely)

Photos courtesy of GQ, J.Crew, Gap, and Brooks Brothers

The Item: Manny Pacquaio x Nike Air Trainer 1

With the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight coming up next week, Nike has released this sweet collaboration that totally confirms the Filipino phenom's global superstardom.

This performance-driven shoe, which is highlighted by a beautiful combination of red and gold on the upper with Manny's logo on the back, sadly will not be available in the Philippines. Only 200 have been made, 100 to be sold in the States (what's up with that, Nike?) and 100 to be given to Manny to dispose of as he sees fit.

So many shoes for one man, champ. I have an idea: Send one right 'ere! I'll be happy to take one of your hands. Size 8.5, my friend. Size 8.5.

So surreal: A Filipino with his own Nike shoes. Dreams do come true!

Photo courtesy of Hypebeast

The Guide: Name that Pattern!

I have long been fascinated by those repeating visual creations known as patterns. I just love the way they instantly make a certain clothing item or accessory interesting by just being, you know, there.

So to share this long standing love affair of mine and get you acquainted with yet another nugget of style knowledge, I present to you my top pattern picks and how you should correctly identify them. Because whether they be wallets, shoes, or shirts, it don't matter - patterns simply make the (fashion) world exponentially more playful. Identifying them correctly? That will have done them nothing but justice.
A no-brainer: Polka Dots as seen on Head Porter Binder Systems

Gingham as seen on this Haversack Silk Scarf

Houndstooth as seen on this (nice) Stark shoelace

And finally, please don't call this pattern plaid.
Plaid is a piece of clothing in Scotland.
Tartan is the pattern.
And, yes, they look great on these Vans.

The Style Perspective: Tommy Hilfiger

Just to be clear, I absolutely hate so-called style "rules" because they presuppose a required adherence to them, a sort of martial law on style (and we all know how that went). What I do believe in, however, are style perspectives, which in my case I showcase through this little blog project of mine.

Starting this month, I will be featuring the style perspectives of some of the most influential designers alive (via Details' "Rules of Style"). First up, the designer of Classic Americana Tommy Hilfiger, whose clothes I don't really appreciate, but whose thoughts I totally adore. I especially love opinion number 6, but please, feel free to do read all ten. You might learn a thing or two, but really, you don't have to. Have at it, folks.

Tommy Hilfiger on his manly jeep

Trends are very dangerous, because they're usually temporary and can sometimes make you look ridiculous. If slim is the trend, wear slim pants with a traditional shirt and jacket, so you just have an ounce of the trend.

Less is better. Even if you have a lot of accessories and a large wardrobe, you don't have to wear them all at once. Wear one stylish item at a time—the others should be fairly basic.


Have a light touch when it comes to color. Maybe start with just a tie or a shirt. You don't want a colorful shirt, jacket, and pants. You always have to have a balance color, like black, navy, khaki, or white, to temper the brighter tones.


Too much pattern is a disaster. Tropical-print shirts are for the tropics. And flip-flops are for the beach.


The best thing a man can do is be true to himself and be classic without being boring. The worst thing a man can do is overdo it—trying too hard is a big no-no.

I'm biased. I believe preppy is the way to go. It references old-world charm and conjures up every icon from Robert Redford to James Dean. We should be proud of it. There's a comfort to preppy. When done well, with great quality, it looks like a combination of Italian and English.


Quality always wins. If you're wearing something of incredible quality it will outshine any trend, any fashion idea, and anything that's funky or groovy.

On a suit, if the sleeves are down to the knuckles or substantially above the wrists, you know it isn't fitting well. And then there are the shoulders. You don't want to look like Herman Munster and you don't want to look like Pee-wee Herman. If you button the top button or center button of the jacket and it's not pulling around the waist and the vents aren't spreading but it's still snug, you know you have a good fit.

Before you leave the house in the morning, use a lint brush and make sure you're well-groomed. You can have the greatest clothes in the world, but if you have cereal in your teeth and a bad haircut, you won't do the clothes justice.


