The Art: My Top Songs for 2009

Part of my annual December rituals has been compiling what have been my favorite songs for the year, songs that I've played over and over again, memorized and bobbed my head to mercilessly, yet I still can't get enough of. This year, I'd like to share said list with you all. You will see that I am quite the hip-hop fan, but what can I say? I just love them beats!

The Newcomer: Drake - Best I Ever Had

The Collab:
Kid Cudi (Ft. Kanye West, Common) - Make Her Say

The Anthem:
Jay-Z (Ft. Alicia Keys) - Empire State of Mind

The Pump-up: Kanye West (Ft. Young Jeezy) - Amazing

The Diva: Beyonce - Sweet Dreams


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