The Item: The Leica D-Lux 4

I know it's been out for a minute now, but damn, it was only recently when I got to hold an actual Leica in my hands. Spotted in an undisclosed-location-because-I'm-seriously-considering-it is this one piece only D-Lux 4. I gotta tell you, it felt so right in my hands. Yeah, yeah, pretty much like a Lumix LX3, you say? That's true, but nothing spells legendary than having that red dot as a clicker. And the bag? I'd buy it on its own if need be!

Does this mean goodbye, my Nikon D60?

Sweet! All cameras should have a case like this as an option.

The Guide: Not So Matchy Matchy

If there's anything I appreciate, it's a well put together and cohesive outfit. I don't know about you, but I just have a warm feeling inside whenever I see someone who can mix and match colors and patterns well. Do that, and you will have been on my best dressed list for sure. You know what I don't approve of as much, though? Those who take matchy matchy a little bit too seriously.

You've seen them: those who wear white shirts with white shoes, those who sport the same color watch strap as their hats, those who couple red belts with red get the drift. At one point in my life, I will admit to having done this debauchery, but thankfully I've seen where I went wrong: Wearing too much of a certain color makes you look like you're wearing a sports uniform. At your age, bruh, you gotta man up and outgrow your color coordinating game!

The best way to do this is to use a second or third color in your outfit to break the overly coordinated approach. Think of it as a pop color or one that will bring the loud colors of your outfit down. Think contrast, think different, and yet, think complimentary. Some colors, no matter how hard you try, are just not meant to be. Others, though, are like a match made in style heaven. There are countless combos out there, but to get you going, here are some examples of great men who know their colors damn well. Observe and put your own twist, why don't you?

Red and caramel brown are destined for each other. The shirt's a nice addition too.

A bevy of colors and patterns seamlessly coming together

He could've easily worn black shoes to match the tie, but thankfully didn't!

Photos courtesy of Wear Palettes and The Sartorialist

The Item: B Store AW '10 Goodies

Oh me, oh my. It's been quite a while since I posted something I didn't see in person, but I just couldn't help myself. These sweet shoes from B Store are a must-share, in my estimation. What I like about them most is that there's nothing eye-popping 'ere, just minor tweaks which make these classic pairs a cut above the rest. Folks at Trio, you know what to do. Please, please, please bring these babies over!

A fine move putting those crepe colored soles on!

Oooh, that caramel number's quite the looker!

Photos courtesy of Selectism

The Happening: Regretting Reckless Buys

Every January, it's been my ritual to declutter my closet of things I haven't used in a while. It's my way of closing a style chapter in my life, I suppose, a growing up which seems to highlight maturing tastes more than anything. Enter now these two sneakers which I've dusted off quite vigorously to show to all of you.

Honestly, these two were not oft worn. Looking back, I've treated them just as nice-to-have pieces which I don't even know why I bought in the first place. The one on the left, the Vans Slip-ons with the 3D cubes; I thought it was a good idea because it was highlighted in GQ. Likewise, the classic Adidas Sambas, which they kept on using at shoots. I guess I was just the impressionable young buck back then.

Anyhow, if anything, these two wasted pairs have taught me that just because something looks good in magazines, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be a great fit. I say look for stuff that you can envision yourself wearing 20 years from now and go for it. Avoid the same mistakes I did, and you won't end up selling two once-expensive pairs for a measly 500 bucks a pop at a garage sale. Spare me, I need to get my money back somehow!

They're nice, but just not for me I suppose.

The Sale: Restrain Yourself!

My favorite sale destination right now is Topman and yeah, it's not even close. What I love most about their price-offs is that unlike other name brands, you could actually still find something in your size and at a mind-blowingly low price at that!

If you think that's a great deal, though, you might want to hold yourself back for just a little longer. An undisclosed source told me that at the end of this week, all them items will be, wait for 1, take 1! Oh man, I already jotted it down. Friday's going to be a busy shopping day and yes, there goes my paycheck!

Let the countdown to massive discounts begin!

The Women: Miranda Kerr's Body of Work

If I have to decide, my favorite supermodel of the moment would definitely have to be Miranda Kerr. That angelic face coupled with lady parts that are neither booming or barely there, what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect combination most guys crave, whether it be secretly or openly. Now if we can only get that Orlando Bloom guy out of the picture. Anyhow, another fine job for the dudes at the Quarterly!

Best way to read the papers? Umm, in the nude?

Nice couch, wouldn't you agree?

Photos courtesy of GQ

The Art: Adidas x Star Wars Commercial

Oh man. Adidas continues its marketing hot streak by releasing this awesome commercial for their previously blogged about Star Wars collection. It's obvious that they're putting a lot of effort into this collab with heavyweight endorsers David Beckham and Snoop Dogg making appearances. What I loved most about it though was the urban take on the classic Star Wars theme. I mean, who knew Darth Vader could ever be so dope?