I think that even with the economy where it is you can still treat yourself in different ways. You can go to a Häagen-Dazs and it doesn't cost a lot of money. On the flip side, you can have a great meal with a great bottle of wine. Everything is relative, but even without a lot of money you can still enjoy yourself in life.

Article and photo courtesy of Details' "The Rules of Style."

The Guide: Traveling (Bags) in Style

Still hung over from a vacation that ended too soon, I would now like to touch upon the oft neglected but oh so important aspect of every trip: the travel bag. Needless to say, I was on the look out in NAIA for some nice bags I could photograph, but alas, we seem to be a country that does not care for such things.

A pity, though, as there are so many bags out there that could make traveling look so much better. Take a gander at the bags below to see my point. Hopefully, they'll be reason enough for you to bring your best bag game to the airport next time so that I can have something to take pictures of. Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep my camera ready and my eye out for your much improved bag swagga!

Love the color and logo of this one from Limoland x Yoshida & Co.

Notice the shape and color of this calfskin number from Norton & Sons

A canvas classic you've come to expect from Ralph Lauren

Silent bad-ass black leather elegance from J. Lindeberg

Black and white = winner, like this one from the Killspencer repurposed collection.

Photos courtesy of Selectism.

The Brand: Leica Cameras

Frustrated at how some of our Bohol vacation pictures came out via my measly Kodak V1273, the first thing I did when I got back was search for a better camera. Constant googling led me eventually to what is considered by many as the best camera brand in the world, Leica.

Backed by a history that harps back to the first camera they made in 1925, Leica has become a legend in the photography world by continuously innovating and producing cameras with superior features that result in breathtaking shots. And get this, that's only where the good stuff begins.

Aside from stocking their products with features that would make any photographer drool, they also house them in some wonderfully designed bodies. Whenever I look at any of their models, I can't help but feel this perfect blend of the retro and the contemporary in their designs. It's new and not new at the same time, and that's what I feel sets Leicas apart, both in form and function.

The company treats photography as a true art form, so intense that you can almost feel their emotion when reading their write-ups for their products. As they said in describing their M series:
There are no gadgets. No unnecessary electronic trickery. Nothing to confound the act of photography. Just the most evolved optical performance. And utter mechanical reliability.

Damn. Now that's what I call marketing. I'd go get one, but 1) they're not available here (what is?) and 2) the price alone will show you how truly amazing these cameras are. So I'll stick to being a fan for now, and just probably get the way cheaper Lumix LX3, which at least has a Leica lens. Isn't life is all about compromises and empty pockets after all?

The model I want: The Leica M8

The one Kanye has: The Leica D-Lux 4

Damn it, even the accessories are beautiful!

Stunning shot from a Leica. (I could have had this in Bohol!)

The Item: Topman Tailored Shorts

Continuing my litany of summer related posts, I would like to introduce you all to my next (planned) purchase: The Topman Bright Blue Tailored Shorts.

Made of 100% cotton, cut slim, and a tad bit shorter than what you may be used to (that's not a bad thing, I swear), these babies are sure to be the perfect style statement for the warm(er) days ahead. What to wear it with you ask? A white roundneck shirt, boat shoes, and some nice sunglasses will do the trick. With shorts as nice as these, looking your best this summer is really as simple as it gets.

Saw this pair at Trinoma, fitted it, and fell in love!

Wish they would've had this coral pink pair too though...

As well as this emerald green number...

Photos courtesy of Topman.

The Guide: Proper Pronunciation

Many of us have at one point or another found difficulty in pronouncing fashion brands or designers. I know I've messed up quite a few in my time. Okay, a LOT. So in the interest of providing educational value and redeeming my past transgressions, I offer to you all this list of some notable brands/designers and how to correctly say them. This saves you the embarrassment of being corrected and gives you the right to go correct others instead. So go ahead and get 'em, young man!

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast.