The Guide: The Four-in-Hand Tie Knot

Speaking of Zara, I'd just like to share a pet peeve of mine every time I go to their stores. Their salesmen (undoubtedly among the sharpest dressed in the industry because of their suits) don't seem to know their stuff about tying ties. Don't get me wrong, they know how to do it, but there are a dozen ways to tie a tie and they simply do not use the best method to highlight the skinny ties they always wear.

From what I've seen, they commonly use the Windsor or Half-Windsor knots, which more often than not will look better with wider ties. The triangular knots that these two create do not go so well the minimalism that they intended when they decided to sport the skinnies. A Four-in-hand knot would be much more appropriate. It matches the muted volume of the skinny tie with a slender knot, giving the wearer an A-plus when it comes to fine detailing.

I admit that I may just be nitpicking here, but when you're a fine clothing establishment, it's your responsibility to make sure your employees are all experts too. They should embody what it means to be a well-dressed gentleman. So with that, here's a video, Zara Philippines. You can thank me later with GCs in the mail!


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