The Item: Cheap Woven Bracelets

My bracelet collection has been growing uncontrollably in recent months. I even shared a checkpoint post with you guys at one point to show how crowded it's turning out to be, and despite that, it's expanded even more. I think I know why too. It's 'cause I always get attracted to these cheap ass bracelets you can get from any random tiangge stall. I seem to like how they juxtaposition with the more tailored pieces I often wear, giving me that little figurative fray. Unsure of where I'll get it here in Singapore, I loaded up before I left from a stall I found in PowerPlant. From the stack below, I picked the red and navy blue numbers which have become mainstays on my wrists since then. Not bad for P40 a piece! I think I'll grab some more when I come home!

When choosing your own cheapo bracelet, I suggest you go for solid colors first

Oh, will you look at that. Yeezy's got 'em on too, at the CFDA too, no less!

Photo courtesy of GQ

The Item: Spring Court at A Curious Teepee

Spring Court shoes are on my list of those overpriced brands I'd love to own. Truthfully, their classics aren't much different in make from your trusty Vans Authentics or Keds Champions, but being of French heritage does help jack up the price tag quite a bit. That isn't to say they didn't earn it, though. What started out as simple tennis shoe brand in 1936 has come a long way, now partnering with the likes of Comme Des Garcons and Opening Ceremony. I got to see some pieces from the latter's collection here at A Curious Teepee and was quite impressed. Great collaboration that resulted in classics with a twist - a huge favorite around these 'ere parts.

I love the dip-dyed electric blue sneakers at the bottom right corner!

Style I Love: Laid Back Layering on Orchard

Layering in Singapore's hot humid weather is damn near impossible. I tried going to work in a blazer once and I regretted it as I started sweating in an instant. That's when I decided to take a different approach - put thin layer over thin layer to fight the unwanted moisture. Thus was my strategy for my casual Friday attire last week with a homey v-neck and a lightweight cotton button-down. I'm glad to report that the sweating was minimal and the devil-may-care aesthetic was actually a fresh alternative to the usual put-togetherness of my outfits. Handsome and practical, I think I ma just try this combination again! (By the way, love this mirror on Orchard!)

Navy Button-down Shirt (Gap), Gray V-neck Shirt (21Men)
Army Green Chino Pants (Uniqlo), White Sk8 Hi (Vans x APC)

The Happening: Birthday Gift Gone Early

My girlfriend is the best. No going around it, she's simply the sweetest, especially with surprises. Before I left, she threw me a surprise despedida with my closest friends and family. And when she came to visit for the first time last week, yeah, she pulled it off again. If you recall, I raved about these DM oxfords weeks ago. We came across the very same pair while going around and I pointed it out. Next day, when she left for Manila, guess what I came home to? Go ahead, guess! Yup, it was a super advanced birthday gift that's proof yet again of her best-ever status. Truth be told, if it weren't for FaceTime with her everyday, I'd go home to her in a heartbeat!

After a hard day's work, going home to this capped the day off well.

I had no idea at all. She got me again! I should get her back, no?

Here it is worn. Oh man, I'll be abusing these babies, that's for sure!

The Happening: And So the Season Begins

I've never been to Singapore during its sale season, but I heard a lot of good things. Well, the whole shebang just started last week and I like what I'm seeing so far. Aside from go-tos like Topman (up to 70% off) and Uniqlo (which has sales everyday anyway), I was excited to see that two major prep players are partaking in the celebration. Brooks Brothers and your oxfords, belts, and bow ties - well, hello. Tommy Hilfiger which re-committed to classics cool via this sweet campaign - nice to see you again. While cheaper, the prices are honestly not where I want them to be yet. But the sale season's ongoing till July, so patience, Bobby, patience. We'll get there.

Ah, now I can finally shop at this prepster's paradise!

Blast from the Past: Loved Tommy as a kid and the feeling's coming back!