The Item: Allan Flusser's "Style and the Man"

The internet is fine for searching for some styles tips, but sometimes, nothing really beats a good book you can carry around. Now I'm not a big reader 'ere, folks, but when I browsed through this book entitled "Style and the Man" by Alan Flusser at the National Bookstore Power Plant branch, I can't help but want to get it. Mr. Flusser broke down the the essential points of gentlemanly dressing quite effectively in this minute digest that'll cost you P625. Maybe a bit expensive for some, but the book was originally made in '96 and yet his tips work to this very day. If nothing else, sounds like a pretty fair investment to me.

The author of the book was Fonzworth Bentley's mentor. Imagine that.

Some other books back in stock that deserve your attention

Style I Love: Sweet Seersucker Shorts

Shorts are amazing. In this ungodly heat we've been having, there truly is no better bottom-half companion than a fine pair with a great fit. Comfort and convenience aside though, another reason I try to wear shorts as much as I can is because you can get away with more with 'em. I'm talking about loud colors, prints, and fabrics, gentlemen. You know, quirks which are easier to pull off because there's less material to work with.

Paolo's seersucker shorts are a fine example. Not only is the cut amazing, but its subtle stripes make for a more noticeably dashing profile than if he wore a plain pair. Now I'm not saying seersucker pants are bad, but that's a look that's far trickier to throw down for the common dude. If you're only starting with this whole fashion thing, it'd be smart to just dip your feet into some reds and madras pairs as shorts and see how you feel. Statement pants aren't for everybody, but stranger shorts? Man, anybody could do that. (I did, in linen!)

Paolo of A Fine Frenzy: Seersucker Shorts (Cotton On)

Me, following the same formula: Altered Linen Shorts (Folded and Hung)

The Store: Forever 21 (21 Men/Heritage 1981)

It seems as though every girl I know and their momma is excited for the opening of the original Forever 21 in SM Megamall on July 2. That is to be expected, sure, but what most guys don't know, though, is that we have equally as much reason to be thrilled. This is because the massive 2,700 square meter store will also house pieces for the fellas by 21 Men and Heritage 1981, two fine sub-brands that I can't help but fully get behind.

I actually had a first-hand experience of Heritage 1981 clothes already from my 2008 trip to New York. I was surprised at how low the prices were then and walked away having bought a suit, a bomber jacket, and two pairs of trousers. After looking through the wares here, I must say that the store's current offerings do not disappoint. They have everything - basic shirts, button-downs, outerwear, shorts, jeans, trousers, and some accessories to boot! A wide selection with great, great value, I must say.

The opening's just four days away, folks, so if I were you, I'd make preparations to be there on the first day. The store's giving away vouchers for the first 250 people to line up and what's better, you get to share the line with quite possibly a lot of fine women who have been waiting for this day for years, you know, just as you should be. Stay updated and add up Forever 21 on Facebook and Twitter now!

Four days to go before the big unveiling on July 2!

The store has everything, from dressed down to nights outta town

Fresh colorful button-downs to make that bold statement

A gray lightweight cotton hoodie for the rainy days

Essential V-necks for your wardrobe's foundation

Some equally handsome striped versions for variation

Bringing the sweet tops together

The perfect blue jeans

Likewise, for this gray denim pair

Interesting old-school provision for those suspenders

21 Men's take on the classic aviators

Capping off the accessory show with the timeless newsboy cap

The Happening: Another Wonderful Surprise!

My girlfriend is truly awesome. Not only has she been the perfect Bonnie to my Clyde, but she also tolerates this little style thing I'm passionate about. To illustrate more, this story: I picked her up the airport at around 4am today and was very excited to see her after her four-day trip to Bangkok. Thing is, she missed my birthday (I did that two years back too), so we celebrated two days early. She gave me my present then and I loved it (Alan Moore's "A Killing Joke" graphic novel). Little did I know that that wasn't the end of it.

When she got into the car, she had a smirk on her face. I just thought that it was because she missed me, but then, she pulled out a gift-wrapped box from her hand-carried luggage. She said it was my "real gift". I slowly unwrapped the present and quickly saw that it was a shirt. What happened next drove me ape-shit. When I got the shirt out, I saw the trademark heart-with-eyes logo that I thought would take me a while to get. She gave me a friggin' Comme Des Garcons Play shirt, the very one on my birthday wish list! Oh, that woman. Not only the best girlfriend ever, but also quite the scheming surpriser! I love you, AC!

It's from the new Spring-Summer CDG Play Collection! Love that blue heart!

She got it at the flagship store in Bangkok. I'll be cherishing this bag forever!

The Happening: Go Get It, Young Rook!

