The Happening: The Hair Apparents

This weekend was a weekend of change for my dear girlfriend and I. After much consideration, we finally signed off on significant hairstyle changes that will enhance our "dashing good looks" for months to come. Bored with my bald cut, I further solidified my commitment to the hair I was growing by opting for the much-loved faux hawk style. I actually don't need anything to make my hair that way; it stands up on its own so it all works out in the end.

As for my girlfriend, she wanted more volume in her locks, so she finally pulled the trigger on getting her hair permed. It took her a good four hours (my cut took 10 minutes), but as you can see, it was all worth it. Her new 'do suits her very well and makes her even more pur-dy than she already was. Two-for-two on hairstyle improvements this weekend! There truly is no better way to start the workweek than by knowing you made some improvements on your days off.

I missed having hair after a good two years of not having anything to yank on!

No more curling in the morning for this pretty lady! She'll wake up this way for six months!


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