The Happening: A Different Pocket Square

I was looking through Tommy Ton's street style shots on GQ the other day and was inspired to do something new. I wanted to do what all his subjects did so well - take a menswear staple and make it my own. That's when I had this idea about doing something with pocket squares. Because the warm weather here doesn't allow us to sport blazers regularly, I thought why not use pocket squares for another pocket entirely? Why not stuff it into my back pocket to add a pop of color to my basic outfit of khakis and an oxford shirt? Well, sirs, it turned out pretty well by me, so much so that I had to take a picture, my bum all up in your grill and all. (Powersnet users had the pleasure of seeing this Tommy Ton attempt first and, yes, my ass as a forced consolation.)

I wonder if my boy scout neckerchief would look equally as nice.

The Item: Hickok Caramel Braided Belt

Ever since I got my caramel Opening Ceremony loafers last year, I've always had a difficult time finding the right belt to pair it with. I tried wearing it with my dark brown and green canvas belts, but they just didn't feel right. I guess I'm old school in that I really want my shoes and belt to be perfectly cohesive. With this realization, I finally pulled the trigger on this slim caramel braided belt from Hickok that I've had my eye on for a while. While I initially only intended it for my OCs, I found that it also goes well with my other non-black/gray shoes too. Ah, another worthy buy from Robinson's Department Store at only P475! Man, I wonder what else they have for me!

I just love the rich caramel color. By itself, it can already become an outfit's highlight

I already have three Hickok belts (another like this in black). Great, great value!

The Item: Pointer Loafers at Unschooled

If there's one shoe I can't get enough of, it's loafers. Hell, I already have about four or five in different colors and yet when I come across other fine pairs, I simply cannot resist. It's becoming a big problem, really, and these Pointer offerings at Unschooled in Ronac Art Center are not making things any better. The UK-based shoe brand's best are far and away these two - one in standout navy-tan suede and another in delicious chocolate leather. They actually give me the same vibe as my Band of Outsider Sperrys, and that's high praise from a man who has had his fair share of loafing through the years. P5,000++ a pop, sirs. Please get 'em so I won't have to!

They don't come cheap, but looking at the worksmanship, I'd say it's fairly priced

While I adore the navy-tan suede pair more, no one can deny brown's versatility!

The Art: Vinyl on Vinyl at the Collective

All throughout my life, I've been an admirer of art. While I'll be the first to admit that I'm not well versed when it comes to technical terms or prominent artists, I damn sure well appreciate beautiful creations. That's why it was with utmost joy that my girlfriend and I finally discovered Vinyl on Vinyl at the Collective. The gallery features some fresh artworks that owner Gabby dela Merced describes as being born of an artistic revolution, one that extends creativity from traditional mediums to toys and accessories. One of the works inside actually made me think about starting a collection of my own. Ah, a new addiction! This is not good, not good at all.

One of many Arkiv Vilmansa pieces sold there. Sadly, it's taken already!

Cassette tapes converted into modern art for the shop's first anniversary!

The Item: Reva Chambray Plimsolls

Remember the show "Look for Less", the one that was hosted by Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Yeah, it was as girly a show as can be, but I always loved its approach of recreating designer looks without spending a fortune. Now this is where these Reva Chambray Plimsolls come in. In many ways, they're a "Look for Less" alternative to the Keds x Opening Ceremony chambray shoes from 2009, but way cheaper at just a shade under P600. Great, great value if you ask me. Now all you need are yellow laces and you're all set! (First blogged about these on Powersnet!)

With khakis, with shorts, these will be fine. Oh, the things you find at Olympic Village!

The pegs: Keds x Opening Ceremony as blogged before here

Style I Love: Photographer Swagger

Usually behind the lens, photographer Roy Macam looks damn good in front of it too. A few days back, on shoot day, he did casual cool well with an Oxygen henley, well-fitting cargo pants, and an official Styles I Love object of desire - his Clarks waxed leather desert boots. The play on volumes (baggy shirt + slim pants) and sick accessory game (rosary necklace + aviators), anchored on classic beat-up shoes make for a very model-worthy outfit in my book. He's a heck of a pose instructor too. Watch out for the shots he took of all us Powersnet bloggers soon!

In front or behind the camera, Roy's awesome style stands out

The Happening: Porter by Yoshida Pops Up!

After the long wait, our Hypebeast dreams have finally come true! Porter by Yoshida is here in the Philippines, bringing with it its iconic Tanker collection consisting of mesmerizing messengers, briefcases, and wallets. Needless to say, seeing them for the first time was such a surreal moment, like being in the presence of a legend. The Tankers' trademark nylon-satin exterior is a sight to behold and a wonder to touch. Big ups to Homme et Femme for once again bringing these bustling brands to Manila. If I heard correctly from my source, this is but a taste of things to come too. So expect great things from this already great, great company! Visit them now Power Plant!

