The Happening: The Vans Sample Sale!

Yes, I went! And it was every bit as awesome as I expected it to be. A plethora of Vans kicks were generously spread around the Trilogy boutique - different models, different materials, different colors - making me feel like an effin' kid in a candy store. All the awesome shoes reminded me of my trip to the States where Vans was totally killing it. And the good news is, we're soon going to have these beautes in regularity!

I got the chance to talk to Rosario Herrera during my visit and she confirmed that GreyOne Social will be carrying these better-than-usual Vans come June! I personally thanked her, being a full-fledged Vans lover and all, to which she responded, "We're just trying to bring in good stuff, you know?" That you are, ma'am, that you are. Now enough of this chit-chat, if you want to have some select Vans pairs before they become available to all, drop on by Trilogy today to get your hands on 'em! Only 1 pair per style so I suggest you go early, people. Doors open at 10am!


Anonymous said...

Omigod, the shoes are delish! i'm surprised the stores allow you to take photos.

Styles I Love said...

Trilogy normally allows people to take pictures of their goods. Yet another reason to love the awesome shop! :)

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