The Sale: Goodbye, Theodore's

We've said goodbye to Theodore's before when it left Bonifacio High Street, but now it looks like the store is riding off into the sunset for good. One of the best things to happen to Philippine retail will have its final closing down sale from now until December 18. Sad as it may be, it's a great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done before the madness begins. Sigh. Good things don't really last, I suppose. But thank you, Theodore's, we've had some good times.

Photos courtesy of Theodore's

The Happening: Posing for the Cameras

One thing I noticed when watching fashion shows is that models have this signature pose they use when they get to that sweet spot on the runway just before they turn around. So last night when I was watching the Penshoppe show, I tried to capture what the female models did to have a greater appreciation for the craft of the pose. It's magical, really, what these people do. Communicating without words, body language at its finest. Keep up the fine work, ladies.

These two prefer the knee buckling method, as it would appear

These girls utilized the elbow out, arms on waist methodology

The walks were more similar. Bouncy, powerful, noice.

On a side note, those towering heels? Damn.

The Happening: Penshoppe's "Arrivalist"

On my way out of the Penshoppe show at Philippine Fashion Week, I overheard a caucasian lady say, "Whoever thought Penshoppe would put on a show like that?" Yes, madam, my sentiments exactly. While the brand has been on an uptrend in recent years, the showcase it put on on last night's show did something else entirely - it announced that Penshoppe had finally arrived.

Aptly entitled "Arrivalist", the brand unveiled some more upscale pieces in their current and future collections - a far cry from the Penshoppe's teeny bopper casualwear image from years gone by. Incorporating the theme of travel into the show, the models strutted down the runway sporting some dapper blazers and slim jackets and looking a lot like jetsetting young bucks in Europe trying to have a good time. As you will see below, the menswear offerings are becoming a tad more sophisticated and I can't but applaud Penshoppe for this much needed shift.

Men now are growing up faster than ever, more disriminating and smarter in taste. Graphic shirts won't cut it anymore, and this unexpected showing from one of the country's most established casualwear brands is an evolution that should be received with open arms. Hell, if I knew earlier about this looming "arrival", I would've camped out at the airport, sampaguita lei and welcome sign in hand. Penshoppe did it y'all, and from now on, you shouldn't be surprised.

The menswear part opened with blazers that work well alone or paired as a suit

Other blazer colors, same good-looking result for around P3,000++. Not bad.

My other faves. The lavender shirt and the green gingham jacket are stars.

Special shoes that were made for the show. No word yet on public availability.

Congratulations, Penshoppe! Onward with the evolution!

The Item: New Discoveries at Muji

It's been two weeks after Muji's opening and thankfully, the crowds have now thinned and the long line has all but disappeared. With the frenzy finally gone, I can now focus on now picking out the gems the store has to offer without having to rush or grab it from some other dude's hands. That said, three items on the lineup today, boys. Not sure if these are new arrivals, but I don't remember coming across them during our first visit, so let's go ahead and call them that.

First up, a lovely dark denim shirt with chest pockets on both breasts. I know I already have a blue one which I got at a much cheaper price, but a man does need two shades of denim in his life, so please allow me to indulge. Up next, the one that got away: a gray jersey blazer that I've always wanted, but unfortunately not in my size. Big ups to the guy who got the medium, it'll serve you wll. Finally, the one I "settled" for. According to the description, they were chambray pants. Not sure about that, but one thing I'm sold on is that they fit well - snug but not constricting - and they're in gray, the most versatile of all trouser colors in my humble estimation.

Only P1,650 for this bad boy. Cop it immediately, I say.

The jersey blazer that got away and my newest, awesome pair of pants

The Sale: Forever 21 Does It Again!

It's been what, like 2 weeks since the first sale and yet Forever 21 is back at it again, folks! From October 29 to November 1, enjoy 10% off all regular merchandise if you present your SM Advantage, SM Prestige or BDO Rewards Card upon payment. The store's also bringing back their six-month, no-interest offer for purchases of at least P5,000. Oh man, judging from the pictures of the last sale, it'd be better if you go super early. Unless of course you want to get familiar with some of the pretty ladies after getting your fix of 21Men. Either way, good luck!

The Happening: The Fall of the Skinny Jeans

I have this little rule I follow when deciding on whether to throw some clothes out or not: If I haven't worn it in two months, then it's time to let it go. Well, while I was clearing out my closet for the latest garage sale we're planning, I noticed that I had put my skinny jeans on the not-worn-in-two-months pile. Yup, my once-favorite and probably most worn pair to date was now on the chopping block, but what's a boy to do? It holds such sentimental value and as much as I'd hate to admit it, I need to part ways with them and thus, marking the end of an era.

