The Item: Zara Light Regular Fit Jeans

Sometimes we just have to go flat out admit it. Dear readers, as much as I hate to type these words, it's true: I am getting wider. Yes, it seems as though all those free Krispy Kreme doughnuts at work have caught up with me and I now find myself a couple of pounds heavier (understatement!) than when I graduated. It's not that some of my clothes don't fit anymore, they still do, but I find that they're becoming increasingly tight in places where they weren't before.

This is more true for my pants than anything else. I still wear my skinny jeans, but they've become quite annoying when I wear them for extended periods. I've told myself that it was nothing to worry about for the longest time, but the fact that my legs feel relieved every time I remove my skinnies points to the reality that they may no longer be the right fit for me. I already wrote a post about my increasing preference for baggier pants, but I'd like to follow through with my purchase of these regular fit jeans from Zara.

The light shade is really something I've wanted for a while now (it'll go great navy blue and, well, everything!), but what really closed the deal was freedom of movement that the pants offered. Honest to god, I've forgotten what it's like to wear regular fit jeans because of years of skinny jean restriction. And this pair reminded me of those great, carefree times when I could crouch when I wanted to without struggle. Add to that the beautiful fact that it helps me forget that I'm getting fatter, and what we have right 'ere is one fine buy, ladies and gents. Doesn't take away the fact that I need to get on that treadmill ASAP though!

Ahh, regular fit jeans, tis' great sporting you again after all these years!

My new jeans in action with my Weejuns (told you they go great with everything!)


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