The Item: Speedo SS 2010 Collection

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about wearing the right shorts for the beach. Being that summer's setting us all ablaze again, there really is no better time than now to revisit said post and, quite honestly, see its embodiment in Speedo's Spring Summer 2010 Collection. Yes, the brand is not about those D.O.M. trunks no more; they've updated their look and are now more flattering than ever.

Take a gander at their shorts and you'll know what I'm talking about. The length as I've mentioned is key and if you want something a little bit shorter (and why wouldn't you?),
Speedo's definitely got you covered. Cropped at just above the knee or a even a tad higher, they give you that charming vintage look without looking at all dated. The designs are tight too. They feature clean lines and colors which constitute a more modern vibe. Sorry, no hawaiian prints 'ere!

I guess the folks at Speedo were listening when I was writing my post last year. That, or maybe they just made a conscious effort to appeal to all you dashing young folk who are too shy to don their trademark briefs. Either way, the collection has me convinced. I'm packing three to use on my long overdue trip to Boracay!

Love the combination of the vintage cut with modern detailing!

The white shorts are definitely a keeper! So, so versatile!

Those red shorts don't look bad at all! A closer view would be appreciated, however!

The green stripe across the bum is a fine touch

Photos courtesy of Speedo


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