The Item: Tom's Shoes

It's been around for a while, but it was only recently when my girlfriend and I bought into the awesomeness that is Tom's shoes. We just tried on the espadrille-inspired footwear this past weekend, and one fitting was all it took for us to see what all the fuss was about.

While the marketing proposition of the company giving a pair to a poor kid for every one you buy seems promising, it was really the simple looks of the shoe which had us smitten. You may have doubts at first, but just wait till you see those babies on your feet. They're unexpectedly flattering and oh so mothereffin' comfortable!

A lot of people seem to agree, since the ash pair I wanted didn't have my size already (very sad). To tell you the truth, my girlfriend and I were so pleased that we wanted to get matching pairs. Cheesy, I know. But damn it, try some Tom's on today and tell me you won't fall in love with 'em. Go ahead, I dare you!

My initial color choice, before I saw...

This ash number. Out of stock, though, so might have to wait.

This all black burlap option's not too shabby too

Photo courtesy of Tom's


cd said...

I super love love love my Toms! I can't wait to bust it out again this summer! Bobby and AC! Post pictures when you wear yours! =)

Styles I Love said...

Will do, Tintin! We're just looking for a store which has sizes for both of us! We're looking to get them ash gray ones! Comfort like no other, I'd say! Anyhoo, Berry's getting so big na ah! Take care! :)

Jean said...

I live in Sydney. I've checked five stores, they only had the women model... :(

I guess I have to spend 20 $ more to get them in my mailbox.

Styles I Love said...

Really, Jean? That's sad. I say, demand equality for men! Haha.

If there really are no other stores that offer the men's sizes, I say go and pay that 20 bucks. I don't say normally recommend spending extra, but I think Tom's are worth it!

Sidney said...

I'm french but I understood that four of them told me "sold out" and another one "not yet"...

I almost bought the women model size 9 ! Eheh

Anyway, my order is in progress - can't wait !

Btw, Jean was a fake name for my google account... My real name is Sidney ! Yes, in Sydney ! ^^

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