The Item: KAWS Dissected Companion

Collectible toys designed by urban artists have become quite the rage in recent years. To be totally honest, though, I never really understood all the fandom about them. They were just toys for crying out loud. But then I saw them up close and personal at Vinyl on Vinyl and everything changed. My girlfriend and I became instant fans, so much that we wanted to get sizeable ones as an accent pieces for our rooms. For the longest time, we haven't had any luck. But today, the fanboy stars aligned here in Singapore. I was able to get a KAWS OriginalFake Dissected Companion Bearbrick here at Ambush for half its original price! Quite the steal given the famed collaborator and a solid first piece to what I'm expecting to be quite the expensive hobby!

The X'd out eyes are classic KAWS. The "dissected" look is all grayed out in this version.

Can't believe I still got it! It now watches me as I sleep, standing tall in my sidetable.


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