The Item: Byrd and Belle Felt Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves are a dime a dozen nowadays, with most everyone having their take on these new techie essentials. The problem is, with all these offerings on the market, I've yet to see one that has really captured me. And I've seen a lot mind you. It's just that they're too boring, tacky, or just downright atrocious for my taste.

That's where Byrd and Belle's felt laptop sleeves comes in. A perfect antithesis to the cold aesthetic of laptops with its raw and fuzzy exterior, these babies are really what I've been looking for all along! Minimalistic, modern, yet traditional all at the same time, it'll make you think of excuses to bring your laptop around everywhere, regardless of how heavy it may be!

I love the pop of the colored zipper on this 13 incher!

The brown leather straps and the snap button closure on this is just beautiful!

Photo courtesy of Etsy


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