The Happening: Forever 21 Private Opening

My girlfriend and I were invited to the private opening of Forever 21 yesterday, a day before the much-hyped store opens its doors to the public. If our early visit was any indication, the folks who went today for the inauguration are in a for a crazy time. Despite the exclusive nature of the event, the whole store was in a frenzy with loads of women (and a handful of men) grabbing clothes from the racks and filling the countless fitting rooms to the brim.

A lot of celebrities showed up for the event eager to shop too, but in the end, there were really no distinctions or special treatments. Everybody was there to browse through the goods and fall in the long lines, uncaring with the time and giddy with their bargains in hand. Yes, all
this chaos was well-warranted, as my girlfriend said that the prices were knockout considering the quality of the great pieces. A great showing for the store thus far, and an early warning for all competing brands everywhere. The original Forever 21's here y'all, and it's here to stay.

Love these "private" events. Makes you feel a bit special, yes?

Quite a few people showed up, as you can see

The lovely Kelly Misa and the forever fierce Ria Bolivar

The stunning Joey Mead in Forever 21 garb. Work it, baby!

The dolls, Vicky Herrera and Sarah Meier, and former neighbor Iza Calzado

The shoes my girlfriend almost bought. P1,800 only I think.

What She Wore: Polka Dot Top and Pleated Skirt (Thailand Bought), Shoes (Aldo)
What I Wore: Nylon Jacket (Heritage 1981), Shirt (Comme Des Garcons Play)
Loose Chinos (Banana Republic), Tasseled Loafers (Bass)


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