The Item: Bass Black Brogues

Ah, Bass, you have done it again. The home of them wonderful Weejuns has released another signature shoe, which you, your dad, and your grandpa will probably agree on. After giving us our rightful fill of penny and tasseled loafers, they have now busted out these beautiful black brogues for us to once again ogle at and drool over.

While not the first to offer 'em, Bass certainly earns the honor for being the best in my book among brands we can actually buy. Personally, it's all about the shape and this looker had none of the pointiness and square-toad-ness that's running rampant in the feet of Filipino men nowadays. Just a classic rounded toe that will never go out of style and a snazzy stitching pattern which can be yours for about P5,300. Just about right for a pair this good, which you'll probably regret passing up on once you see every other brogue option in the market. (Burn!)

I can't get over how lovely the shoe's silhouette is!

Put some daddy in your step and rock these never-fail classics!


Izzy said...

these are perfect! well, close to perfect. I would've wished they didn't stamp a logo on the outside.

Styles I Love said...

Agreed, Izzy. You'd think Bass would've known better, but alas, this pair has that one flaw.

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