The Guide: Beachwear Essentials

In exactly two weeks time, I'll find myself in Boracay, away from work and spending time with the people I love most. I'm so excited for the trip that as early as now, I'm already thinking of what clothes to pack. Sure, people will be wearing less at the beach, but don't let that be your excuse to put just anything on. With fewer options to work with, now's the time to get it right, son. Who knows? You might even get that summer fling you've always wanted! Wishful thinking, of course, and with that dose of reality, here's a headstart.

1. Shorter Slim-fit Swim Trunks
You did go to the beach to swim, right? Well, leave your baggy board shorts behind and wear something that actually fits. We're not talking cycling shorts or Speedo briefs here, bruhs. Just one that's cut more closely to the body and a bit above the knee, you know, just like Grandpa wore his.

2. Rubber Flip-flops
I realized quite late that flip-flops were only meant for two places: the house and the beach. Well, here's your chance to bust out the thong slippers you've probably worn everywhere you're not supposed to. Rubber slippers are best for the beach because they're easy to clean and are so, so comfortable. (Optional: You can always wear espadrilles too, but with the weather in this country? Your call.)

3. Lightweight Casual Button-down Shirt
Girls have it easy. They have their dependable cover-ups for their bikinis but what of men? How do we cover up? Well, I'd advise you to go for a super soft casual button-down to pair with your short swim trunks. It's more convenient than a t-shirt because you can unbutton it as the temperature rises and it gives you that giving-a-shit award when everybody else doesn't. Make sure to get the lightest of fabrics and give it a little rumple before you head out the room for added swag.

4. Khaki Bottoms
There's just something about khaki and the beach that fits. Maybe it's because the khaki blends well with the color of the sand? Reasoning notwithstanding, you'd want to have some khaki shorts and pants for the trip. They're the perfect I'm-not-going-to-swim attire and needless to say, they'll fit with just about anything you brought. Just give those bottoms a roll to show some ankle or knee. You are allowed to show a little skin after all.

5. Straw Trilby
With all those rays beating down on your noggin', a hat is just what the doctor ordered to keep you a tad bit cool. Truth be told, nothing beats a straw trilby here, folks. Shorter brim = more dopeness. Just be sure to just drop it on your head without pressing down. You're just looking for a little shade after all, not a helmet to protect your head from the harmful elements. Also, a word to the wise: hat hair is never, ever cool.

6. Sunglasses
One of the few times when you can wear shades all day and not be a douche. The beach is the perfect place to showcase your just-bought sunnies to the fullest. I'm partial toward Ray-Ban classics like Wayfarers, Clubmasters, and Aviators now and not much else. Only problem is, no money, no honey. By the way, shutter shades are a never ever. Of all the things Kanye endorsed, they are by far the worst.

7. The Basics
I mentioned casual button-downs as the perfect tops for trunks, but I have to give some love to the basics too. If you're going to wear a basic shirt on the beach, make it a v-neck. Not only will you avoid that uneven tanning around your bronzing neck, you'll also tease with some much desired skin. As for sleeveless options, don't go for those juvenile shirts which look as if their sleeves were cut-off. Instead, go for baggier tanktops which give your gut some room to grow. No wifebeaters, please. Unless of course you're Eminem.

With all these essentials in tow, I think you may be in store for your most awesome beach trip yet. Summer fling or not, at least you will have made your impression on the beach as the man who looked coolest when everything else was ablaze.

Photos coutesy of Esquire, Marc Jacobs, J Crew, Gap, Quiksilver, Ray-Ban, and Topman


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