The Item: What I Want for Christmas (Part 4)

One of the takeaways I got from a Christmas party I attended last Saturday (aside from the full belly and great stories) was my realization of how truly awesome polaroid cameras are. My friend Hub had the Fujifilm Instax 210 equipped and there was just something so charming about how this chunky number did things the old way.

From seeing the picture pop out to watching it unfold before your eyes, it was really quite the sight in this age of digital dependence. And the picture quality was great too. The only downside is that the "film" costs about P495 for 10 shots, but if you're down with it, head on to Landmark's Fujifilm branch and get the last piece before I do! They're absolutely perfect for all them Christmas memories you'll be making in all those parties and awkward reunions ahead!

The Instax 210 brings you back to the good 'ole days


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