The pop-up shop was beautifully designed! Minimalistic yet camo-ed all over!

I was told that if you're going to get a Porter, get a three-way exactly like these

I, however, seem stuck at "just" getting this lovely wallet in the meantime

The Item: The White Pentax K-r DSLR

I've always believed in the power of a simple color change. Take anything we're used to, switch the color up, and it instantly becomes interesting again. Thus was the case with this sweet Pentax K-r DSLR. No boring black bodies here, folks; just a camera made relevant again with a wonderfully white colorway, reminiscent of those iconic yet evil Storm Troopers. Please don't ask me about the specs, I beg you. All I know is it's entry-level and that you'll look good snapping away whatever its max shutter speed or aperture! (First blogged about this on Powersnet!)

I'm a Nikon loyalist, but I can't deny how this would stand out in a sea of blacks

The Item: Muji Navy Blue Blazer

You know what's a tell-tale sign that you should really buy something? When you go back for said item day after day, try it on countless times, and fall in love with it over and over again. Well, folks, that's exactly what happened with this lovely navy blue two-button blazer from Muji. As pathetic as it sounds, its proximity from my office allowed me to go visit it every single lunch break since I saw it, trying it on with various outfits and seeing that finally - after the fifth day - it was clearly meant for me. The cotton fabric allows me to crumple it up and pair it down with jeans and the navy blue color just goes beautifully with brown, black, gray, and what have you. Tad overpriced at P3,495, but well worth it! (First blogged about this look on Powersnet!)

Man, I don't know why I took so long deciding on this! So, so versatile!

Thanks to my new blazer, I was a "Sartorial Fridays" Pick in Power Plant Mall!

The Beat: Lupe Fiasco's "Show Goes On"

Way before I listened to Drake and Kid Cudi, I was totally obsessed with the music of Lupe Fiasco. He was one of the first MCs I knew who actually had something relevant to say. Going against the trend then of rambling about pimp hands and spending Gs, Lupe represented a new breed of rappers, one that spoke of something as deep as religion ("Muhammad Walks") or something as lighthearted as skateboarding ("Kick/Push"). After four long years of waiting, he's back, bringing with him a catchy beat, a sick melody, and the same socially conscious and inspirational lyrics we've come to expect. Back and better than ever, but four years far too long!

The Women: Tweetie De Leon in Rogue

I haven't posted any men's magazine covers lately, primarily because I see all of them as run-of-the-mill attempts to glorify the female figure. Topless shot covered with hair here, another in a bikini there - all good to look at, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's all too much. Sometimes, we need to be reminded about beauty in its essence - face, posture, and just pure class. All of these are highlighted in Rogue's February cover featuring my ultimate crush, Ms. Tweetie De Leon. The cover article's penned by friend Raymond Ang, and while he's as talented a writer as I know, I reckon people will have a hard time looking away from these oh so glorious snaps.

Like fine wine, Ms. De Leon just gets better and better and better with age

The Item: Fred Perry Saddle Shoes

As you may have noticed, saddle shoes are quickly becoming a favorite around these parts. Just in case you're wondering, these shoes get their name from the saddle-like detailing on the middle part of the shoe. Now that's clarified, let's get to the second part of this Fred Perry-footwear fest I was telling you about. You saw the desert boots, now take a look at their fine interpretation of saddle shoes. Clearly, with the slimmer shape and rubber soles, they're encouraging us youngins to try 'em on. Sportier, but damn distinguishing nonetheless. By the way, those who signed up to Powersnet saw these sweet kicks first! If I were you, I'd sign up too now right about now!

A classic color scheme contemporized by the Laurel brand

The navy and black attack is a good alternative for those darker days

The Item: Fred Perry Suede Desert Boots

Ah, finally got to drop by the Laurel Wreath shop in Greenbelt 5 again after what seemed like an eternity! Perfect timing too it figured, since the new arrivals just dropped and were there for me to ogle at. As usual, my eyes initially shifted to the shoe offerings. In this first post of what will be a two-part Fred Perry footwear-fest, allow me to shine the light on these lovely suede desert boots. The Laurel brand put their own twist to it with the slimmer profile and more contemporary soles whose colors blend well with the delicious suede uppers. Oh, Fred, how I missed you!

The tan sole highlights the navy blue suede. One of my favorite color combos!

The mustard will mesh well with classic blue jeans, folded at the end of course!