The Item: SM Department Store Straw Trilby

No, they still don't have it all for me. But what it did have on this day, yeah, it impressed quite a bit. My shopping trip to complete my beach get-ups brought me to SM Department Store where I saw what I couldn't see in Topman and other such stores: a fine narrow-brimmed straw trilby. What's unbelievable about it is that I got it for, wait for it, a measly P250! That's practically nothing compared to the branded alternatives, yes? This leads me to do what my sister has been telling me for a minute now: you gotta start checking SM because you never know what you could find. With this hat in tow, can't help but agree.

Surprising, yes, but it's a fine trilby that'll be my Boracay buddy in the days ahead!


Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Drama Prince said...

SM Department store is now selling nice hats for men...
I got a nice gray fedora for only 200 Pesos!
I was amazed!
Nice hat you got in there!

Styles I Love said...

hey drama prince, i must admit, SM's been stepping it's game up lately in the accessory department. a lot of work still needs to be done, but the hats, for instance, are a step in the right direction (although some are still questionable). :)

Badet said...

I shall look for this at SM. I saw straw trilby hats at Bench too for Php 349, but SM's is cheaper =)

Saw your blog from Nuffnang =)

Pardungsin said...

It's perfect one!! ^^

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