The Item: Timex Colored Digital Watches

I was in SM Makati last Friday to get some stuff for the bazaar my girlfriend and I are planning to join, but just before some official business went down, I went on a short window shopping detour to let some steam off. I've been in love with Timex ever since I got the black Camper that was featured on GQ and now I get these, the same Timex Digitals we've all grown up with, but now in mud brown and military green. Simple shift, fresh-as-hell results. Keep at it, SM. And while you're at it, please get rid of all those square-toed shoes too. Okay? Okay, thanks.

I love the simple aesthetic and that perpetual green light on the face!

The Beat: Kanye West's "All of the Lights"

Kanye West recently claimed that his work will be his saving grace. Well, the man certainly knew what he was talking about. His new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" has been getting perfect reviews all over the interwebs (most notably, here, here and here) and the praise just keeps on coming. Why not? With tracks like his latest release called "All of the Lights", this comeback/love-me-for-my-music LP promises to be one for the ages.

Featuring an all-star team that includes personal favorite Kid Cudi, Rihanna, Fergie, John Legend, Alicia Keys, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, La Roux's Elly Jackson, and (get this) Elton John, the track is a non-stop audible attack that delights with sick beats and a blending of talents that can only be led by an ego as big as West. If you should know, Sir Elton's gangsta, yo. Song of the year? Hmm, verdict's pending, but it sure sounds like it to me.

The Sale: Mulberry Man Bags for Less!

I don't endorse men's bags often in these parts (at least not as much as shoes or shirts), but when an acquaintance told me he was selling Mulberry and other quality bags at a discount, I was all ears. If you don't know, Mulberry has been one of my most admired bag brands because of its classic designs and luxurious make. How about soft natural buffalo leather exteriors, lovely suede interiors, and, just for fun, a friendlier price tag too? Count me in, sir!

Aside from these, they're also selling some exquisite ladies bags and wallets from brands like Michael Kors, Burberry, and Chloe that are sure to make your lady friend shriek when she opens this year's Christmas presents. They're from Prima Seleccione and all 100% authentic. Visit their albums here and holla at them (
+639178220103). I don't talk about bags often, but it's good news like this that would make me consider doing bag posts more regularly!

That camel colored Mulberry messenger is killing me. So beautiful.

A deep chocolate brown number is as classic as it gets.

A look inside featuring the lovely suede interiors.

The Happening: plain + simple Teaser!

Here's a little taste of the awesomeness that is to come! White oxford shirt + navy tailored shorts look great together, all day, every day, every damn day. Stay tuned for the full lookbook by Your Evil Twin soon! plain + simple, just as menswear was supposed to be.

The Happening: What We've Been Up To!

If you will notice, my posting rate has steadily declined in recent months. No, I'm not holding out some good finds from you, boys. Rather, my girlfriend and I have been busy working on giving you more. You see, we've been burning the midnight oil these past few months to accomplish a dream of ours - own our very own clothing line. And we're oh so close. Just recently, we had a shoot with the ultra talented ladies of Your Evil Twin and here's some behind-the-scenes shots. plain + simple is coming so very soon, sirs, so do keep a look out!

The Item: Vintage Samsonite Awesomeness

My girlfriend and I were on our way home after strolling around Glorietta when we stumbled onto this second-hand bazaar in the mall's activity center. It was mostly filled with uninteresting clothes, but what it lacked in style options, it sure made up for it with awesome vintage suitcases. My eyes were instantly drawn to this old Samsonite number because of its flesh tone and old-world (I'm thinking 70s) charm. Everything was still in order; the locks were easy to open and the key was still there too. Yeah, it's a bit dirty and damaged, but if I'm going to be honest, that's precisely why I wanted it. Sturdy, stylish, Samsonite. Consider it sold, sir!

What a bargain for only P50! Man, it's just like I ate a value meal!

It'll much easier to spot my suitcase in those conveyors now too!

