The Happening: Inception's Point Man Style

If you haven't seen "Inception" yet, then goddamn it, you better do. I don't endorse movies often, but this film in particular isn't as much a movie as is it a three-hour thrill ride. The plot was mind-bendingly amazing, the visuals are out of this world, the action scenes were superbly intense. and the acting was none but masterful. Yes, with such a stellar effort, it doesn't seem farfetched that we could forget some things that the movie also does so well. Case in point: the unheralded wardrobe of Mr. Joseph Gordon Levitt - the movie's designated "Point Man".

I already gave JLG some credit for his laid back yet dressed up efforts in 500 Days of Summer, but it seems as though sartorial success follows this man around from film to film. Throughout the whole movie, we see his character sporting well-fitting suit to well-fitting suit, with some trench coats and waistcoats making sporadic appearances to complete the exhibition. His character means business, no doubt, and in my perspective, there really is no better portrayal of an enforcer than a sharply dressed man with slicked back hair, wielding a pistol, just like him.

Don't let the paisley tie fool you, this guy's bad ass

Nothing like an off-duty play of stripes to kick back from killing

This is how you do it, Philip Salvador! Not denim, but brown leather!

Rolling up the sleeves while discussing the next big job

Brown suits are a great alternative to navys and grays

Enough time to put on some glorious cuff links before blowing themselves up!


Faith (Culinary Conquests) said...

Hahaha Bob I love this post! And yeap, I loved how he was so clean and stylish in Inception

Styles I Love said...

Clothes just love him, Faith! Rumors are he will play Riddler in the third Nolan Batman. If it comes to fruition, I'm excited to see what he wears then!

Anonymous said...

Tom Hardy's look was also very nice. Really different from JLG's but also quite a looker.

Size7please said...

Good post! I thought it was very well-styled cast. Makes me wish we had colder weather here so we could rock out layers and suits more often. Now about the movie, sheer mindfu*k! I haven't seen anything as deliciously clever as that since The Matrix.

Styles I Love said...

I agree with the Tom Hardy comment, but to me it was clear who was the true style star of the film.

As for the cold weather request, oh lord, I've wanted that for the longest time! Try to layer here in this weather and you want last an hour without being soaked in sweat.

By the way, I'm with you on the Matrix comment! I actually had flashes of it during the no-gravity fight scene! Awesome, awesome effort.

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