The Women: Anne Curtis' in Rogue Magazine

Yeah, she's been on the cover before, but is anybody really complaining? The lovely Anne Curtis is back and - for some unfair reason - even better in this month's Rogue. Man, if there's one mag I wish we had here, it's this. Such fine taste in style and as you can clearly see below, women.

Some things never change. Left, July 2008. Right, October 2011.

The Item: Andy Warhol x Incase Accessories

Of all the countries in the world, I don't think anyone can top Singapore when it comes to iPhone penetration. Kids, teens, working class folk, hell, even grandma's playing with one, making it hardly the spectacle here. That's why choosing the right accessory is crucial if you're looking to differentiate yours from all the rest. If I may suggest, do check out these Incase x Andy Warhol cases at A Curious Teepee. A far cry from your basic protective shells, these limited edition pieces feature two iconic works from one of the most celebrated artists of all time. Yet another collaborative gem from Incase which brings pop art and protection together in one product!

The window display at A Curious Teepee, the exclusive distributors of the cases

The pop art camo is my first choice. S$79 but well worth it in my estimation.

The banana's a sweet alternative too. I think it'll blend well with my white phone!

The Item: Doc Martens Brogues + Saddles

The folks at Doc Martens just don't stop, do they? I've had numerous posts about the brand ever since I got here, but I just can't help but adding more. How can I, sir, when they're putting out bad ass classics like these brogues and saddles shoes, which put together all my favorite things? Chocolate brown leather and tan canvas paired on the upper, a chunky silhouette, and tough guy soles with a red-brick finish to boot! What I love most about Docs, though, is that they won't cost you and arm and a leg for their awesome designs. Yeah, each is S$209 a pop, but compared to similar shoes which have even less 'tude than these, I'd pick Docs every single time!

The wait for the perfect saddle shoe has ended! Oh, and those brogues ain't bad too!

The Happening: The Future is Now!

I haven't gone bananas for sneakers for a long time, but damn, this teaser for the Back-to-the-Future-popularized Nike Mags is insane! It's not so much the design of the shoe that has me riled up (they're a bit for the youngins), it's the entire concept of having something dreamed up in a 1980s sci-fi flick and actually making it reality! Rumor has it that Nike recently applied for patents for powered shoelaces - a trademark of the supposed 2015 McFly shoes. If they make it happen tomorrow (the day of the big reveal), then great scott, Doc, I say the future is upon us!

The Item: Cheap Woven Bracelets (Part 2)

Woven bracelets have grown even more popular since I first wrote about them. I tried getting more here in Singapore, but the ones I found were either insanely priced or suspect in quality. That's why on a recent trip to Manila, I decided to load up again at my favorite wrist accessory shop, the Bead Shop stall at Rockwell Power Plant. I was going to get more monochromatic ones like last time, but I was told of a new service they do - you could choose 3 colors of string and they'll weave it for you for no extra charge! Ever the sucker, I obliged by going for my fave red, white and blue trio and mixed it up with a green-black-yellow number for good measure. To be quite honest, it's simple (cheap) pleasures like this that make me miss Manila even more!

Both bracelets for just P150? Now that's a damn bargain!

The Art: Singapore's Night Voyage Festival

How did you guys spend your Friday night? Drinking, dancing, partying? Well, my friends and I did something a little offbeat - we went to go experience art! As part of Singapore's Night Voyage Festival, the city's finest museums were open till 2AM to host exhibits, installations, and even a quirky bazaar. I must say, not a bad way to end one of the most draining weeks ever. After being bombarded by numbers non-stop, my eyes finally got the visual treats they so rightfully deserve!

Dark room with some eerie visuals and a barely lit turntable section

Here, you can listen to several sensations amplified as the DJ spins.

Giant balloons at the Singapore Art Museum

Real-life space invaders vs. a little kid. Who you got?

Museum hallways filling up as the night goes deeper.

Vintage polaroids on sale from S$100 to S$200! Not a bad buy!

The Item: Head Porter Tanker Backpacks

Ever since I migrated to Singapore, I've only been home to Manila once - a short and unplanned overnight stay after our trip to Hong Kong that left much to be desired. Despite the briefness of it all, I managed to cram a lot of things in - meals out with my family, a haircut at Bruno's, a dinner date with my girlfriend, and oh, a little bit of catching up on the retail scene in the motherland too!

Dropped by Rockwell before I left to check out Univers, Homme et Femme's massive flagship at Rockwell One. In terms of offerings, the store simply has no peers and I don't just mean locally! Case in point, these Head Porter Tanker Backpacks which were nowhere in sight in Hong Kong. Man, if you're 24 like me and want to bring a backpack to work, this is exactly what it should look like - simple but with a not-so-subtle hint of cool. It's been three weeks since my visit and I'm still thinking about them. Definitely deserves a second look when I head back home soon!

Given my current military obsession, this is definitely the one I'm eyeing!

No trash-talking on the gray one, though. For all the minimalists out there.

I love the little pouch on the strap! Perfect for phones, wallets, and oft-misplaced MRT cards!

The Happening: A Quick, Important Query

I was browsing through some shirts at Ralph Lauren recently and I saw this. Still too stunned to make any quips, so just a simple question: where exactly in the Philippines do they make 'em and for the love of god, can someone give me a damn map? Sheesh, right under our noses too!

No, seriously. Please give me the damn map!