The Happening: Leather Soles, Reloaded!

Some purists may not agree with what I am about to tell you, but screw 'em, these are my shoes after all. As you may or may not know, I have been struggling with the decision to put rubber soles over my Bass Laytons' leather soles for about seven months now. And after a long hard look at its ruptured exterior (with the frayed stitching and all), I shed a tear and finally, thankfully gave in.

I had them repaired at Besa's because quite simply, I trust them best. They've been holding it down since '35 so they probably know a thing or two about righting my unfortunate predicament. I told them about the raped leather soles and they gave me two options. 1) Strap on a new leather sole for P2,000; or 2) Put a rubber sole over the damaged area for P800. Both expensive routes, but I handily chose the second.

It's really the most practical for me since I'm tired of worrying about wear and tear that my leather soles (new or not) will get. The rubber soles allow me to walk on any surface without grimacing about every scratch or sighing at every bump. No more drying up the soles after every rainy encounter too! Don't worry, as a card-carrying Weejun lover, I made sure that the branding wasn't covered. With that taken care of, I am now free to walk on some gravel-type roads with reckless abandon thanks to my new rubber-enforced soles! Well worth the money, I'd say!

What my soles looked like, except about 100 times worse before the repair

My new soles after Besa's was through with 'em. I can now wear them everywhere!


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