The Item: What I Want for Christmas (Part 10)

If you were to ask me what shoe defined 2009, I'd definitely say boat shoes hands down. The nautical favorites have made quite the comeback this year, and with several brands still trying to ride on the bandwagon, there are no signs of the movement slowing down any time soon. With all the choices, I say trust no one but the OGs though. Sperry and Sebago have been in the boaties game the longest and truth be told, no one still does it better.

Just look at these new arrivals at the Sebago store and tell me I'm lying. With a brand new generation finding out the charm of boat shoes for themselves, the brand has taken it upon themselves to freshen up their classic Docksiders with some snazzy colored laces. I know I'm loving the look. And trust me, with all the abuse my
off-white Sperry Topsiders have taken in 2009, it's a welcome alternative that will finally give said pair all the rest it deserves.

A minor detail making a major difference

I'm loving the sweet red on black pair the most


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