I don't know what NBA players spend their money on, but I'm pretty sure a great majority of them don't use it to hire a stylist or buy clothes that fit. If you're looking for proof, look no further than those hideous five-button suits that have become a staple to every game since the NBA dress code. They simply do nothing for their fine athletic figures and unfortunately, those young kids who enter the NBA Draft think that wearing one is none but the norm.

In this year's Draft though, a glimmer of hope has come upon us. Yes, he may not be the next Michael Jordan, but damn it, the man made an early style impression the day he was called up. To me, Lebron is still the best, but this Wesley Johnson kid's a contender. Just look at what he wore to the draft: double-breasted blazer, tartan pants, a contrast yellow shirt, a red tie with gold tie bar, gold cuff links, and a green pocket square! All next-level stuff, and what makes it more impressive is that he put it all together seamlessly. Now that's how you dress for the biggest day of your life! Here's to hoping the league will follow in his dandy stead!

It's easy to spot who the best-dressed of the bunch is!

Looking forward to more stellar style showings, young man!

From an earlier shoot: Khaki suit + blue shirt + minimalistic pocket square!

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

The Happening: Today...Nah, Not Really

The Happening: Old-New Haircut

Because of my hard, wiry hair, I'm forced to go for the same old buzz cut every time I visit the barber shop. I don't know what came over me last Sunday though, because when I sat down or my monthly cut, I skipped the usual and opted for a bald faux hawk instead. I actually tried it out two years ago and liked it, but reverted to my old 'do once I got into the "corporate world". Now, corporate world or not, I'm back at it again. It may not be noticeably different yet, but just you wait. Once it grows out a little more, things are bound to be a little more interesting, hair-wise.

Man, I haven't grown my hair long in ages!

The Item: My Birthday Wish List!

Well, would you look at that. A mere day before my 23rd birthday. Another digit added to my clock and another occasion where people will be egging me on to treat them somewhere special (an upside-down tradition, I still think, in this bizarro country of ours). Aside from libres, though, another yearly tradition of mine is to come up with a list of material desires that would put a smile or two on this one-year-older-to-be face.

From last year's lineup, I was actually able to get one item immediately, with another following some months after. This year, though, it'd be great to get 'em for free. These are things I need after all, but ultimately that's wishful thinking from a man who's not expecting any unheard of surprises anytime soon. Really, I'm not expecting, which makes me very prone to any and all unannounced presents! Without further ado, here's this year's picks.

1. This Guy's White Bucks

I have loafers; I have oxfords; I have boat shoes; I have espadrilles; I have plimsolls; I have sneakers. What I don't have though are fine white bucks like this gentleman has on in the picture below. I mean, I have white shoes and all, but being a bit older, it's time to move on to something more grown up yet still casual. While my off-white boat shoes have done that for me lately, I've worn them to death and it's time for a change.

2. Commes Des Garcons Play Shirt

While I don't go for expensive stuff that I can't see the value in, I'm throwing the rulebook out on this one, folks. Thanks to my current weight gain, some of my basic shirts don't cooperate anymore, thus the need - NEED - to get a new one. Yes, a plain white shirt would be fine, but wouldn't it be nicer to have a heart with two eyes watching over you? I know I'd feel more loved and secure with that added touch, even though it quadruples the asking price.

3. The Perfect Jersey Blazer
I've always wanted to wear a blazer casually. Thing is, my hyperactive sweat glands and the intensified global warming here always work against me and my dream. That's when I learned about the unstructured jersey blazer. I got excited as it was lightweight as hell and not as business-y as those one worn by corporate folk. It was perfect. They had one in Zara, but just not in my size, and yeah, all branches were out. Disappointing, but I'm still hoping I could dig one up somewhere!

4. Jake Gyllenhaal's Mini Tie-Bar
I love Jake Gyllenhaal's ensemble for his GQ cover but for me what stands out is the diminutive tie-bar he was wearing. That sliver of metal that peeks out oh so slightly not only brings order to that sweet knit tie he was wearing, but also makes it infinitely more interesting. I haven't had luck finding a similar-sized tie bar locally, but maybe, just maybe, one kind soul could at least point me in the right direction.

5. Apple Iphone 4
I guess I already summed it up in this post. But with my Motorola Razr V9 slowly deteriorating, it's time to fall prey to the marketing hype and finally switch to the ever-expensive Apple brand.

The Guide: The Milan Belt Knot

For several days now, Tommy Ton has been photographing the best Milan's men of style have to offer in behalf of GQ. Unsurprisingly, those goddamn Italians are holding it down unbelievably, with clothes that are so well-fitting, a play of color that is so refreshing, and an understanding of personal style that is so inspiring. Needless to say, we can all learn a thing or two from these dashing men of fine taste, and, true enough, I just happened to pick up a simple style trick which can add a little flair to any outfit.

