The Item: Create Your Own Cons!

With only one company owning the Swoosh and the Star, it was only a matter of time before something very Nike-iD-ish came Converse's way. And yes, just in case you're still having many sleepless nights in anticipation of the big day, I'm here to tell you that it is here, it is now. (Wow!)

Converse has made a name for itself in the shoe game for their classics, but with their "Converse One" online customization program, continuing their legacy is now in your hands. Okay, okay, maybe nothing that epic. But for the first time, you do have the freedom to customize your Chucks and Purcells the way you've always envisioned them!

With virtually the whole lineup to choose from, getting your dream pair is but a click (or ten) away from being a reality.
Intrigued? Have plenty of time to burn? Feeling just a lil' creative? Then check out the site here!

A good first try for customized Cons, but it could be better
I've always wanted all white chucks with neon green lining!

Photos courtesy of Converse


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