The Women: Bianca Gonzales for Esquire

Everybody's crush, Bianca Gonzales, having fun for the April issue of Esquire PH. Thank you, local incarnation of one of my favorite men's magazines. I am having a swell time as well.

The Art: Singapore Art Museum Collections

Some snaps from our recent visit to Singapore Art Museum where "Future Proof" and "Chimera" are currently being shown. If you love contemporary art and find yourself in Singapore, you owe it to yourself to visit. We were there for about three hours and every minute was just astonishing.

The Floating City (3D prints suspended in the air)

The Crystal City (made of flasks and bottles)

The Paper Hallway (walls lined with crumpled documents)

Inspiration: This would look great on the wall of our house someday

Blown-up version of Kanye West's Takashi Murakami-designed pendant

The hippest, most colorful tornado of all time.

Eerie interlockings of tentacles. Not for me, but art is art.

Singapore Art Museum
71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189555
T: +65 6332 3222

The Item: Puma Bolt Lite Mid Sneakers

I must say, this streetwear thing has been out of my scope for the past few years, but this pair from Puma was just too sweet to pass up. How could I with that lovely highlighter yellow sole and minimally-branded gray mesh upper? And that's not even the end of it. Puma crafted these with ultra-lightweight foam too, making them - and I say this without exaggeration - the lightest, most comfortable I have ever owned. Form and function in one pair - now that sells you sneakers.

My take: Best worn with jeans, tongue hanging out. Keep everything minimal.

More hits of neon yellow on the tongue with Usain Bolt's signature.

The Item: Andy Warhol x Uniqlo T-Shirt

I always knew it would take a doozy of a design to get me wearing printed tees again, and boy howdy, here it is. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of pop art icon Andy Warhol's death, Uniqlo has just released a limited edition t-shirt line inspired by the uber talented artist's finest works. If you're like me, though, there's just no getting better than his famous Campbell soup can. I've been looking for a large-sized print of this for years, but fate has dictated that I wear it as a shirt instead. No complaints here. This way, more people will be able to appreciate the handiwork of a man who single-handedly challenged the world to see art differently. Yes, a doozy indeed.

Now I have a fanboy shirt to wear to the Warhol art exhibit opening here later this week!

The Item: Swatch Camo Wristwatch

I'm attracted to anything camo nowadays. Be it a bag, shirt, pants, hell even underwear, if it's sporting a camouflage print, it's getting a look from me. Same story when I saw this handsome wristwatch from Swatch in Takashimaya last week. Didn't matter that I was late for an important appointment, I was just quickly going to try it on anyways. Only, it wasn't quick at all. I stopped, stared and admired the beaute, hypnotized by the new life that the print gave to the otherwise minimalistic offering. Sweet deal at just S$89. Being late to my meeting? Definitely worth it.

Love that they did not neglect giving the face the camo treatment too!