Belts are often the most ignored item of a man's outfit, but not to these people. They made it a point to go out of their way and knot their belts so that all y'all can see them. A little effort and bam, instant eye-catchers. As you will notice, it doesn't matter if your belt is made of leather, canvas, or nylon, if it's too long, all the better! Actually makes me feel better that my recent bargain belt at Robinson's Department Store is a bit longer as it should be. It will be the first test to this belt knot phenomenon that's apparently all the rage in the legendarily stylish land of Milan.

Do it with muted leather belts...

...or sportier nylon or canvas numbers!

Those Italians, they know how to add that attitude!

Photos courtesy of GQ

The Art: John Woo's Star Wars and Fashion

In what may possibly be the most awesome news item of the day, John Woo wondered out loud what would happen if you got two of my absolute loves - Star Wars and fashion - and banged their worlds together. The result? A quirky re-imagining of those familiar Galaxy Far, Far Away characters in more civil times, when they actually had the time to shop for some serious swankiness. Coincidentally enough, my favorite Lord Vader was decked out in my other favorite Band of Outsiders. Man, that Anakin, always getting the best of everything!

Darth Vader in Band and his loyal Stormtrooper in Thom Browne

Papa Jango in CDG and the delinquent Boba in Supreme x VisVim

The traitorous Clone Trooper in A.P.C. and the Scout in Viktor and Rolf

Jar Jar Binks in Margiela. By the way, we still hate you!

Photos courtesy of

The Item: Hickok Green Canvas Belt

Oh, Saturday was such a great day of fun finds at the Robinson's Galleria Department Store! Right after I snatched up the last black Timex Camper, I went face to face with this green canvas belt from Hickok. I've been looking for a slimmer canvas belt for a bit now and then this pops up, at only P150 no less! A great bargain, as it is handsomely preppy with that gold buckle and will go great with my all-American khaki pants and shorts all-day, everyday, every damn day. It may already be the rainy season but damn it, I'm bringing summer back with this small dose of color!

An interesting alternative to your usual browns and blacks

The Icon: Lou Adler's Courtside Style

As the NBA Finals shifts back to the Staples Center in L.A. with Boston up 3-2, everybody's talking about whether or not the still Lakers have it in them to nod it up and force a winner-take-all Game 7. While that should be enough to make every basketball fan cream his pants, this viewer will be looking out for something more, namely the style showcase of one frequent courtside attendee (who always sits beside numero uno Laker fan Jack Nicholson), Lou Adler.

As Wikipedia has so graciously informed us, Mr. Adler is an American record producer, manager, and director.Well, after seeing the pictures that Clear Shoe Box Project owner Vincent sent me, he can also add full-fledged man of style to his already impressive resume. In contrast to the others who go to the game and sit close to the action, Mr. Adler truly has his shit together.

His wrist accessory game is sick. His hat preferences are sublime. And his white aviator sunglasses (though unchanging despite his various looks) are classic and fun enough to merit credit every single time. He looks to be a fan of layering too (with his cardigans, vests, and blazers), as well as a quirky sock lover - you know, the little nuances that make a man well-dressed in my book. While I still don't know who'll win tomorrow, we can all bet Mr. Adler will be there sporting something awesome. That's as sure as a Tim Duncan bank shot.

Notice the watch and bracelets? That's just masterful blending!

Loving the shade of that cardi and those socks, oh those socks!

Calm coolness at its finest. Not everyone can pull off that hat!

Outta the way, Jack. Mr. Adler is having a ball in a fine tweed blazer and newsboy cap.

The Rundown

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  • The Good 'Ole Days: Ah, can we just bring back the days when cargo shorts and giveaway shirts were non-existent everyday pieces in Ateneo? {Chuvaness}
  • On Another Level: All hail Michael Cinco and his overwhelming visual exhibition that capped off Philippine Fashion Week. That, sir, was world-class! {Style Kit}
  • Tis' the Season: Rainy day wardrobe suggestions for him and her for the lone season in our homeland where layering is humanly possible. {Urbanity}
  • Encore, Encore!: The second installment of the Vans Sample Sale at Trilogy is even better as you have a week to check out the sick kicks. {Manila Fashion Observer}

The Item: The Ultra Amazing FILED! Folders!

Oh yeah, it's the start of the school year again, kiddos - back to books, back to pop quizzes, back to burning the midnight oil. You know, the things you regularly dread, but no, no, no, not this year. Not when you have your friends with you, not when you all have the awesome FILED! Folders to help you get through the 2010-2011 study season!

With pockets for everything you could possibly need (calculators, notepads, iPods, flash disks, post-its, calling cards), a detachable pencil case, 3 paper sleeves (with back-to-back slots) for handouts, a provision at the back for long bond papers, and a handle option for convenience (whew!), it's your perfect partner in getting your life organized in style for this school year ahead!

As if that wasn't enough, cover that fully functional interior with six (count 'em, six!) colors to choose from and what you have is a folder that's not just a folder, but an expression of your style and individuality. No more boring binders for you this year, you stylish young buck, you!