The Item: Gap Fitted Safari Shirt

In my perspective, a safari shirt is one of the essential pieces that every man should own. It's double duty as a shirt and jacket aside, it gives that compromise of ruggedness and elegance that few other pieces of clothing can. That said, I was lucky enough to find this fitted number from Gap last Saturday in exactly my size. The price was what convinced me, though. From P2,250 to a mere P795? For my size? Without any defect? Man, there was no stopping me there!

I know, I know. Gap...again? What can I say, they got good stuff!

The Happening: Adidas x Star Wars Launch!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Star Wars. I first saw it way back in the mid 90s in its remastered form and really, all it took was a few minutes into "A New Hope" to know that it'd be one of my fave sagas of all time. Now, as a grown man, I have no problems admitting this infatuation. That's why I came running when I heard Adidas was releasing its limited edition collab with the well-loved brand.

The force is strong in these babies

In the same manner with which other places in the world were introduced to the line, the event featured the appearance of legendary Sith Lord extraordinaire, Darth Vader, surrounded by his entourage of clone soldiers and storm troopers. I know the guys in the suits probably don't know jack shit about Star Wars, but to a full-fledged nerd like me, it was a real surreal moment for sure.

A clone trooper throwing up a gang sign? That's wassup.

Lord Vader enjoying the festivities.

Onto the most important part of the event, though. The clothes were nicely put together, especially the shirts which had the storm trooper and Darth Vader designs on them (see below). I loved a particular hoodie too with the Adidas Originals logo lit up by a picture of the legendary battle between Luke Skywalker and his dear papa Vader. As for the sneakers, yeah, they were fine for what they are, but quite honestly, the apparel were the true stars of this galaxy.

Gotta love that black storm trooper shirt!

Coming from a practically lifelong fan, I'm quite satisfied with the first installment of this awesome collaboration. With several more design options having not been utilized or released locally, I'm excited for what this partnership has in store. What I love most about it is that they didn't use any of that bogus Episode 1-3 crap on their visuals. As long as we have that in order, I'd fully recommend all you earthlings to go to your nearest Adidas outlets and switch over to the dark side of the force today!

The storm troopers like 'em, I'm pretty sure you will too!

The Brand: Sebago

I just love it when a brand makes shopping easier by putting all the stuff you love together in one place. In case you didn't know, a brand called Sebago has been doing it, way back when your grandpa was still a strapping young man on the prowl. Started in 1946 with only their penny loafers to show for, the company has come a long way, now offering all the kinds of shoes I love, from Docksides (their version of boat shoes) to tasseled loafers to even sweet high-tops.

Needless to say, with all the recent attention, the brand's been focusing on their Docksides the most. I recently wrote about their colored Dockside laces, but apart from these, they have a plethora of colors and materials to choose from. My personal favorite would have to be the cordovan leather boaties. Gotta love that blood red color!

Their penny loafers aren't shabby too. They've been making them for more than 60 years now after all, so that's to be expected. Just like the legendary Bass pennies, they have different models with varying shapes and penny slots too. And don't worry too much about the price. When it comes to the damage, I can confidently say they're worth every "penny" (so sorry).

As you will see, Sebago's not all about boat shoes and penny loafers. Take a gander at their tasseled loafer interpretations and you'll see what I'm talking about. That nubuck option is quite the looker, and I say this despite already having a black Bass pair in my life. As for those high-top shoes, which look to be a boot and boat shoe fusion, well, it's certainly more universally beautiful than any done-to-death Nike Dunks you see everywhere.

It's settled then. Every time I visit the mall, Sebago's always to be up there when it comes to must-visits. Putting together an impressive lineup which rivals Sperry, Bass, and to some extent, Timberland all in one store? I wish for nothing more than more branches of this much celebrated brand. Paging somebody in power, let's make it happen!

The Item: Vans Zapato Del Barcos

After years of wanting one, I can't believe it's finally here! Vans Zapato Del Barcos were what first got me into some boat shoe lovin', and my oh my, they're looking as tasty as ever. The only thing that worries me is that with Shoe Salon releasing 'em, everybody's gonna have a piece. In the end, no worries though, because with shoes this nice, I won't mind saluting some other fine fellow with fine taste rocking 'em!

The black one's the must have for sure!