First worn around this time in '06 to the shock/amusement/delight of many, these are the jeans that defined my style for the last four years. For most of my college life and the first years of work, I have been identified with them both positively or negatively, but the one thing that never changed was how much I loved putting them on. However, as the years passed and the pounds packed on, I slowly noticed my liking for roomier cuts. Once I bought my Zara Regular Fit jeans this year, the transition had been complete: I was now more a straight-cut guy than a skinny.

What started as a necessary shift, though, became really an eye-opener for my appreciation for the straight-cut aesthetic. Not only are the 501 types more comfortable, but I now see that they also imbibe this more natural masculine look, one that's laid back and doesn't try too hard to show how you've been working on your calves or gluts. Yes, you may say it's the fattie in me that's speaking after years of skinny jean worship, but it's just really the beginning of a new style phase for me. Don't get me wrong. I will miss all the jokes about being able to squat in skinnies and the admiration of my thighs, but we had our fun, it's time to move on. Deuces.

You've served me well, Levi's 511s. But now, it's time to find a new home.

The Item: Topman Braided Tan Belt

Look at all the Topman merchandise in the picture below. What stands out to you? What tickles your fancy? If you said the braided belt with the bronze buckle, then you and I can hang, dear sir. In a world where belts are either neglected or limited to just the plain boring black leather ones your dad wears above his tummy, this tan braided belt sure is a breath of fresh air. Just like how it popped out to me in a sea of goods, it'll give your outfit that added jolt which will set you apart from the crowd be it with jeans or your favorite chinos.

Relatively cheap too at only P1,045. I say go for it!

The Beat: Kanye West's "Power", "Runaway"

Laying low after that whole Taylor Swift debacle at the VMAs last year, Kanye West spent his time outside the US interning for fashion brands and working on some new music. "I knew I wasn't in a great spot publicly after the incident, but I would just block it out and work as hard as possible and let my work be my saving grace." One result of Yeezy's loneliness and new-found focus? Two studio performances on SNL that's visually unlike any I've ever seen for a live show. Ballerinas, all-red ensemble, chunky gold accessories, all white background, did I say ballerinas already? Yup, if you're going to make amends, this is definitely the way to do it, Mr. West.

The Happening: Muji Finally in Manila!

After years of waiting, our thirst for Muji has finally been quenched! Wasn't able to go on the first day it opened because of a meeting I had (more on that very soon), but my girlfriend and I made sure to make it on Day 2. The first thing I noticed going in was that this was no half-assed effort on SSI's part. The store was not a watered-down version of the famous brand, but rather a true showcase of what Muji was all about. Clothing, footwear, storage, home, travel, personal care, kitchenware, office supplies - they were all there in their minimalistic glory.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly satisfied with what I found in the men's department. From short-sleeved button-downs to oxford shirts to basic striped Ts to fine trousers, it was truly a classic lover's dream. What truly sets it apart from others brands though (most strikingly, the Gap store below it) was that these basics were sold exactly as such. No puzzling pricing strategy and really just a "sounds-about-right" sentiment whenever I look at the tag. In a country like ours, that is a true rarity. Giving the people what they want? Fuhgedaboudit.

As expected, the clientele was quite diverse. A quick scan at the the long line shows that Muji has already cut across several segments - be it the mom who wants to organize or the teen who wants to sport some swag. This overwhelming welcome is promising, if anything. I actually heard they're planning to open up another branch already, but why stop with just one? Honestly, that can all wait though. For now, I'll just enjoy my afternoon office breaks more by taking a stroll to Muji and checking some other minimalistic Japanese goodies that are to sure to have a place in my life in some shape or form. "Yes, I need it, so I'm buying it, okay?"

The cotton-blazered mannequin welcomes you inside the much awaited store

Some short-sleeved button-down collars for only P795! That's crazy.

Nothing really beats a soft-as-hell white oxford shirt. They had loads of 'em!

Khaki and gray trousers for that busy workweek/playdates ahead.

Even their casual polos sport that awesome button-down collar detail.

Everyday totebags for your consideration. Tad overpriced, but a looker.

Footwear was limited, but their versatility makes up for the small quantities

Seriously thinking about these for my office laptop. The gray's sweet.

Look at all those folders! Talk about organizing in style!

The Beat: Chris Brown's "Deuces"

I already know how y'all feel about Chris Brown, but it's time to move on. Yeah, socking Rihanna in the face won't win you many fans, but it's been two years, people. The man said he's sorry, he did his community service time and say what you will, I think he's still one of the most talented mofos out there. So instead of continuing to hate on him, I urge you to take a gander at his music video for "Deuces". He's back, sporting a grown-up sound and a swagger of a man who has something to prove. No, it won't repair his image instantly, but it sure is a sound first step.

The Sale: Forever 21 Philippines' First Ever!

