The Art: Grammy Posters

Now I am in no way in any position to critique art, but damn, these Grammy promotional posters look AMAZING. Featuring stars like Kanye, Rihanna, and Lil Wayne in silhouettes made of song titles that inspired them, I can't help but post these jaw-dropping graphic wonders. Great job, Grammy team. You got my attention. The Grammy's are 9 days away.


Kanye West

Lil Wayne


Radiohead's Thom Yorke (Thanks Earl!)

The Brand: Levi's

Ah, it's Casual Friday again and what better way to celebrate it than with the brand that started the very staple of casual wear: Levi's. The jeans that you're sitting on as you read this? Yup, they invented it way back in the 1920s when your grandparents were youngins trying to hold it down.

Since then, they've been on the keesters of (hmmm..I don't know..) MILLIONS and they're still here innovating. Different cuts, different fits, different treatments, not to mention a cool number coding system for their jeans, having a pair was a definite must on my list. I have 2 now actually, a 522 (slim) and a 514 (slim straight) and I really love both of them!

While a pit pricier than, say, Folded and Hung and Bench jeans, the quality is unbelievable. I mean, what do you expect from a company that's been in existence for over 90 years? They're here to stay and so will the merchandise they invented.

The Fit List: However your leg wants to breathe, Levi's has it.

My Personal Fave: The 522s (511s in the Western World)

My Next Purchase: Shrink to Fit 501s

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The Guide: How to Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

I love wearing long-sleeved polos, but given the humidity in this darn country, I need to find a way to make sure I stay cool even outside our air-conditioned office. The easiest way for me to do that is to fold my sleeves, which, much to my delight, is an art form in itself.

Now, I don't believe that there is a right way of doing this. To each his own, I always say, even in folding sleeves. My personal preference though is to have a small folded cuff just above my elbow (see number 2). How do I do it? Well, I basically fold the cuff until it reaches just below my elbow and then I fold the cuff in half even more to decrease its width. Then I basically just give it one more flip and voila, the thin cuff above the elbow!

The Many Stages of the Sleeve Roll

But like I said, there are so many ways to do this. With Barack Obama's rise in September '08, GQ saw it fit to have their own tutorial to get the now-Prez's signature look. Men's Ex in Japan also came out and gave their two cents. Like I said, to each his own, just make sure "your own" isn't sloppily done.
You are wearing a polo after all.

GQ's says "Do This" in their September '08 issue

Men's Ex says...umm...the picture says it all!

Photos courtesy of Esquire, GQ, and Men's Ex

The Item: Canvas Belts

One accessory that always gets overlooked are belts. And this is really unfortunate because belts can give you that added sliver of fabric that could make an outfit pop. Among the lot, canvas belts are my favorites due to the plethora of colors they come in. And while I have yet to find one in red (my favorite color), I was lucky enough to get 3 slim canvas belts on sale at Folded and Hung at P200 a pop. Not bad, not bad at all!

The First Bargain of 2009: 3 canvas belts at P600 (Thanks f&h)

The Guide: Perfect Leather Shoes

We men have been wearing leather shoes practically our whole lives. We wore them on our first day to school, our high school prom, our college graduation, and every single day we go to the office. That is why despite all the time we have them on our feet, it is an utter mystery to me as to why so few of us get it right.

My usual problem when I look at a man's leather shoe is the cut. I don't know whether it's something in the water, but a lot of men gravitate towards square-toed shoes. Instead of highlighting the slender shape of one's foot, these bulky foot-weights make your feet appear larger than they are. And, no, what they say about large feet does no apply here. No matter which woman you ask, that is not sexy.

The Square-Toed: Avoid at all costs!

At the other end of the spectrum are the overly pointed shoes. While hailed by some as fashionable, I on the other hand call them tacky. Like their square-toed counterparts, they do not flatter your feet, but rather elongate them abnormally, making comparisons to Dopey and Grumpy quite unavoidable. Hearing the "nakakamatay naman ang sapatos mo" comment over and over again alone should get you thinking about getting these oversized spikes. Have some self-respect and reserve those retorts for your girlfriend's stilettos.

The Overly Pointed Shoes: If looks could kill...