The Rundown

  • Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars inspired Adidas kicks? Yes please! Coming from a die hard Star Wars fan, definitely the best collab this decade so far! {Style Samurai}
  • Custom Projects: Izzy shares with us the joy of Blank Label, the online shirt makers who'll let you put your shirt together as you please. {The Dandy Project}
  • The Reel Deal: The UP Film Institute shows those chumps at the Metro Manila Film Fest what true film making is all about. {Chuvaness}
  • White Out: Ant gives us this interesting picture of a man's Tiger Woods-esque love of white sneakers. Yup, there are lots of 'em! {Alphabetical}

The Happening: DVD Ma'am, DVD Sir!

I know what you're thinking. "Yuck, pirated!!!" Stop right there. I know at some point, you've probably bought a dibidi or two yourself. I mean, how could you have not? Just look at the price difference for Christ's sake: A thousand bucks versus something you can get for 50 (or less)? It's not even worth debating to me. It's not being cheap; it's being practical.

Anyhow, I just got home from another trip to dibidi mecca Metrowalk and my suki helped me net three wonderful movies which I have the pleasure of adding to my collection. I watched 500 Days of Summer already, but an overly charming movie like it surely deserves another viewing. As for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Where the Wild Things Are, I've heard nothing but great things. So there you have it, almost 8 hours of quality entertainment for a measly P120? As Kanye once said, "How can something so wrong make me feel so right?!"

Sure hope they are clear "dibidi" copies as promised!

The Guide: How to Avoid Shoe Blisters

Damn, how many times has this happened to you? How many times have you ended up with blisters the first time you wore your new shoes out? Yeah, for many of us, this skin ripping has become all too familiar, like a rite of passage even to really owning your newly bought kicks. I, for one, cannot accept this; I'm here to say no more. I'm tired of tending to small dots of skin and having scars on my ankles. I'm tired of wearing band-aids before my shoes.

That's why in this post, I'll give you all simple tips on how to avoid these painful nuisances. Admittedly (as I'm writing, I do have a band-aid over my left ankle), they are not foolproof. For the most part, though, they've helped make my first wearing of my new shoes quite the enjoyable experience. Yup, no more awkward hobbling, grimacing looks, or painful alcohol treatments ever again!

First things first, make sure that you got the right size of shoe. Often times, blisters are caused by the shoes being too tight. A small size increases the friction between the shoe fabric and your foot and it's this friction which rips the skin right off. If the blisters persist despite the correct size, then it's best you apply something to lessen the friction. My lubricant of choice (I can't believe I just typed that) is baby oil. Apply a bit on the areas of contact on your foot and a little on the shoe, but don't go overboard though. A little is all you need to make sure you can enjoy your new shoes to the absolute fullest!

Ouch! These boo-boos need to end!

The Happening: Theo's Back!

Finally, the long wait is over! As promised, one of my favorite stores of 2009 is opening its doors once again to give all you snazzy dressers out there those amazing offerings you've come to expect! Thank god, I say, because it just wasn't the same without you, Theo! If the past lineup was any indication, man, we've got another spending spree on our hands for sure. Welcome back, guys! So excited to drop by your spankin' brand new store soon!

G/F 106 Carlos Palanca St.
Legaspi Village, Makati City
M: (63) 916-6274786
T: (632) 752-0692
Store Hours :

Monday to Thursday: 12nn - 9pm

Friday to Sunday: 12nn - 10pm

Photos courtesy of Theodore's

The Item: Kevin Durant's Nike Creamsicles

A lot of dope basketball shoes have been released this year (Lebron's new ones are up there, so are these new kicks from Adidas), but I'd have to say none made as bold a statement as these Kevin Durant 2 Creamsicles from Nike. Obviously, the color makes this one a winner. Hell, you may not be the best baller on the court, but who cares? With these babies on, you'll definitely be the flyest! Available now at Nike Bonifacio High Street if you're brave enough to rock them!

You'll definitely get their attention on the hardwood with this pair!

They may not win regularly, but at least the Thunder looks better than the other team!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The Art: The Sartorialist's Book

Scott Schuman is a genius. For those who know better, the man behind the ultra successful "The Sartorialist" blog is a true visionary, one who started this whole notion of "street style" and made it the most addicting thing to look at. Imagine, from his little idea of taking photos of people's looks on the street to where he is now? Man, the dude's made it in a big, big way.

To chronicle his journey so far, Mr. Schuman published his ever book, featuring the best of the best he's ever snapped. Needless to say, I've been relentlessly searching for my own copy, with all leads turning up dry. Good thing my new officemate had one herself. I borrowed it for the night to just browse and gawk at the awesomeness, but all it's done really is intensify my longing. That said, does anybody know where in the blue hell I could find one locally? Please?

The Item: Sperry 75th Anniversary Shoes

I've been rocking my Topsiders for a little more than a year now, and I must say, I'm quite smitten with the brand. As it stands, though, I'm a bit late on all the Sperry lurve. The boat shoe originals have been around for 75 years now, delighting generations upon generations and making them look damn good.

