The Guide: How to Wear a Brimmed Hat

Much has been made of the recent jejemon subculture that has emerged in our country. From Facebook status messages, to Youtube videos, to Twitter tweets, we've all seen them in their different incarnations. Hell, even primetime news shows ate it up. I, for one, found it quite amusing too and I still do actually, save for moments when I think we could spend our time better by actually doing something of interest. But eff it, let's ride it out till the joke becomes stale.

Anyhow, the reason I mentioned it is because it's apparently part of the jejemon lifestyle to wear their fake New Era baseball caps by just placing it on their heads. You know, just having it there without pressing it down, making it all too vulnerable to the advances of the wind. This in mind, it made me wonder if the rule also applies to brimmed hats (do they ever wear those?). Because if so, then dang it, I may just be guilty of wearing my hats jeje-style.

A lot of people have asked me about how I wear my hats (i.e. my straw trilby). Over and over again, I've mentioned that I just like to kind of put it on top of my head without applying pressure. Two reasons, 1) I like showing my beaming forehead all the time and 2) I hate hat hair (even though I barely have any). My primary reason for wearing my trilby anyways is too protect my head from the sun's heat and by pressing down, I am basically adding more enclosed spaces where the heat can seep in. I guess what I'm ultimately saying is, I'm with you on this one, jejemon brothers! Screw how Justin Timberlake wears his; I like your way better!

I wear my hat exactly like this, well, mnius the slouch and the tank top preference!

Photo courtesy of Selectism


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