The Item: Fred Perry Saddle Shoes

As you may have noticed, saddle shoes are quickly becoming a favorite around these parts. Just in case you're wondering, these shoes get their name from the saddle-like detailing on the middle part of the shoe. Now that's clarified, let's get to the second part of this Fred Perry-footwear fest I was telling you about. You saw the desert boots, now take a look at their fine interpretation of saddle shoes. Clearly, with the slimmer shape and rubber soles, they're encouraging us youngins to try 'em on. Sportier, but damn distinguishing nonetheless. By the way, those who signed up to Powersnet saw these sweet kicks first! If I were you, I'd sign up too now right about now!

A classic color scheme contemporized by the Laurel brand

The navy and black attack is a good alternative for those darker days


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