The Item: Baleno Chambray Shirt Redux

Baleno did it again, y'all. At this point, we should start calling them the masters of cheap chambray because after releasing their long-sleeved offerings some months back (all gone now), they went ahead and cut the sleeves shorter along with offering it in a lighter shade. Same winning formula with the quality construction, button-down collar, and perfect fit, only cooler and now much more convenient to wear. At P600, it's a steal. Quite puzzling that plenty are still available at SM Makati. I have a feeling though that that's all about to change right

Now, time to master other fabrics Baleno. More of this, please!

The Item: The Forever 21 Gift Card

The best gift to give anyone this Christmas is the gift of freedom. Believe me, this comes from a man who has given so many gifts that ended up unappreciated because it's not really what the addressee wanted. A hint of bitterness in my tone there? You bet! That's why this year, I'm smarting up. I'm getting my stylish loved ones the Forever 21 Gift Card so that they can finally get exactly what they want without the harsh finger-pointing. With all the fine goods the store has to offer, there's no way you won't be considered the family's most gracious gift giver this year!

P5,000 worth of cards gets you invited to Forever 21's party at Members Only this Saturday!

Invites are super limited, so do get your Forever 21 gift cards today!

The Happening: Old-New Watch Discovery!

I believe that someone's garbage is always another man's treasure. All the garage sales I've had, for one, have made me quite the pretty penny. Mostly, I've sold clothes, shoes, and bags, but not watches. Matter of fact, I'm the one who's been hunting for some sweet second-hand timepieces. After searching far and wide, though, it turns out that the store I was looking for was under my nose all along. Somewhere near the entrance of the Rustan's Supermarket in Shangri La Mall was this quaint little watch repair stall that also sold pre-loved timepieces.

Now don't be fooled by its shabby appearance. One look and you'll see that its vintage selection is really the shiz. They have Seiko's, Casio's, Timex's, Swatch's - you name it, they have that not-so expensive brand you're looking for. Never mind that the watches are not in mint condition. Every scratch, every flaw reveals a story and makes every piece more interesting. Just like the mother of all G-Shocks I spotted which I am now seriously considering getting. Man, at just P800, you really can't go wrong too. Just like I said: One man's garbage, another man's treasure.

One of the many piles where you can salvage a vintage timepiece

For the old world lovers, they have these pocket watches for sale too

My other favorite. Awesome that you can see the mechanism inside this Swatch!

Talk to this guy. He'll give you a good price and your old-new watch a great shine!

The Store: Adidas Style Essentials

After a painful session at the dentist last Saturday, I decided to go around Robinson's Galleria for some much needed retail therapy. I stumbled upon this unopened Adidas concept store that looked to be fully stocked and ready to go. So I did what every curious footwear fan would do - take a sneak peek. I mean that literally too, as in I peeped through the small openings of the pull-down metal gate to see what was different about this new Adidas incarnation.

If I'm not mistaken, I was looking at the Adidas' Style Essentials collection. What makes it different (or similar) to those other three-striped offerings we've seen locally is that it takes inspiration from all of them, from the performance products to the Originals to even the much-heralded Y3 line. The brand extension was conceived to constantly introduce new styles to fit the consumers' every mood, and judging from what I saw, that versatility indeed looks to be there. When the store will open, I still don't know, but I'm surely dropping by once it does. I just hope that along with addressing the consumers' casual footwear needs, it'll be light on the wallet too!

The teaser intrigued me so I peeped into those little holes.

A look inside revealed a lineup of wearable pieces I wouldn't mind having!

Basic Adidas sneakers, why yes please! Looking forward to the opening!

The Item: Vane x Sebago Collection

Our other favorite boat shoe brand Sebago has been collaborating right and left with various design houses recently and thankfully, one of the better ones finally made it to our dear third world country. Better late than never I suppose, as I already spotted these wonderful Vane x Sebago mash-ups in Hypebeast about seven months ago. No major complaints, though. They still look as fresh now as when I first saw them on that fateful day of admiration.

