The Store: Shoes at "The Denim Store"

When your shop's called "The Denim Store", odds are you're going to make your name on awesome jeans. Well, this little boutique did that and much, much more. It's because aside from offering brands like Nudie and Cheap Monday, they also carry shoes which are just as bad ass. One of 'em is English brand Sanders. Cobblers since 1873, the company still makes shoes like they did in the 19th century. The result? Timeless bucks, boots, and brogues which would top my list any day. Just not this one. That's because the real reason I went in - to be honest - were these Red Wing shoes. I've been looking for them for a long time and what's that, they have it in every cut, color, and material possible? Hot damn! Store's like this make me happy I live here. Something for everyone, really. That is, if everyone was cool and had phenomenal taste.

The store's conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road!

Sanders bucks and brogues. Oh, I can never have enough of mustard yellow!

Did you know? The famed Mark McNairy has his shoes made at Sanders' factory!

Low-cut Red Wing shoes. *Wipes saliva off chin, thinks of procuring a pair*

They have the most expansive collection of Red Wing's I've ever seen!


nan said...

oh gawd. i want one of them boots. been looking for them here. how are the price points?

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