The Item: Doc Martens Brogues + Saddles

The folks at Doc Martens just don't stop, do they? I've had numerous posts about the brand ever since I got here, but I just can't help but adding more. How can I, sir, when they're putting out bad ass classics like these brogues and saddles shoes, which put together all my favorite things? Chocolate brown leather and tan canvas paired on the upper, a chunky silhouette, and tough guy soles with a red-brick finish to boot! What I love most about Docs, though, is that they won't cost you and arm and a leg for their awesome designs. Yeah, each is S$209 a pop, but compared to similar shoes which have even less 'tude than these, I'd pick Docs every single time!

The wait for the perfect saddle shoe has ended! Oh, and those brogues ain't bad too!


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