The Happening: Distractions at M Barretto

When I saw that there were no chairs set up at the room where M Barretto's collection was to be shown, I knew something was up. True enough, when the male models came out, they filled the runway, stopped and parked themselves at their respective spots. Great idea, I thought: Instead of the models parading, it was the audience's turn to walk around, come closer, and check things out. What wasn't so great, though, was the response of the people.

At first they were puzzled about what to do, but when they discovered that they could move freely about, all hell broke loose. Unfortunately, it wasn't so much a fashion show as it was a fan's day, with a great majority taking pictures with the models (the topless one was quite popular). I mean, there were some good looks to be had, but it was just too bad that the chaos distracted from the beautiful pieces that were supposed to be the true focus of the show. I just hope the next time we are exposed to a show like this, we'll just examine the clothes with silent admiration and to some extent, respect for the designer who made it happen.

Among the great pieces: The one-button blazer (left) and the blue windbreaker (right)


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