The Item: Head Porter Tanker Backpacks

Ever since I migrated to Singapore, I've only been home to Manila once - a short and unplanned overnight stay after our trip to Hong Kong that left much to be desired. Despite the briefness of it all, I managed to cram a lot of things in - meals out with my family, a haircut at Bruno's, a dinner date with my girlfriend, and oh, a little bit of catching up on the retail scene in the motherland too!

Dropped by Rockwell before I left to check out Univers, Homme et Femme's massive flagship at Rockwell One. In terms of offerings, the store simply has no peers and I don't just mean locally! Case in point, these Head Porter Tanker Backpacks which were nowhere in sight in Hong Kong. Man, if you're 24 like me and want to bring a backpack to work, this is exactly what it should look like - simple but with a not-so-subtle hint of cool. It's been three weeks since my visit and I'm still thinking about them. Definitely deserves a second look when I head back home soon!

Given my current military obsession, this is definitely the one I'm eyeing!

No trash-talking on the gray one, though. For all the minimalists out there.

I love the little pouch on the strap! Perfect for phones, wallets, and oft-misplaced MRT cards!


Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't know that the shops in One Rockwell are open already! Great bag btw!

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