The Store: Adidas Style Essentials

After a painful session at the dentist last Saturday, I decided to go around Robinson's Galleria for some much needed retail therapy. I stumbled upon this unopened Adidas concept store that looked to be fully stocked and ready to go. So I did what every curious footwear fan would do - take a sneak peek. I mean that literally too, as in I peeped through the small openings of the pull-down metal gate to see what was different about this new Adidas incarnation.

If I'm not mistaken, I was looking at the Adidas' Style Essentials collection. What makes it different (or similar) to those other three-striped offerings we've seen locally is that it takes inspiration from all of them, from the performance products to the Originals to even the much-heralded Y3 line. The brand extension was conceived to constantly introduce new styles to fit the consumers' every mood, and judging from what I saw, that versatility indeed looks to be there. When the store will open, I still don't know, but I'm surely dropping by once it does. I just hope that along with addressing the consumers' casual footwear needs, it'll be light on the wallet too!

The teaser intrigued me so I peeped into those little holes.

A look inside revealed a lineup of wearable pieces I wouldn't mind having!

Basic Adidas sneakers, why yes please! Looking forward to the opening!


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