The Happening: A Quick, Important Query

I was browsing through some shirts at Ralph Lauren recently and I saw this. Still too stunned to make any quips, so just a simple question: where exactly in the Philippines do they make 'em and for the love of god, can someone give me a damn map? Sheesh, right under our noses too!

No, seriously. Please give me the damn map!


Dexter said...

a lot of these brands (gap, ralph lauren, j.crew, even lacoste for that matter) are being sub-contracted in the philippines. usually their factories are tucked inside those industrial technoparks down south (laguna, cavite). but fyi, they only sell for mass retailers like sm surplus shop and the likes. not all these brands are being sold by the lot also. and if these factories sell the goods, they're snipped tags already with a few flaws like crooked stitching etc.

find out if a brand you like has a buying office in the philippines. if it has, chances are they're being produced in the philippines. =)

Styles I Love said...

thanks for the input as always, dexter! let the hunt begin!

Anonymous said...

Ralph Lauren shirts are made by Luen Thai, Phils..
Their office/factory is located inside Clark Special Economic Zone in Angeles, Pampanga.

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