The Brand: Leica Cameras

Frustrated at how some of our Bohol vacation pictures came out via my measly Kodak V1273, the first thing I did when I got back was search for a better camera. Constant googling led me eventually to what is considered by many as the best camera brand in the world, Leica.

Backed by a history that harps back to the first camera they made in 1925, Leica has become a legend in the photography world by continuously innovating and producing cameras with superior features that result in breathtaking shots. And get this, that's only where the good stuff begins.

Aside from stocking their products with features that would make any photographer drool, they also house them in some wonderfully designed bodies. Whenever I look at any of their models, I can't help but feel this perfect blend of the retro and the contemporary in their designs. It's new and not new at the same time, and that's what I feel sets Leicas apart, both in form and function.

The company treats photography as a true art form, so intense that you can almost feel their emotion when reading their write-ups for their products. As they said in describing their M series:
There are no gadgets. No unnecessary electronic trickery. Nothing to confound the act of photography. Just the most evolved optical performance. And utter mechanical reliability.

Damn. Now that's what I call marketing. I'd go get one, but 1) they're not available here (what is?) and 2) the price alone will show you how truly amazing these cameras are. So I'll stick to being a fan for now, and just probably get the way cheaper Lumix LX3, which at least has a Leica lens. Isn't life is all about compromises and empty pockets after all?

The model I want: The Leica M8

The one Kanye has: The Leica D-Lux 4

Damn it, even the accessories are beautiful!

Stunning shot from a Leica. (I could have had this in Bohol!)


jolo said...

it's not the camera, it's the photographer. but having a leica would be great

Styles I Love said...

i totally agree with you, jolo. though matching a great camera with a terrific photographer would increase the chance of the perfect shot, would you agree?

jolo said...

a good camera would amplify your skills

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