The FILED! crew's bigger and better, and the best school supply on the face of the earth is adding more friends as the days go by. Don't get left behind and get yours today! With FILED! Folders, you can FIT IN, STAND OUT, and get ORGANIZED in STYLE! (For more info, click here!)

The Item: The Timex Nylon Camper

For the longest time, I've been going back to the J.Crew website to catch a glimpse of this beautiful Timex timepiece designed exclusively for the brand. Time and again, I'd be frustrated when I look at its sweet minimalistic design, lightweight nylon straps, and vintage watch face complete with military time. The only thing that made me feel better was the high asking price, since I can't buy it anyways if it was suddenly made available here.

Needless to say, I've been searching for a cheaper alternative from local Timex stores here, but to no avail. That is, until this past Saturday, when I found myself looking for bargains in the increasingly awesome Robinson's Galleria Department Store. Well, well, well, would you look at that. Introducing the Timex Camper: Minimalistic design, nylon straps, vintage military watch face - it was exactly what I was looking for. Different color options too and only for P1,990? Jack-'effin-pot. Screw the J.Crew version; this one's the winner right 'ere.

Got the black number, but definitely digging that military khaki too!

Look at that beaute. This watch has been a long time coming!

The Beat: Kid Cudi's Soundtrack 2 My LifeBeat

It's no secret that I love me some Kid Cudi. I already documented his one-of-a-kind style some time back, but let's focus now on the superb talents that this fly artist has. You've all heard "Make Her Say", and maybe even "Day N Nite" - both fine songs, if I may say so - but I implore you to listen to what I believe is his best track to date, "Soundtrack 2 My Life".

In it, Cudi puts his heart on his sleeve and discusses his experiences and ultimately, the sadness he feels despite his success. The melodrama is wrapped around a sick beat and a can't-get-it-out-of-your-head chorus that just encapsulates the emotion of the whole song. Makes you want to give a man a hug in the end, and perfect for all these gloomy days we're having too.

The Happening: What's Your Laurel Story?

You know what I really love about Fred Perry? The clothes, yeah, but to be honest, it's the brand's deeply rooted heritage which separates it from the rest. Since the late 50s, the original Fred Perry Pique shirt has been part of countless stories in history, from the Mods' in the 50s, to the Punks in the 70s, to the once strapping well-dressed young man your grandpa used to be.

What truly amazes me is even up to now, the brand is as strong and as present as ever in the many cultures around the world. Personally, I see a lot of people from different walks of life sporting the Laurel, each with their own special story to tell. I'm sure you do too; you're even probably thinking about it now. Well stop thinking and start sharing, dear Fred!

The brand's giving away 5,000 British Pounds(!) to the most interesting Fred Perry picture/video story you have! For full details, click here and share away! I for one will be thinking of my best tale, and win or lose, reminiscing on what Fred Perry has been in my life will have already been a rewarding experience in itself. A vote or two still won't hurt though! Tell you once mine is up!

You can be one of these chaps who've already sent theirs!

Photos courtesy of Fred Perry Tell Us Your Story

The Item: Puma Urban Mobility 2010 Redux

Remember when I wrote about the Puma Urban Mobility Collection 2010 back in February? Well, four months later and quite surprisingly at that, the most beautiful shoe of the pack found its way to our lil' 'ole archipelago! The chukka boot-inspired piece made of Italian leather turned inside out and capped off with a rubberized ankle was a jaw-dropper from the pictures, but seeing it in person was something else. Every little detail screamed quality, which makes the price tag not that mind-boggling at a whopping P14,390. Oh well, you gotta pay to play, I suppose.

Man, what a looker. This is streetwear done right!

I'm loving it from all angles. It is absolutely perfect!

The Happening: The Sights of Metrowear

I wrote about the girls and the menswear of Metrowear earlier, but now the wannabe photographer in me just wants to show some "outtakes" of the visually exciting night that was. Now I have to give props to the set; it had a first-world feel about it, complete with moving parts and all. I didn't care so much about the sponsor giveaways though.

Not only did they stall the already anxious audience, but they also gave the prizes away to priveleged A-listers. While I understand the objective, this was still complete utter bollocks. What eased the tension however were some WTF looks which brought some unexpected LOLs to this viewer. Hell, one model even almost overshot the runway and one looked like he came from the Renaissance. Despite all this, however, my first Metrowear was still a smashing success, so much so that I'm already looking forward to the next installment later this year!

The lighting, as you can see, was well-done

The set was something else too...epic even

Hosts Marc Abaya and Bianca Valerio with the sponsor-driven "festivities"

Co-presenter Samsung showed its spending power with a pre-show dance number

And finally, the visually impaired model and Shakespeare himself in the flesh