The Item: New Watch Alerts (Timex + Casio)

If there's one aspect of my wardrobe that needs beefing up, it's most definitely the watch department. For the longest time, this amazing Timex Nylon Camper was the only option I had. As awesome as it was, it just couldn't hold the fort on its own anymore, especially when the outfit for the day was more earth-toned, rendering its all-black attack misplaced. So I went on a quest to find some fairly priced running buddies for it that would suffice for any and all color occasions.

Let Jay-Z have his Hublots and Rollies, I'm more than fine with these!

My first purchase was this all-gold
Casio number. After resisting for so long to get one because of its massive popularity, I finally pulled the trigger and gave in to what I truly wanted since the very beginning. No calculators on the face here, folks, I'm in it for the interesting juxtaposition of all-gold decadence with a price point that pokes fun at the supposed extravagance of it all (S$30 / P1,000). Just like every classic Casio, value-for-money was the name of the game!

I got a good discount on it too! Bought it from a friend's shop here!

The second timepiece I got was something I thought was unattainable. As mentioned here, the only reason I bought the Timex Campers was because I couldn't get a Timex x J.Crew military field watch. Well, the stars aligned - I saved up enough and my cousin was arriving from the US - so I finally got it! No going wrong with this one right here - black, brown, whatever - it works. You can even change the strap up, making this already universal watch even more versatile!

The nylon strap's a bit long, so I just gave it that sweet tuck to remedy!


Anonymous said...

Hey, where'd you buy the gold Casio? I've been looking for that for a year!

Anonymous said...

Timex FTW!Timex FTW!

Styles I Love said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous 1, got it from an optical/watch shop somewhere in Pasir Ris, Singapore. Also spotted the exact same one at Isetan along Orchard!

Hey Mr. Anonymous 2, Timex FTMFW! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you were able to see one here in the Philippines? I really want one! Big fan of Casio here! :) Thanks!

Styles I Love said...

I haven't seen the exact model in the Philippines yet, but your best bet would be to check out the watches at department stores like Robinson's and SM! You'd be surprised to find that they have a lot of sweet Casio's there!

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