As with all things in life, moderation and balance are key in finding the perfect leather shoes. It is a compromise of the bulkiness of the square-toed and the severe slenderness of the pointed. I'm talking about shoes cut close to the foot and with a sharp rounded toe; no buckles, no studs, no nothing. Yes, it's that simple. The best thing about it? A lot of local stores already sell these from Zara to Diego to Traffic. My personal favorite though is the one from Marc Jacobs in Rustan's Makati (pictured below). Coming in different price ranges from the very high to the very reasonable, this leaves no excuse to seeing men in hideous leather shoes ever again.

The Perfect Leather Shoes as interpreted by Marc Jacobs

The Weekly Roundup: Paris Streets, Kanye x LV, Sweater Care, Paul Newman, and The Style Manifesto

The Item: Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Damn! Just 3 days after I heralded Kanye West as the blog's first style icon, he gives me even more reasons to love his swag. Doing justice to his "Louis Vuitton Don" alias, Kanye delivers the goods with his 2nd collaboration with the luxury house via this red-on-red beauty. I particularly love the trademark LV detailing on the heel. And while I know I may never get to hold these babies, that does not stop me from christening it with another overwhelming yet well deserved "Damn!!!"

The Brand: Vans

If you were to ask me what my favorite shoe brand is, I wouldn't need to think about it. I'd say Vans in a heartbeat. Yes, more than Nike, Adidas, Converse, and any other shoe brand you could throw at me, Vans rules the mold, at least for me.

Why? Well, aside from the 3 reasons below, I really like the silhouette of their core models: not too bulky and not too tight. It flatters the feet and is the perfect shoe to finish off many outfits, be it casual, semi-casual (whatever that means), or, I dare say, even formal. This diversity, coupled with the brand's longevity, make Vans a must have in my closet, maybe even yours.

The Sk8 Hi (I Have These!)

The Authentic (I Want These!)

The Slip-On (I Have These Too!)

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The Icon: Chuck Bass

While I cannot bring myself to watch "Gossip Girl," one thing that has caught my attention is the impeccable taste of one Chuck Bass. No, I am not talking about Ed Westwick. I am referring to the the character, expertly styled by Eric Daman.

Chuck Bass' look is dominated by a preppy undertone. His swagger, however, is what gives it an "I don't give a fuck" edge. Altogether, his sinister package of brooding good looks and a wardrobe I envy is truly a style that I love.

The Item: Knit Ties

Looking to add some character into your usual office attire? Easy. Skip your old boring tie and replace it with a knit tie. No matter what the color, it'll instantly give your outfit that added kick of youthfulness you know you want, whatever your age.

While availability here in Manila is no longer an issue, price usually is. I particularly love the ones from Ralph Lauren, but given the personal financial crisis I'm going through, I instead settled for Bench (God bless their souls). It's just as good and the price ain't that bad at P500.

Ralph Lauren Knit Tie (Damn!)

The Item: Boat Shoes

Following in the footsteps of other prepster staples, Top-Siders are now experiencing a bit of a renaissance. No longer just for dads and yuppies of the 90s, these "boat shoes" are again making a splash in the fashion world, with reincarnations from Puma to Rockport and even high-end Tod's. My favorite, however, remains to be the Sperry Top-siders. I just bought a cream colored pair recently and the nostalgia (not to mention the praise) hasn't stopped since.

The Best of Both Worlds: Sperry x Band of Outsiders Top-Siders


Photo: Courtesy of Band of Outsiders

The Brand: Band of Outsiders

Helmed by American Scott Sternberg, Band of Outsiders made a name for itself in the fashion world by taking prepster classics and twisting them with a modern and playful feel. Its collection features such American staples as cardigans, bowties, and topsiders - all invoking a feeling being "undone, but buttoned up" as Sternberg so adequately put.

As a rule, the brand has never participated in fashion shows because as Sternberg put it, "I don't make runway clothes. These are clothes you wear on the street." That philosophy, coupled with the oh so sweet collections they release, make Band of Outsiders' style a style that I love.

Photo: Courtesy of Band of Outsiders

The Icon: Kanye West

"Kanye West does his own thing. What I love the most about his style is that he wears every designer in the world, but you don’t see the designer—you just see him."
--Michael Bastian

I have decided long ago that if I were to make a style blog, Kanye West would be the first feature. His style is a mish-mash of everything that's great about fashion - the formality, the casualness, the color, and the utter lightheartedness of it all. His style is without compare; no label, no category, no genre could some it up. His look is simply his and Yeezy's is most definitely a style I love.

Photos: Courtesy of The Sartorialist and