The Item: Fred Perry Laurel AW Accessories

With Parts 1 and 2 in the books, it's time to close the Fred Perry Authentics AW chapter and shine the light on Fred Perry's premium Laurel brand. Unlike the earlier features, though, let's start with items that men usually think of last - accessories.

Yes, it continues to baffle me as to why guys just don't see the merit of showing off a sweet d-ring belt or a quality man bag to boost their looks. All it takes really is one add-on accessory to set any man apart from all those would-be nice dressers on the streets. Thankfully, the Laurel brand makes it easy. If you don't find yourself attracted to any of the just-released belts, wallets, and bags from their AW collection, then dear sir, I don't know what else I can do for you. It's a choc-full of goodies, so get them now while they're hot at the Laurel Store in Greenbelt 5!

A couple of awesome belts that'll flatter any waistline

The little teal pop makes the wallet beyond basic

This briefcase shows the proper way to do business!

A fine duffel that will do me some good on my upcoming trip!

The navy on this holdall trumps the commonplace blacks anyday

Photos courtesy of Fred Perry

The Happening: Business Unusual

Compared to others, our company's pretty lenient when it comes to our corporate dress code. Thankfully, we're not required to throw on those ungodly polo barongs, crisp button-downs with ties, or even the everyday slacks which all working men have become accustomed to. Instead, I can go to the office in chinos, polka dot shirts, and tasseled loafers - in many ways, a prepster's dream. As long as it's not denim and it's button-down, everything's open season 'ere, sir.

Now with this leeway in tow, I decided on some dandy hosiery for our Business Review today with the higher-ups. Being an important day and all, I wasn't about to settle for some plain colored socks. No, no, a thousand times no! To make a statement, I busted out those striped socks I bought in Greenhills to challenge the seriousness of the proceedings. However the big bosses may feel about it, I think that they pair well with my chocolate brown oxfords and navy pants. It sure put a hop in my step and is definitely worth rocking again, important meeting or not!

Methinks I need a lot more socks like this to bring life to any office outfit!

The Item: Topman Clubmaster Redux

You know those Topman Clubmasters I was endorsing some months back? Well, thanks to the generous Topman mid-year sale, they're now 50% off the original price at only P650! Of course, with this blessing, there's no way I was going to pass them up this time. So yeah, I nabbed 'em, put 'em on, and fell in love all over again. Just in time for the summer season in Hong Kong too! Now time to get some contacts so I can see clearly with the damn thing on.

Those dots are a fine deviation from the typical Clubs, infinitely cheaper too.

The Happening: Inception's Point Man Style

If you haven't seen "Inception" yet, then goddamn it, you better do. I don't endorse movies often, but this film in particular isn't as much a movie as is it a three-hour thrill ride. The plot was mind-bendingly amazing, the visuals are out of this world, the action scenes were superbly intense. and the acting was none but masterful. Yes, with such a stellar effort, it doesn't seem farfetched that we could forget some things that the movie also does so well. Case in point: the unheralded wardrobe of Mr. Joseph Gordon Levitt - the movie's designated "Point Man".

I already gave JLG some credit for his laid back yet dressed up efforts in 500 Days of Summer, but it seems as though sartorial success follows this man around from film to film. Throughout the whole movie, we see his character sporting well-fitting suit to well-fitting suit, with some trench coats and waistcoats making sporadic appearances to complete the exhibition. His character means business, no doubt, and in my perspective, there really is no better portrayal of an enforcer than a sharply dressed man with slicked back hair, wielding a pistol, just like him.

Don't let the paisley tie fool you, this guy's bad ass

Nothing like an off-duty play of stripes to kick back from killing

This is how you do it, Philip Salvador! Not denim, but brown leather!

Rolling up the sleeves while discussing the next big job

Brown suits are a great alternative to navys and grays

Enough time to put on some glorious cuff links before blowing themselves up!

The Happening: The Hair Apparents

This weekend was a weekend of change for my dear girlfriend and I. After much consideration, we finally signed off on significant hairstyle changes that will enhance our "dashing good looks" for months to come. Bored with my bald cut, I further solidified my commitment to the hair I was growing by opting for the much-loved faux hawk style. I actually don't need anything to make my hair that way; it stands up on its own so it all works out in the end.

As for my girlfriend, she wanted more volume in her locks, so she finally pulled the trigger on getting her hair permed. It took her a good four hours (my cut took 10 minutes), but as you can see, it was all worth it. Her new 'do suits her very well and makes her even more pur-dy than she already was. Two-for-two on hairstyle improvements this weekend! There truly is no better way to start the workweek than by knowing you made some improvements on your days off.

I missed having hair after a good two years of not having anything to yank on!

No more curling in the morning for this pretty lady! She'll wake up this way for six months!

