The Store: Shoes at "The Denim Store"

When your shop's called "The Denim Store", odds are you're going to make your name on awesome jeans. Well, this little boutique did that and much, much more. It's because aside from offering brands like Nudie and Cheap Monday, they also carry shoes which are just as bad ass. One of 'em is English brand Sanders. Cobblers since 1873, the company still makes shoes like they did in the 19th century. The result? Timeless bucks, boots, and brogues which would top my list any day. Just not this one. That's because the real reason I went in - to be honest - were these Red Wing shoes. I've been looking for them for a long time and what's that, they have it in every cut, color, and material possible? Hot damn! Store's like this make me happy I live here. Something for everyone, really. That is, if everyone was cool and had phenomenal taste.

The store's conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road!

Sanders bucks and brogues. Oh, I can never have enough of mustard yellow!

Did you know? The famed Mark McNairy has his shoes made at Sanders' factory!

Low-cut Red Wing shoes. *Wipes saliva off chin, thinks of procuring a pair*

They have the most expansive collection of Red Wing's I've ever seen!

The Item: Doc Martens Tasseled Loafers

Now, you're just taking it too far, Doc. First an awesome saddle shoe collaboration, then perfect oxford shoes, now this? Now you dip your foot into casual loafer-making? Now you put tassles on your shoes too? Who do you think you are? Bass? Oh lord, now you're pushing all the right buttons of this footwear fan right here. I must admit, after being known for boots, I never knew you had it in you. But I'm happy you did. I'm glad you're growing up a little and yet still getting your swag on. And for just S$129 (P4,424), man, you're making quite the statement. In a span of a mere day, you've managed to turn my whole shoe brand hierarchy upside down!

Where to buy? DM's flagship at Wheelock Place on Orchard Road!

The Item: Doc Martens Oxford Shoes

If you've been following ze blog for some time, then you know about my quest to find the perfect black leather oxford shoes. Well, methinks that after several false pronouncements, I've finally found the one! In the same day I spotted my first awesome Doc Martens find here in Singapore, I also came across these two big beautiful oxford lace-ups. What I really love about them (aside from the contrast white soles) is the leather with which their uppers were made. So soft and damn comfortable for such a brawny pair! With the quality you get, I think it's fairly priced at S$169 (P5,796). A perfect gift for someone who just settled into a foreign country, yes?

Paycheck's coming up. Oh, what awful timing for a man who wants to save!

The Item: Bape x Doc Martens Saddle Shoes

It's official: My belief in chunky shoes has now reached an all-time high. While I'm not totally doing away with my love for plimsolls, espadrilles, and other such shoe models, I'm embracing having full-bodied footwear from now on. Admittedly, much of this is due to the epic resurgence of Doc Martens. They've been releasing a ton of awesome merchandise in recent months and this saddle shoe team-up with Bape is right atop the list. Great take with the gray and brown pair, but even better because of Doc's trademark air sole. Think that's awesome? It's only part one, folks! Stay tuned for two more delicious Doc discoveries. Yes, there are a lot of 'em here!

A bit on the pricey side, but it I tell you, it fits like a dream!

The Happening: Where the Magic Happens

I've never had my own place before, so I was really excited at the prospect of putting my own room together. I didn't have a lot to work with at the start; I only had the king size bed. Because of the lack of headboard, I used the dark brown curtains to create the effect. As for the pillow cases, I went for navy blue as it pairs well with the curtains and the gray sheets because of its nice combo with the navy blue (yup, all my favorite colors right there!). I finished off the room by getting matching sidetables from Ikea, a bed skirt from Tang's, and brought the pop with the red bed tray and garbage bin as well as the KAWS Dissected Companion I just bought. Overall, great first try by my standards. I'll definitely look forward to going home here every single day!

Thanks to Ikea, Tang's, Ambush, and my flatmate for making this happen!

I love this red bed tray from Ikea. It makes blogging in bed so damn comfortable!

The vintage clock our landlord left behind checked off the Muji clock I wanted!

The Item: KAWS Dissected Companion

Collectible toys designed by urban artists have become quite the rage in recent years. To be totally honest, though, I never really understood all the fandom about them. They were just toys for crying out loud. But then I saw them up close and personal at Vinyl on Vinyl and everything changed. My girlfriend and I became instant fans, so much that we wanted to get sizeable ones as an accent pieces for our rooms. For the longest time, we haven't had any luck. But today, the fanboy stars aligned here in Singapore. I was able to get a KAWS OriginalFake Dissected Companion Bearbrick here at Ambush for half its original price! Quite the steal given the famed collaborator and a solid first piece to what I'm expecting to be quite the expensive hobby!

The X'd out eyes are classic KAWS. The "dissected" look is all grayed out in this version.

Can't believe I still got it! It now watches me as I sleep, standing tall in my sidetable.

The Happening: Big Move to "La La" Land

My apologies for the extended absence, guys. The past few weeks have been quite hectic. You see, just last week, I made quite the momentous move. I packed my bags, left all my loved ones in Manila, and brought my oxford shirts, penny loafers, and trusty camera - everything I have, really - to Singapore. I'll call this place home from now on and the whole landscape of the blog will change from here on out. As much as I enjoyed looking for great finds in Manila, methinks living here in a country full of malls will make for quite the posts. I actually have some stuff ready to share with y'all already, so do watch out. For now, let me share with you some shots I took of the fabled Orchard Road. One week in and yet I definitely think I can get used to living here!

Wisma Atria Mall - not as hyped as other malls, but makes for a pretty picture!

Ngee Ann City where you can find Takashimaya and Books Kinokuniya

The famous Ion Mall and the beautiful dome atop Wheelock Place

The Happening: plain + simple at Coachella!

plain + simple's menswear essentials hit the Rockwell Tent again at Coachella from today till Sunday from 12nn to 12mn. Drop by the Crazy Sundae stall to check out our oxford shirts, tailored shirts, and slim chinos and see how menswear was always always meant to be!

The Happening: Awesome Vacation at Coron

I rarely do travel posts on the blog, but with our local tourism department screwing things up, I guess there's no better time than now to share where I just spent my vacation. My friends and I went to Coron, Palawan a few days ago and it flat-out blew our minds. We saw beautiful corals, swam in massive lakes, explored an underwater cave, and lounged in fine white sand beaches. The pictures below don't even do the trip justice. I highly recommend it for those who are looking for something memorable to do this summer. Yeah, aside from going on the internet all day.

The entry point for the twin lakes where we swam

The pristine white sand of Malcapuya Beach

Other islands in the horizon: simply breathtaking

How we got around. There were barely any cars!

Our boatman, emoting