The Sale: Mulberry Man Bags for Less!

I don't endorse men's bags often in these parts (at least not as much as shoes or shirts), but when an acquaintance told me he was selling Mulberry and other quality bags at a discount, I was all ears. If you don't know, Mulberry has been one of my most admired bag brands because of its classic designs and luxurious make. How about soft natural buffalo leather exteriors, lovely suede interiors, and, just for fun, a friendlier price tag too? Count me in, sir!

Aside from these, they're also selling some exquisite ladies bags and wallets from brands like Michael Kors, Burberry, and Chloe that are sure to make your lady friend shriek when she opens this year's Christmas presents. They're from Prima Seleccione and all 100% authentic. Visit their albums here and holla at them (
+639178220103). I don't talk about bags often, but it's good news like this that would make me consider doing bag posts more regularly!

That camel colored Mulberry messenger is killing me. So beautiful.

A deep chocolate brown number is as classic as it gets.

A look inside featuring the lovely suede interiors.


Jay said...

are you sure these are legit??? the prices for the mulberry's are waaaay too cheap. even for the burberry bags and prada wallets. IM VERY SKEPTICAL.

Styles I Love said...

I understand the skepticism, Jay, but my friend has told me that they're 100% legit. Hey, if I got P20k Opening Ceremony shoes for only 3,500 just recently, then these sale prices can surely be feasible. Give them a call to discuss in more detail! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! These are really cheap! Thanks for sharing :)

Dexter said...

I too am skeptic about it. You go your Opening Ceremony from dotdotdot and they're legit stockist. For a luxury brand like Mulberry, how come the straps of these bags are wrapped in plastic? It's just not luxe, I have to say. They're even priced way too cheap than the Mulberry for Target.

J said...

Sorry but I don't think those items are authentic. The models and designs cannot even be found in the genuine catalogs of those labels.

Styles I Love said...

Checked and re-checked, for all those concerned about authenticity. My friend told me they're from past seasons, so that's why the prices are so cheap. If you still don't buy, well, nothing more to see here, sirs. :)

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