The Item: Fred Perry Authentics AW Footwear

Now that you've seen what Fred Perry Authentics' AW 10 clothing collection looks like, it's time to take a gander at the other items that the sub-brand does so well. Part 2 of this first ever Styles I Love collection series now focuses on the footwear of Autumn-Winter, one that will look familiar on the onset, but fresh upon further inspection.

It's the same classic Authentic silhouettes, but now with more color combos, patterns, and fabrics than you can sink your teeth into. Whether it be the bright reds, tartan hemlines, or suede uppers, the one thing the new shoes have in common is the wear-it-with-anything versatility you've come to expect from Fred Perry footwear. That, and they all have special spots waiting in my closet, but more realistically, yours. Grab 'em now at SM Megamall and newly minted Power Plant Mall branch before all those other Freds do!

The hemline detail is a nice touch for this otherwise minimalist pair

Sometimes, all you need is a green logo highlight to stand out

Love the color of this pair; it'll look good with some beat-up khakis!

A small taste of the Fred Perry footwear festival that's waiting for you!

The Item: Topman Letterman Cardigan

Letterman jackets are awesome. Not only do they show off your exclusive alma mater's initials, but they also remind us of those stereotype varsity bullies we simply love to hate in those old movies. Believe it or not, I wanted to be just like them at one point, so I tried looking for some retro number which will make me look just like that douche from the original Karate Kid.

Haven't had any luck thus far, but I think I may have stumbled on to the next best thing at Topman. No, it's not a jacket, but it's a fresh letterman cardigan, a cross between classic bully and ironically, trademark dweeb. Sporting a gray and navy blue colorway, it's actually more wearable and lightweight than a jacket, plus it has a "B" sewn onto it. It's like it was made exclusively for me, or a guy named Bill, Bryan, Bernard, or Benjamin. Ah, forget it. I'd still buy it.

The letterman pattern is bully, but the cardigan says "geek"

Now, for your enjoyment, some famous bullies from the '80s in one awesome compilation. In case you're wondering, yeah, them letterman jackets make plenty of appearances (sleeveless even)!

Video courtesy of Huffington Post

The Item: Bass Black Brogues

Ah, Bass, you have done it again. The home of them wonderful Weejuns has released another signature shoe, which you, your dad, and your grandpa will probably agree on. After giving us our rightful fill of penny and tasseled loafers, they have now busted out these beautiful black brogues for us to once again ogle at and drool over.

While not the first to offer 'em, Bass certainly earns the honor for being the best in my book among brands we can actually buy. Personally, it's all about the shape and this looker had none of the pointiness and square-toad-ness that's running rampant in the feet of Filipino men nowadays. Just a classic rounded toe that will never go out of style and a snazzy stitching pattern which can be yours for about P5,300. Just about right for a pair this good, which you'll probably regret passing up on once you see every other brogue option in the market. (Burn!)

I can't get over how lovely the shoe's silhouette is!

Put some daddy in your step and rock these never-fail classics!

The Item: Fred Perry Authentics AW 10

It has always been my belief that the best collections are reserved for the Autumn-Winter season. Spring-Summer's fine with all its laid back garb and all, but it's during the latter part of the year that the brand's go all-out with some real serious swag. Looking at the AW collections of Fred Perry further solidifies this stand, and the longer I browse the pictures, it does so over and over and over again. Matter of fact, I can't contain all the awesomeness in one post, so consider this the first of the Styles I Love mini-series of Fred's latest offerings.

First up, Fred Perry Authentics. The sub-brand's new collection is all about embracing the emergence of the modern dandy, one that welcomes patterns, colors, dressier pieces as well as all the attention that comes along with it. Dear sir, now's not the time to be shy with trademark English patterns like Argyles, tartans, and houndstooth checks popping up along with autumnal colors like mahogany, rust, and mulberry. Instead, it's the best time to accentuate and get appreciated with belts, shirts, socks, bow ties, bags and what have you. It's really simple: Visit the SM Megamall and Power Plant Authentics branches, purchase, and get happy. With a collection this foolproof, it's really that easy!

I'm adoring those brightly colored jackets, especially the red!

With that chambray shirt and tartan bow tie and belt, who needs shoes?

I don't think I could pull-off that coat in this weather, but I am willing to try!

No Fred Perry collection is complete without pique shirts!

Photos courtesy of Fred Perry

Style I Love: The Casual Wear Tutorial

We all know Joey Samson can design clothes with the best of 'em. What you probably don't know as much, though, is that he dresses equally as well. Whether donning his own creations or putting together some charming ensembles, the man just knows how to throw it down. Thus was the case when I bumped into him yesterday at Greenbelt 5.

His look was casual, but the details make his outfit unlike any other. I especially loved his wrist accessory approach: Coupling bracelets of different makes and blending them together harmoniously. It's a lot, yeah, but the way they've been put together, it's just perfect. Cap it off with the right color pops with his shirt and shoes and what you have is a clinic on how to stand out even in the most laid back of Sundays.

