The Icon: Kid Cudi

"They define my lifestyle as a wildlife with style." -- Kid Cudi

Relatively new on the scene, Cudi made an impression on me not just with his sick beats, but also his fly style. Distancing himself from the oversized garb of his peers, Cudi opts for a more streamlined look by wearing clothes that actually fit. But what makes his style truly memorable, though, is his ability to combine casual classics and make them look oh so damn cool.

His trademark look includes specs, leather jackets, hoodies, slim jeans, and his favorite, Air Jordans. He was actually even arrested once for causing a ruckus after being forced to wear Reeboks at a Reebok event. (Talk about a man who fights for his passion!) Seriously, though, his knowledge of fits and what looks good together must've come from his years of working retail at American Apparel and Dean & Deluca. Of course, having Kanye as a mentor doesn't hurt too.

Ultimately, what makes his style pop is his attitude and swagger. I've seen many pictures of him just wearing a basic crewneck shirt with jeans and nice kicks and yet he still looks very put together. Some people just have that something in them I suppose. Well, to me, there is no better mark of being a true style icon than doing that in regularity, just like Kid Cudi.

A shining example of Cudi's sick accessory game

Cudi effortlessly manages to just make classic pieces look fresh

A love for layering that is something to behold

Cudi in his trademark specs

Proof that a white shirt accentuated by sweet necklaces always looks good

The red hoodie was a fine touch

Dope shades, Kid

For your viewing pleasure, a video of Kid Cudi's smash, Day N Nite.

Photos courtesy of Complex, GQ, and Vibe


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