Trademark Sebago silhouettes like the Dockside, Beacon and Lighthouse were remixed by the New York-based group, making fresh footwear to complement the brand's traditional pieces. I particularly prefer the Beacon with the outer boot and the one made in differing tones of gray. Honestly though, you can't go wrong with any piece. Even the tired boat shoe was made interesting again with the use of the reflective 3M material. See 'em up close today at Sebago PowerPlant and Trinoma if you can! This really doesn't happen often, so do take advantage!

The Beacon with the outer boot and patent inner. So eye-catching.

My second fave. The combination of grays are cool to the eye.

Classic Docksides with a not-so-classic reflector body.

Another fall-friendly shoe - the dark brown Lighthouse boot.

The Item: Zara Brown Suede Brogues

Finally! I've been envious of the chunky suede brogues that those gentlemen on GQ always wear and now, thanks to Zara, I can have one too! I say, enough of this slim leather shoe situation with those ungodly pointed and squared tips. Time to make our feet manly again, dear sirs, and these chocolate brown brogues are the perfect way to start. Totally screams fall to me with the warm autumn shades. Only question to ask now is, why the purple lace intrusion?

The desert boot sole was a nice touch. They're almost perfect!

The Art: "Rosario" Film Trailer

I went to watch Paranormal Activity 2 alone for some brainless fun over Halloween weekend and stumbled upon something unexpected. Thank god I went early to watch the trailers or else I would have missed it too. It was this beautiful trailer for "Rosario" - an official entry to the annual Metro Manila Film Fest, which from the looks of things will be - and I say this without exaggeration - the most visually stunning Filipino movie ever made (Sorry, "Ang Panday". Sorry, "Batang X").

From the architecture, the home interiors, to the clothes (bravo, styling team!), to the cars, they perfectly portrayed what the Philippines was like in the 20s and successfully absorbed this viewer into the setting a mere 164 seconds in. Oh snap, there's a story too? Count me in for 2 tickets. "Rosario" is a once in a lifetime movie in this country where "Mano Pos" never end and Enteng is eternal. I beg you, filmmakers. More of this, please, but a little more manlier, okay?

The Guide: One Item, Multiple Colors

Have you ever bought something in multiple colors? How'd you feel about it? A bit too indulgent, wasteful even? Well, I bought three oxford shirts from Uniqlo some months ago, and much to my surprise, I didn't feel a thing. Actually, if I'm going to be honest here, there was a hint of regret, but more because I didn't get the other colors I really wanted. Great move, as it turns out. I've been wearing every piece as much as I can and thinking about the others I didn't get non-stop.

Who knew? What I once deemed to be the ultimate rich-guy dick move has now become something that I endorse. I'm not loaded by any means, but once you think about it, this approach makes a lot of sense. When you find something that works well for you, you go to it over and over again. Get that sucker in every color and look good all the time, I say. And don't you worry about your dear wallet. You'll actually end up buying less in the long run because you'll be so preoccupied with the great choices you've already got. Yup, sounds pretty practical to me.

Find a shirt you love and have at all the colors!

The Art: Jacques Magazine's "Straightaway"

Now this is how you promote your erotic magazine. Fine cinematography plus scantily clad women is the the way to go, you guys. It's the friggin' future! My favorite gentleman's publication of the moment, Jacques Magazine, is getting better by the month, starting from just tasteful nude previews to this - themed short films which were shot well enough to enjoy without the tatas (although some exposure wouldn't hurt). Intrigued? Click here for more of the good stuff!

The Guide: A Winning Combination

I don't wear socks often (well, not ones that show at least), but when I do, I go for the colored and more interesting varieties to keep things fun. But what color to use for those beautiful shoes you prefer? Well, for brown shoes at least, there's no beating red socks. There's just something about caramel browns and deep reds which bring out the best of each other. I wore it last week when I went to fashion week with light jeans, a white shirt, and a gray cardigan. The footwear pairing was easily the highlight of my outfit and I think it worked out pretty well, yes?

Caramel Loafers (Opening Ceremony), Striped Red Socks (Greenhills)
Light Jeans (Zara), Gray Cardigan Peeking (Topman)