Shirt (Comme Des Garcons Play), Bag (Jean Paul Gaultier)
Shoes (Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus)

The Store: Hong Kong State of Mind

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, folks. I've been so swamped with work during the day and equally quite busy at night because of something I've been working on with my girlfriend these past few nights. No, not that thing, you dirty-minded person, you. Check it: In exactly two weeks from now, we will be making our way to one of the world's premier shopping destinations - Hong Kong! Yeah, it's sale season, baby, and this past week, we've been hammering out our plan of attack for one of the most epic shopping trips yet!

It's been thirteen years since my last trip there, and obviously, my priorities were quite different back then. Being a serious shopping virgin, I've compiled this list of stores I'm really excited to visit. Some I've already encountered in other countries, but missed thoroughly. Others, I've yet to get a peep of first-hand. Price points will vary, but what will remain constant are the fine, fine selections each outlet has. I have my checklist of items to buy and from the looks of things, man, my wallet's going to suffer big time!

1. H&M
Let's get it out of the way. The no-brainer, which apparently, Hong Kong has five outlets of. Lucky them. The fast fashion chain has been the go-to for trendy high-quality clothes which won't put a huge dent in your wallet. Coupled with the mega-sale season, I could probably end up buying an entire closet's worth in here alone. Dayum.

2. Uniqlo
Basics, basics, and basics. In every color imaginable. At H&M price points. Jackpot, baby. It's the perfect place to stock up on such never-fail essentials like basic shirts, trousers, slim shorts, socks, hell, even underwear. The store's the biggest retail chain in Japan in volume and income and judging from the value-for-money offerings, it's really not that surprising to hear.

3. Muji
My first foray with Muji amazed me so much that I found myself taking pictures of their wares with my camera phone in a ninja-like fashion. Nothing screams Japanese minimalism more than this brand, be it their office supplies, home accessories, storage bins, and you guessed it, clothes. Nothing really exciting, but that's exactly the whole point though, isn't it?

4. I.T Stores
Think of I.T as the Rustan's of Hong Kong, only cooler and way more comprehensive. Maybe like Homme et Femme on steroids. Its numerous branches across Hong Kong carry some of my faves like Comme Des Garcons, Band of Outsiders, A.P.C. and Baracuta. What's even more exciting is that they have an outlet store in Silvercord Mall. Designer goods at a (relative) discount and a stone's throw from our hotel too!

5. Club Monaco
While I can get Band of Outsiders pieces in Hong Kong, I probably won't, largely due to the existence of this store. Preppy pieces at a price that's not as damning as Band's? Count me in, dear sir. They've plenty of khakis, sweaters, and cardigans in classic fits that would satisfy just about any casual dandy, much like yours truly.

Style I Love: Truly Tailor Made

If you want something done right, odds are you have to do it yourself. That, or you could have a talented tailor do it for you with your precise specifications in tow. I met Carlo in the private opening of Forever 21 last Thursday and I loved his look for one reason above all: Every single piece he wore fit like a glove. When I asked where he got his clothes, he told me that both his pants and shirt were tailored. Of course, that's what it was. Pretty much explains the flawless hug his clothes are giving him. I actually loved his look so much that it made me want to go back to Kamuning to have something made especially for me too!

Chambray shirt and trousers (tailor-made),
Belt (hand me down)
Brown Topsiders (Sperry), Watch (Citizen)

The Happening: Forever 21 Private Opening

My girlfriend and I were invited to the private opening of Forever 21 yesterday, a day before the much-hyped store opens its doors to the public. If our early visit was any indication, the folks who went today for the inauguration are in a for a crazy time. Despite the exclusive nature of the event, the whole store was in a frenzy with loads of women (and a handful of men) grabbing clothes from the racks and filling the countless fitting rooms to the brim.

A lot of celebrities showed up for the event eager to shop too, but in the end, there were really no distinctions or special treatments. Everybody was there to browse through the goods and fall in the long lines, uncaring with the time and giddy with their bargains in hand. Yes, all
this chaos was well-warranted, as my girlfriend said that the prices were knockout considering the quality of the great pieces. A great showing for the store thus far, and an early warning for all competing brands everywhere. The original Forever 21's here y'all, and it's here to stay.

Love these "private" events. Makes you feel a bit special, yes?

Quite a few people showed up, as you can see

The lovely Kelly Misa and the forever fierce Ria Bolivar

The stunning Joey Mead in Forever 21 garb. Work it, baby!

The dolls, Vicky Herrera and Sarah Meier, and former neighbor Iza Calzado

The shoes my girlfriend almost bought. P1,800 only I think.

What She Wore: Polka Dot Top and Pleated Skirt (Thailand Bought), Shoes (Aldo)
What I Wore: Nylon Jacket (Heritage 1981), Shirt (Comme Des Garcons Play)
Loose Chinos (Banana Republic), Tasseled Loafers (Bass)