To celebrate, Sperry's released a special collection highlighting some of their first kicks models. There are those boat shoe sneakers which have been emulated by so many, some nice lace-ups in two dependable colors, and slip-ons which, well, who couldn't use more? Plain as can be, yes, but just look at 'em. So relevant, even to this day? That's the mark of a true classic right there!

Nothing beats the original!

A nice pastel color to switch things up

Is that chambray? Well done, Sperry!

Basic as basic can be, and the problem being?

Off-white lace-ups which everybody can use

One in my favorite color too for good measure!

Photos courtesy of High Snobiety

The Happening: Spoils of the Topman Sale

Forget December. January is the real season for massive sales. With all the money everyone's received, it makes absolute sense for the stores too. Thank god one of my favorites, Topman, hitched on the bandwagon. I know I made a resolution to save more, but damn it, I work hard for my money and after a very stressful week at the office, this retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered! Almost an entire outfit for under P2,400? Man, that was quite the sale.

All those 50% marks spelled the end of my lil' resolution!

The color pop was a bargain at P499!

Sweet slim navy office slacks for P899!

The gray cardigan I've always wanted for P899 too!

The Item: Saizen Mustard Card Holder

Another day, another great find at Saizen. Damn, whoever's responsible for bringing all the surplus Japanese shiz to our shores sure deserves a great big hug. I mean, the shoelaces were awesome. But this too? This tasty mustard card case instantly made me want to give up the distressed leather one I bought some months back; made me regret getting it even. Again (and I really can't say this enough): At P85, there's absolutely no going wrong with it!

With the pop of color, I'll never lose my cards ever again!

The makers sure could use a lesson in sentence construction though!

The Happening: My First Garden Wedding!

Unlike most men, I happen to love being invited to weddings. You see, I am quite the sentimental at heart. I enjoy the vows, the reception recap videos, and the artful pictures from the preparations done during the morning of the big day. Of course, I love it too because we all get a chance to dress our best.

My friend Mickey and Micki's (yes, they have almost the same name) quaint garden wedding was no different. Everyone came dressed to the nines, and while every man chose to wear ties, I went ahead and rocked my favorite red bow tie. Throw in the odd jacket and the air socks and I would have to say I was pretty satisfied at how it all came together. Anyhow, onto the more important things: Congratulations, you two! I always knew it would come to this!

Blazer (Heritage 1981), Oxford Shirt (Gap), Bow Tie (Joey Samson)
Slim Trousers (Topman), Tasseled Loafers (Bass)

As they say in the noontime show, "CONGRATULATIONS!" Such lovely, lovely stuff!

The Happening: Designers Blvd. "Bargains"

My parents and I went to Eastwood Mall today to return my dad's Christmas present for my momma. While waiting for them to do their business in Lacoste, I wandered off and found myself in grand 'ole store called 158 Designers Blvd.

True to its name, the offerings were of brands like Tod's, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and forever favorite Ralph Lauren. Now for the good part: All items were practically half the price of the original damage! Yeah, big sizes were everywhere, but if you look hard enough, you're bound to find some diamond in the rough. For us common folk, probably the closest we'll ever get to having them designer duds!

Sweet Tod's Penny Loafers!

A couple of charming ties from Ralph Lauren!

The Item: Steve Madden Herringbone Sneaks

I remember the first time I encountered a Steve Madden store. It was in the US about 2 years back and I tell you, them girls were going so crazy over its offerings that the store never emptied. Well, I'm not really a fan of the brand, but let's give credit where it's due.

These plimsolls for men are the stuff good basics are made of. I'm especially a fan of the herringbone number that they put out. I already have a Vans Slip-on made of the same material and yet, I still am attracted to 'em! It's just the kind of refined sneaks that we should all have in our closets, I suppose.

The herringbone plims (left) will be the first challenge to not spend in '10

The Happening: The Spoils of Christmas

I have a gut feeling that those dear to me visit the blog regularly. How else could I explain the stuff I received this Christmas? I mean, based on the quality of gifts alone, this was quite possibly the Happy Birthday Jesus yet! Not a gift recycled and a great feeling that I'll absolutely wear the hell out of the stuff I got. Man, I should write more stuff for next years "What I Want for Christmas" List. But enough about me, I hope you all got what you wanted too!

My favorite to date, a fitted chambray-ish oxford from Gap (from my girlfriend)

Previously blogged about printed shirt from Bleach Catastrophe (from my sister)

Color of the Year basic and collared shirts (from my cousins)

Because one can never have enough, a trio of colored socks (from my tita)