Wow, this weekend's going to be packed! First up, we have everybody's favorite, Forever 21, with their first ever sale from October 15-17! Get 10% off ALL regular items if you present your SM Advantage, SM Prestige, or BDO Rewards Card. Don't have one yet? Well, don't fret, my friend. The store's also offering 50% off selected items! With the already low prices going even lower, I shudder to think about the crowds that you'll encounter there. No biggie, though, because the best part of having a great find, I believe, is really having such wonderful stories to tell about how you got them (yes, you elbowed an elderly woman in the face before, I know)!

The secret is to go real early. Opening is at 9:30 so be there some time before!

Spend P5,000 or more and get 0% interest for 6 months if you pay with the credit cards above!

The Item: Sightings at Homme et Femme

I love going into the Homme et Femme store at Shangri La Mall. It's the ultimate aspirational shop for me as I get to see all my super expensive favorites and dream of a day I can actually buy something there without feeling devoid of my life savings. Well, chock another item up on my already long list of wants. These beautiful tasseled loafers from Dries Van Noten sports a deep burgundy shade that is so utterly refining it makes me want to cry. For now, though, I must keep on keepin' on. It's way out of budget, but oh, lookie here, some Comme Des Garcons Play Chuck Taylors that were freshly delivered and surprisingly in my size? Hmm, that could work.

Man, if I had these, I'd keep them in a case and cherish them forever

Everybody's favorite sneakers made more exclusive (yet reachable) by CDG

P5,000++ for a pop. That's one expensive silkscreened heart! (I kid)

The Guide: Getting Down with Down Vests

Ever since I put up a country counter on the blog page, I've been surprised to see that I get a lot more readers from the US than I expected. Well, for you Yankees out there who are now experiencing fall weather, I would just like to say I envy you, you lucky sons of bitches. Not just because you live in a first world country, but more because you get to sport those lovely down vests without sweating your asses off like we probably would here in the tropics.

Yes, as you may have deduced, I have admired those chunky sleeveless jackets for quite some time now. It's not really a problem during the rest of the year, but when the fall stuff start rolling out, oh boy. It's like brands such as Gap and Zara purposely taunt me by making them available here, knowing full well I can't wear them. A shame because it's such a great swagger-adding item that can be paired with jeans or nice trousers alike. I wonder then, would a weekly trip to Tagaytay with the family justify purchasing one? The thought, I admit, intrigues me to no end.

Gap has them in a multitude of colors. Some similar to these bad boys.

Chris Paul demonstrates how to down it most effectively

Hell, even Marty looked so Mcfly in 'em in the 80s!

Photos courtesy of High Snobiety, GQ, and Movie Store

The Item: Opening Ceremony Caramel Loafers

I already told you about that crazy Trio Warehouse sale, but I haven't shared what I got with y'all just yet. The decision was pretty easy, really. Right when I entered the showroom, I simply knew what I was going to leave with. I went there for some Opening Ceremony shoes and after years of waiting, I finally got a pair. What thrilled me more was that it was the exact same one I wanted. You see, I already saw these beautiful caramel loafers before, but I thought the price was just too indulgent back then (P19,000++). Well, after they slashed 80% off that, it was wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. No more discussions needed and no more proof required to confirm that this indeed is the year of superbly great bargains!

Mmm, that maple brown color sure looks tasty, as does the fine detailing up front

The contrast caramel sole adds so much to the top-flight aesthetic

Look at the exquisite construction of the heel. It's all in the details, baby!

The Sale: Trio Warehouse Craziness!

Every once in a while I come across some sweet deals that I can't help but keep for myself. Yeah, I ultimately tell all you guys about it, but this last one I discovered, man, it was a real struggle. Imagine this: Brands like Paul Smith, B Store, and Opening Ceremony at 80% to 90% off? Why that's crazy talk, you guys! Only, it's not crazy; it's totally so amazingly true. Thanks to Trio Marketing, you can now get all those brands you dreamed of for practically nothing at all!

Admittedly, the shirts selections were skewed toward the larges sizes, but everything else - from the various pants to those glorious shoes - you could get your size, no problem. As you will notice, the shoe selection here got me. Opening Ceremony has been one of my favorite shoe brands for a minute now because of their classic designs with distinct style quirks. And as fate would have it, I didn't have to spend that much to get my first pair!

The Swear and B Store selections are also quite impressive. Come to think of it, remember when I told you about those hidden shoe treasures at Paul Smith in Greenbelt 5? They're almost all here! A lot of stuff for your ladies too as they have McQ by Alexander McQueen and other notable dresses. My officemate even told me one dress was featured on Preview. Nice, very nice. The greatest of bargains and all you need to do is call and make an appointment (on a weekday from 10am to 5pm). Sometimes, life really is just that generous!

The Men's department with blazers, jackets, and trousers aplenty

My favorites: the Opening Ceremony lineup (with a lot of sizes left!)

The one my friend got: Swear high-top suede sneakers!

And finally, that bronze B Store lace-up which stands out among the pack

Trio Warehouse Sale
No. 2292, Magnolia St, Dasmarinas Village
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Call First! (+632.844.4028)